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SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Shot 14) last shot! By Samaira

SwaSan were still standing in the rain with pain nd hurt clearly visible in their eyes..
Both were just standing there for 5 mins “lets go” Sanskar said in a stern voice without any emotions.. A lone tear escapes from Swara s eyes..
Both walked and sat in the car silently.. Their eyes were blank.. First time there was deadly silence in the car tht was suffocating both of them..
When Swara was ignoring Sanskar tht time also Sanskar used to non stop bak bak and try to talk to Swara…
First time the situation has badly worsen…
No one spoke a word..

Maheshwari house:_
SwaSan came inside with a fake smile on their face which was not reaching their eyes… Rp Sujata and Devanshi were having their dinner and waiting for SwaSan as usual..
SwaSan freshned up and silently had the dinner..
Sujata rp and Devanshi were shocked seeing Sanskar silent coz it was only once he will be quite in a century!
But no one uttered a word..
Everyone dispersed to their respective rooms…

SwaSan room:-
After coming inside both SwaSan lied at each corner of the bed.. Facing their backs to each other..
No one could sleep tht night.. It was like the climax scene of the movie where everything changes… Now it was upon destiny whether it will be a happy ending or Sad one!

Morning :_
SwaSan got up from the bed by 8 in the morning..
Their eyes were red and puffy indicating their cries and pain..
Swara silently went and took a bath…After tht Sanskar also went to change up..
Just when Swara was going down.. “Swara we will talk abt divorce to MY and YOUR family today then we will be free” he said without any emotion..
Swara felt a ache in her heart.. How easily he broke the realtions now THEIR family had become his and hers..it pained her but she didnt utter a word and just nodded..

SwaSan came down and had their breakfast with family..
As it was Sunday everyone were sitting in the hall..
Just when Sanskar was abt to speak abt the divorce to Sujata..
“Bhayyaaaa bhabhiii maaa” they heard a loud painful scream of devanshi..
Shocking them..
Devanshi came their crying like hell.. Making the trio worried…
“devu wht happned” sanskar spoke not able to see his lil sissy in this state..
“bhai..dad.. Dad(she pointed to sujata and rp room” she cried as words were not ready to come from her mouth..
SwaSan devanshi and Sujata ran to their room..
Only to find Rp lying on the floor drenched in sweat…
Sanskar a eyes became teary.. “papa..”sanskar uttered he took him in his lap while Sujata was crying and bought a glass of water..
Swara quickly called up the family doctor..
Luckily the doctor was passing by so he quickly came and examined..

Sujata rp room:_
Rp was lying of the bed with some stiches and the doctor was examining him..
Sujata swasan and devanshi were just praying for him standing there..
“hmm so Sanskar rp is a heart patient rigjt” the doctor asked to which Sanskar just nodded in yes..
“its normal i think he took a lil tension.. Plzz keep him away from any shocks and stress it will be a danger to his life..” he spoke and went away prescribing the medicines..
SwaSan looked at each other with fear..
Sujata and devanshi were with him only… While SwaSan came to their room for a while..
“i hope u can wait for a few weeks.. Plz (he folded his hands) i love my father alot..” sanskar spoke with tears..
Swara state was also devasted..
“u think im so bad Sanskar.. He is not only ur papa but mine too..” Swara spoke in tears..
Sanskar didnt say anything..
Whole day went like this only… Sujata and Swara were taking the utmost care of rp.. Sanskar noticed this and was really happy..

2 days later:-
Rp s conditon was better and his bed rest was also done.. SwaSan didnt talk to each other in these 2 days… Both were busy with rp..
All were having their breakfast and
“SANKU” a girl of sanskar s age screamed and hugged Sanskar..
Swara who was serving the breakfast was looking at them as if they were some aliens..
Sujata rp and devanshi shouted in union “Kavyaaa” the three hugged her tightly..
Which suprised Swara alott
“di.. I missed u” said devanshi hugging the girl
“aww my baccha i missed u too” said kavya
Sanskar sujata rp and devanshi were talking happily with kavya..
While Swara suddenly felt some pain in her heart seeing her family like this.. She was unknowingly getting jealous..!
Kavya was a modern girl with traditional values.. She was bubbly cute naughty amd good hearted girl… She loves Sanskar! As a brother! Sanskar is very close to kavya as they know each other since childhood.. Kavya is like devanshi to Sanskar…
After almost 15 mins when everybody were busy enjoying kavya noticed Swara and passed a smile to her..
She went near her and hugged her tightly.. “hii bhabhi” she said cheerfully..
Swara also felt really happy meeting kavya..
Sujata rp amd SanDev too smiled…
As SwaSan s marriage was in news for so long so obviously kavya also knew…
Breaking the hug  “u know wht ur perfect for my Sanskar” kavya said with a smile…
Swara smiled happily and looked at Sanskar who was having no emotions seeing her seeing tht she felt a punch at her heart..
“huh ur soo pretty y did u marry this idiot” kavya said side hugging Swara
Swara chuckled hearing it.. While sanskar frownes…”kavya ki bacchi” said Sanskar amd started to run behind her..
Swara s eyes shined in happiness seeing Sanskar..

