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SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Shot 8)

Let’s start:_
Sanskar pretending to sleep to not to make the situation awkward for both him and Swara..
Swara slowly opened her hazel nut eyes and got a Lil surprised plus shocked to see herself soooo close to Sanskar.. Moving from Sanskar ‘s arms in swift she looked around feeling to be on a different environment…
She was looking here and there when her mind gave her the reality check making her realized y and where was she?!
Swara took a sigh and smiled a Lil to Sanskar realizing his care today… Composing herself she got out of the bed taking her clothes went to washroom to change…
Sanskar took a sigh as he got saved today… Just smiled to himself..
Sanskar ‘s pov :_
“I just hope Swara will comfortable in OUR house.. I know she came here twice but this time everything is different (suddenly remembered something) oh fish!!! How can I forget abt devanshi (kept his hand on his hand) she don’t know anything abt yesterday… And Swara too.. (nervous) my devanshi was there in every step of my life…. But yesterday she wasnt there (sighed a Lil) she is 14 now and is mature enough… I can’t lie too don’t know wht will be her reaction”…
Sanskar was drowned in the thoughts when our heroine came out wiping her hair…making him mesmerized…
“beautiful” just one words came out from his mouth seeing his Swara!
Swara didn’t hear but suddenly felt happy.. Smiling a Lil to Sanskar..
“Sanskar u also fresh up ur washroom is free” Swara said not wanting to make him late..
Sanskar frowned a Lil.. “firstly Swara it’s not mine it’s our washroom and yeah Its OK take how much time u want to…. I won’t be late” he said Swara..
Swara just smiled and nodded..
” and waise bhi I know u such a late queen ur omg! When we went to Shimla tow months ago for business trip God sooo much time tu took!” he said smirking a Lil..
Swara passing a death glare” accha Mr Sanskar Maheshwari  I take time to get ready.. Such a lier.. Ur jealous from me tht I get ready earlier than u.. Jalkukda kahin ka”Swara said flipping her hair with fake attitude..
Sanskar smiled wholeheartedly seeing her…
“oh really! Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari we all know who take more time” Sanskar said surprising Swara this time…
Swara felt goosebumps hearing Swara Sanskar Maheshwari from his mouth…
Sanskar realized wht he said.. And Swara noticed his facial expressions changing..
“chill Mr Maheshwari whtever u called me Is right Im know Swara Sanskar Maheshwari””she said with some unknown happiness in her eyes..!
Sanskar noticed it and was blushing a Lil.. Which was unnoticed by Swara..
“accha toh yeh bhi theek hai!!” Sanskar said..
“hmm accha go and fresh n up now” Swara said..
Sanskar smiles and got out of bed getting ready in 5 minutes he came out..
Only to find Swara struggling to wear her mangalsutra..!
He smiled and gestured her through mirror tht can he  help her? Swara nodded…
Coming close he moved Swara ‘s hair to other side and made her wear the mangalsutra  indicating tht Swara Sanskar Maheshwari is only his!! ❤
He smiled to her..
“Thanku” Swara said..
Sanskar acted to faint.. Making Swara amused..
“yaar mein apni wife ki help karraha tha (I was helping my wife only.. Not a stranger..)
And more than tht did u forget our rule..” friendship mein no sorry and no thanku said Sanskar.. ”
Swara nodded cutey..
Both smiling went down…
Ramta and devanshi were having their bf.. (breakfast guys boyfriend nahi)
Devanshi was still not aware abt swara… Ramta wanted Sanskar only to talk abt her..
Just as SwaSan came down..
Swara got shocked seeing devanshi…
“devanshi” Swara uttered with a Lil shock..
Devanshi was shocked..
Devanshi coz she saw her savior…
Sanskar and ramta were a Lil surprised.. They knew tht Swara knew abt devanshi…though she never saw her.. But they didn’t expect a shock reaction from Swara.. Rather they did just from devanshi..
“Swara devanshi u both met each other” Sanskar said not getting their sudden reaction..
Devanshi-(just got some tears in her eyes) bhai she… She.. Is.. The one… Who… Saved.. Me from… Goons….. (she said while crying..)
Making everyone superrr shocked…
Swara was Lil numb…recovering herself she went to devanshi to wipe her tears.. “u were brave tht time also na devanshi then y now? No crying ok?!” she said wiping her tears.. To which devanshi just smiled a Lil…
Sanskar and ramta were in complete shock.. Not coz of Swara saved devanshi.. This was not the first time Swara helped everyone.. She did many times.. Many times she fought with goons.. But this time.. Reality hit them..
Sanskar ‘s brain took few minutes but then realized tht they were only the goons who raped and tortured Swara who. Fought for devanshi…
Sanskar was proud of his wife…
Swara just smiled to everyone..
“Swara u can’t return our favors by saving my daughter..” rp said in tears… Just like Shekhar was to Swara..same was rp ‘s and devanshi ‘s relatuon was…
Before swara could say something they saw sujata in completely broken…
Sujata- tht goons only tried to take ur advantage rigjt..! U saved our daughter and…… WHT… U got…. By helping someone…
She said while choking..
Sanskar came forward supporting sujata…
“Maa is right…swara thanku sooo much (emotionally looking towards devanshi) devu is our life! Our heart.. Thanku..” Sanskar said while folding his hands…
Swara was shocked by the reaction.. “wht happened to u all Haan?? (COMING To rp) papa wht r u saying tht u can’t return my favor…really?! I could do this to anyone (looking towards devanshi) and especially for this Lil girl for sure.. And yeah don’t show me this stranger wala attitude.. If u wouldn’t have come on right time tht day then think wht would happen (she said with tears)… ”
Rp nodded in no wiping her tear…
” and Haan Maa and Sanskar devanshi is not the reason for all this… Those goons I knew from before… I saved few girls before devanshi and made them arrested thts y they did this to me”she said breaking down..
“I don’t care abt wht happened.. And abt wht favor all r u talking…wht u did to me and my family can never be returned so please” Swara said a Lil angrily..
Sanskar came near her supporting her.. “and Haan Agar if u do all this again na then see mein mayke chale jaaongi tum dekhte rahyio (I will go to my parents house and u guys will just be watching me”)
She said sounding filmy..
Ramta and DevSan smiled seeing Swara…
“di but wht r u doing in our house” devanshi said finally realizing her presence and drawing everyone’s attention there…
“and Maa paa bhai u all know her” devanshi
“devu she is ur chachi! Sorry whtever happens was in hurry.. We married yesterday” Sanskar said falling a bomb on her…
Devanshi was completely shocked!!!
Everyone were eagerly waiting for her reaction..
“wht the hell..!!! How can u marry di bhai….and how can u guys marry Matlab I’m not able to. Understand anything????!!!! Like in a day?” devanshi said suprising them a Lil….
Devanshi saw their reaction.. And knew something had happened…. Keeping quite the atmosphere was totally being sad…!
#to be continue..
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