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SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Shot 9)

Devanshi was still confused abt all the happenings.. Just then she realized everything… She knew something bad happened abt Swara..
Just as she was going to ask her brain clicked and she knew no one would tell her the real reason… And she felt it would be better not to know…
“Bhabhi!!!!! Yesss finally I got one! I was so bored by my bhai I got one yipeee” devanshi said cooling the atmosphere..
Everyone got happy.. Sanskar showed his fake anger..
“accha Bacchu always bhai bhai now bhabhi huh?!” Sanskar said..
“Sanskar don’t scold my Devrani ji ok??!” Swara said supporting devanshi..
To which devanshi smiled and hugged Swara side ways…
“I loveee my bhabhi! Ur perfect di” devanshi said..
Swara was also really happy..
They both hugged each other.. “ahem ahem” sanskar coughed gaining their attention..
To which both SwaDev chucked and indicated him to come..
The trio shared a tight hug! While our ramta were on the 7th cloud seeing their perfect family!
Blessing them they stood there smiling..
SwaSanDev broke the hug..
“I’m veryyyy happy today” devanshi exclaimed bit able to express her happiness..
Others chucked..
Sanskae ruffled devanshi ‘s hair.. “pagal” he said.. To which devanshi just showed all her teeth..
“chalo now I’m veryyyy hungry let’s eat something said Rp gaining their attention..
” hmm even we r hungry “said Sanskar and devanshi together..
Swara and sujata smiled..
Sujata- OK chalo I have already kept the breakfast ready come eat now..
They happily smiled and sat.. When Swara remembered something..
” umm sujata aunty Maa was talking abt a ritual tht I have to do.. Like prepare a sweet as it’s my first day here” Swara said remembering her mom ‘s words..
Just then sujata remembered abt it and smiled sheepishly..
“opps sorry beta.. I forgot abt it” she said..
Swara smiled.. “hmm so shall I make it now?”
Just as Swara was abt to get up from the chair.. Sujata stopped her..
Sujata-swara u sit here only..
Swara was a Lil surprised..
Sujata- in our home its Lil Different..sanskar u get up.. Go and make some sweet..
She said making devanshi and swasan shocked abt the ritual..
Rp- yess Sanskar only has to prepare.. Even I only had to do tht..
“huh firstly I had a doubt but I’m sure my whole family is mental” Sanskar mumbled to himself..
To which SwaDev heard and chuckled..
“go now” rp and sujata ordered..
Sanskar making faces went and made some 🍰
Everyone enjoyed and had their breakfast…
#i know it’s too small.. But I will post a veryyyy big one tomorrow.. WHT do u want to happen next?? Plz comment

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