Leap of a week:-
In this week swara nd kavya too bonded well..
But Swara was breaking each and everyday..
She knew Sanskar and Kavya were like brother and sister.. And she wasnt feeling bad abt tht.. But Sanskar also startes ignoring her.. He wad only happy when Kavya was present with her..
Just as Swara comes he again becomes stern.. Everyone noticed this behavior..
Kavya too noticed it..

Everyone were ready and was going to the mall..
Kavya was dressed in a black jeans and pink top lookikg pretty… Swara was also wearing jeans and black top..
Sanskar was ready as usual..
SwaKav came down together..
Sanskar saw kavya and smiles.. “ohoo looking soo pretty.. I just cant belive ur still single” he said..
To which kavya smacked his arms..
Swara smiled painfully remembering nok jhok but now her Sanskar was not like tjt before.. And he wasnt to be blamed..! As it was Her decision…
They went and enjoyed alott..

It was 8 in night and it was a party in  maheshwari house.. As kavya was return back tje next day so they kept a get together..
Sanskar was ready in blue suit looking hot!! Just then 2 beautiful ladies come down..
Swara was wearing a blue saree with black borders.. Looking damn pretty.
While Kavita was wearing black long gown which made her look very beautiful…
SwaSan were lookimh each other without blinking their eyes as they were looking veryyy amazing..
Sanskar broke the eye lock.. He smiled towards kavya..
SwaKav both were standing together only.. “my kavu ur looking veryyyy pretty” sanskar said genuinely… To which Kavya smiled whole-heartedly..
Swara s smiled vanished as he wasnt even looking at her now…kavya noticed this and thought to talk to them after the party ends..
They all walked down and were enjoying in the party untill ahot girl entered wearing a blue one piece which was very exposing..
Sanskar started to sweat seeing her..
She directly went and hugged Sanskar tightly making him feel damn uncomfortable..
Sujata rp and devanshi rolled their eyes seeing her.. It ead clearly visible they dont like her..
Swara burned in jealousy seeing them.. Kavya took her aside makiny faces to the girl she spoke “bhabhi keep ur husband safe from thid chudail” she said..
Swara made a confused face..
“bhabhi she is our childhood classmate… Me and Sanskar hates her.. She likes Sanku alott! No one likes her in this house” kavya said..
Swara just nodded her eyes were fixed and was looking at them…
Sanskar forcefully breaks thr hug “umm hi KAVITA.. He spoke” kavita smiled flirtily to him…
Just then the dance started…
Kavita roamed her fingers on her chest shamelessy.. “lets dance na sanky” she spoked huskily..
Sanskar was feeling to murder her and was trying to deny but not wanting to create a drama he silently went with her..
“bhabhi plz do something she will take away ur Sanskar” kavya spoke and went away..
Swara s heart broke into pieces seeing kav San dance..she felt to strangle kavita s neck..
All the time she wad clinging to Sanskar..
Swara s eyes became watery.. She was remebering all tue moments with Sanskar.. Then Sanskar s ignorance since a week which broke her completely.. She used to cry silently..and now this kavita..
She cried silently not letting anyone know abt jer tears..
Just as the dance ended everyone went to have food..
While only SwaSan and Kavita were standing there…
Kavita intentionally spoiled Sanskar s dress which was noticed by Swara and she fumed..
“oops! Im sorry sanskar ok u come i will help u clean it” said kavita.. While Sanskar was tryiny to resist she didnt listen..
They went to SwaSan room and were standing in the balcony..
Swara too followed them with a fear not wanting to lose her husband!

SwaSan room:-
The climate was changing and looked like it wad going to rain now…
Kavita cleaned his shirt..
Just as Sanskar was abt to leave kavita holded his wrist.. Sanskar looked at her questionably
“sanskar i know something is wrong between u and ur wife..” she said coming close to him..
“so if u want i can become ur bed partner!” she said makimg swaSan shocked…
Sanskar jerked her hand harshly
“how dare u speak this words kavita” he roared angrily..
Now kavita wae also angry”dare u sanskar i know abt ur wife she is already RAPED and used im still a virgin “she spoke shamelessly only to recive a tight slap from Sanskar..
Sanskar holded her harshly” dare u speak a word abt My Swara kavita.. Yes we have some problem but wr will solve it u dont need to intefere! She is pure the most pure girl in the world! Get it and now GET LOST” Sanskar spokr with anger..
Kavita feeling insulted left..
Swara closed her eyes in pain… She cursed herself to make Sanskar suffer..
The man who was supporting her this much after all this.. She cant be more lucky to get him..

Swara didnt say anything she ran and tightly hugged Sanskar.. Sanskar who wad frustrated with kavita behavior was shocked seeing Swara hugging him…
He then realized tht she had heard their conversation..
Swara hugged him tightly not even letting air passing through them! Sanskar didnt speak anything and didnt hug her back too..
Swara realized this and broke the hug in 3 minutes..
She looked straight into his eyes and folded her hands infront of him making him shocked..
“im.. Im..sorry Sanskar.. U have done alott for me since the very beginning..and now too (smiles with tears) I LOVE YOU SANSKAR i really doo!!!” she said and hugged him tightly crushing both their bodies…
Sanskar too cried and hugged her back tightly how much he could..
SwaSan broke the hug after 15 mins…
Sanskar joined their foreheads.. Both were hell close to each other…
“I LOVE YOU TOO SWARA” sanskar said in between his sobs..
He hugged her again as if his life depends on her..
Suddenly it started to rain heavily.. But they were standing still..
Kavya who was passing by saw this and smiled.. She prayed tht they be together like this and closed the door..
Sanskar got angry remembering yesterday s words of Swara..
He broke the hug he holded her possessively from her waist “and remember one thing Swara i have always loved u not ur body!and u know wht u deserve much much better than everything u got” he said and kissed her forehead..
Swara smiled and was proud of her love!
Sanskar cupped Swara s  cheeks”im sorry swara i shouldnt have ignored u and hurted u this way “he said in a guilty way..
Swara went aww listening her words.. She knew somewhere dhe was responsible for his this behavior.. But still without any ego he said her sorry..
Swara took his hand and kissed it” im sorry Sanskar it wasnt ur fault.. It was my fault.. I only ignored u”she too spoke with guilt..
Sanskar smiled and kissed her forehed..
They felt heavenly tht time in some other world..
Their eyes were closed..
Sanskar opened his eyes to find his lady love looking so beautiful.. The rain water drenching through her body.. Her curves could be clearly seen..
Sanskar was going mad seeing all this..
Swara too opened her eyes…
“did i say u tht u look damn s*xy today” sanskar said making swara s cheeks red tomato..
He chuckled seeing her..
He slowly went close to her raising both their heartbeats he captured her lips in a lip lock.. It was their first kiss which was soo sweet filled with love.. Sanskar holded her waist tightly..
Swara fisted his hair not ablr to control the ultimate pleasure..
They broke the kiss after 10 mins..
Swara turned crimson red.. Sanskar smirked naughtily..”only after a kiss ur blushing this much wht will happen when i will do everything with u” sanskar said making swara s eyes widen..
She hugged him tightly making him smile..
Sanskar broke the hug.. “chalo we will go down” he said..
Swara became alil upset which was noticed by Sanskar but he didnt said anything..
They both went down and were there for abt half n hour..
Everyone dispersed to their room..

SwaSan room :-(mature content! Guys if not comfortable plzzz dont read! Im closing my eyes and writing this.. Its going to be alil bold.. Whoever is going to read this do comment abt it) #its going to be alil emotional too..

SwaSan came up and Sanskar without saying anything pushed swara to the wall making Swara s eyes widen in shock..
He kissed her tightly..swara was in complete shock and didny respond only Sanskar was kissing her madly..
Just as he broke the kiss he looked towards Swara who was blushing “wht was tht Sanskar” swara said..
Sanskar smirked naughtily…he entangled their hands and moved towards her neck giving her a love bite!
“ahh.. San..skar”swara moaned out of pain and pleasure..
Sanskar placed a wet kiss to sooth the pain..
He looked at Swara” u wanted this only right.. I saw ur expression whilr going down.. “he said.. To which swara s blushing had no bounds..
She hugged him tightly..
Sanskar breaking thr hug took her in his arms and moved towards the bed…
Placing her there correctly he came towards her..
Sanskar slowly opened her wet hairs.. Swara looked at other side not able to control her blush..
Sanskar placed a kiss at her forehead “i love u thanku for comimg into my life” he said..
Swara looked at him with full love amd respect..
“i.. I.. Love u too” she said making his heart flutter..
Sanskar was kissing her everyone except her lips teasing her.. Swara was hell irritated..
She just got hold of his collar and smashed their lips.. Sanskar smirked wildly seeing his tigrrss.. Both were kissing each other wildly..
Breaking the kiss…”uff my desperate biwi” sanskar said..
To which swara just blushed and smiled..
Sanskar moved forward kissing her neck and biting there making swara moan in pleasure amd pain “ahh.. Sanskar.. Slowly..ahh plzz” she was moaning making Sanskar crazy!
He slowly removed her pallu and now she was in her bra..
Sanskar eyes got wet seeing the marks on her shoulder..
He closed his eyes in pain thinking how much She suffered…
Swara looked down not able to look at him..
Sanskar kissrd and bitted their harshly removing all the bites given my those men..
Swara cried a lil..
Swara turned and showed her back..
Sanskar slowly went there and left his hot breath and current passed through her body..
He opened the hook of bra by his teeth.. Some biting and red marks were present their on her back..
He placed wet kisses all over her back..
He turned Swara around and removed her bra to find the marks on her br*ast too!
Swara cried”im sorry”she said..only to be bitten harshly by Sanskar.. “AHHH.. sanskar” she moaned
He made her look in his eyes..
“u know wht ur the most s*xy girl i have ever seen.. It was ur past Swara.. I love u” he spoke with love..swara cried..
Sanskar was moulding and playing with her br*ast..
And biting and kissing as if their is no tommrow…
Sanskar after an hour moved slwoly towards her navel.. And placed wet kisses on her tummy.. Swara all the time was clutching the bedsheet..
Sanskar was moving forward to remove her peticoat just then Swara widened her eyes and turned him around suprising him..
“my turn love” swara said biting jis ear lobe..
Sending shivers down both their body..
Swara kissed Sanskar s lips tightly.. And wildly..
She opened the shirt buttons while kissing him..
Sanskar was sooo happy seeing this shade of Swara..
Swara was shocked seeing his perfect body she was drooling at his perfect chest.. Making Sanskar smirk naughty.. “wht r u seeing Swara” he asked teasingly..
“im seeing what’s MINE ok” she said with attitude..
Sanskar s eyes widened in shock listening her answer but then smiled..
She kissed his chest and bitted their hardly.. Swara was shivering listening his manly moans..
Sanskar turned Swara and again capturing her lips he removed her peticoat only to leave her in her panty..
Swara blushed like hell..
Just as Swara was abt to Stop Sanskar.. He holded her hand.. “dont shy JAAN its my right” he said..
Swara couldnt help but kissed him pouring all her love..
Sanskar kept swara s hands on his jeans buttons indicating her to open it..
“sanskar.. Plzz” she said not able to do tht..
Sanskar kissed her forehead “u have all rights on me remember tht” he said..
Swara removed his jeans.. And both the souls were ready to become one.. Swara started to cry loudly.. Both were drenched in sweat… Sanskar got worried seeing her condtion.. “im sorry jaan” he said and just as he was going to remove it..
Swara kissed him tightly… And she too. Started to enjoy it..
After getting comfortable she broke the kiss.. “i love u swara” sanskar said..
“i love u more” she said..
Both were happy with their union..
The whole universe witnessed it…
Sanskar took Swara in her arms.. Shr was just making patterns on his chest.. “thanku for making my life beautiful” she said..
Sanskar kissed her forehead”thanku for coming in my life my LOVE”he said..
Finally both slept finding peace in each othe arms..
#ufff i broke my own record and now this is the biggest chaoter i have ever written! Thanku for all ur support..!Comment below! Love u all..
Im reallyyyy sorry if it wasnt upto ur expectations..

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