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SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Shot 13)

Swara Sanskar Maheswari was sleeping hugging her husband, her savior and her HERO!
Sanskar who was adoring his wife still had tears in his eyes.. Swara slept but Sanskar was still not able to sleep..
He was caressing her hair slowly as if she is the most precious thing in the world..
Sanskar s pov:-
My swara..she has suffered alot (tears started to flow and he closed his eyes) such a pure soul she is.. I dont know how much difficult it will be for her to faxe this situation not ones but twice! (he pecks her hair) i love u shona! Today i felt i will die whej u werent there (smiled with tears) ur my life my world! I wont let anything happen to u… I will give u all the happiness…
Pov end..
Saying this he pecked swara s hair once again and holding her protectively he slept…
Just as the sun peeped in through the windows Swara s sleep got disturbed..
She was continously nuzzling herself more into sanskar s neck..
Suddenly she realized and then woke up holding her head as it was badly aching..
Swara saw Sanskar she felt immense happiness finding Sanskar soo close to her..
She was a lil suprised finding herself in Sanskar s arm.. Just then reality struck her.. She remembered all the incidents of yesterday.. Few tears dropped from her eyes.. But just then she started to blush a lil unknowingly and felt so damn lucky as she remembered how Sanskar had cared for her.. Her hands automatically reached her lips and her neck where sanskar has placed his lobe bites…
She was feeling so happy..
She slowly leaned to Sanskar and kissed his forehead.. Caressing his face she slowly leaned and again hugged Sanskar tightly as if her life depends on him.. She closed her eyes..
Swara s pov:-
Sanskar i dont know wht r u doing to me.. Ahh these feelings r confusing… U know sanskar i never felt so protected and secured anywhere but only u make me feel that (smiles) im really lucky to have u ij my life.. (tears drop again) knowing abt my reality too u married me.. Then yesterday also u saved me… My feelings r confuse i really respect u.. (blushes a lil) i really like ur touch Sanskar.. It made me go mad yesterday…
Pov ends..
Just when Swara was abt to move back from the hug Sanskar woke up… Swara quickly closed her eyes and was laying in tht position only..
Sanskar opened his eyes to find his beautiful wife near him.. He smiled wholeheartedly and slowly broke the hug.. And leaned towards her leaving his hot breath there.. Making swara s body get a bad shiver which she never felt.. Sanskar then kissed her forehead tightly making both of them smile..
He hugged her again and spoke “Shona i promise tht from today u wikl get happiness only happiness in her life.. (at tht time swara felt damn weak she just wanted to hug him tight this guy could make her mad) I LOVE YOU SWARA!” he confessed with a smile and pride..
Making swara shocked to the core she didnt knew wht to react…
Sanskar broke the hug once again kissing her forehead he made her lie on the couch and went to the washroom to change…
While here Swara s mind was constantly ringing the same words “I Love u Swara” making her go weak.. Tears started to flow from her eyes.. “even after knowing whtever happened with me ur loving me.. (closes her eyes in pain) i dont deserve u Sanskar..i really dont.. Im all used up i cant give u any happiness.. U mean alott to me Sanskar alott..” Swara said crying silently..
She wiped her tears quickly seeing Sanskar..
She woke up and went to washroom to change her clothes..

Leap of a month:-
Hell lot of things changed in this month… Sanskar s love grew more and more for Swara..and Swara s too! She finally started loving Sanskar back but never said anything she knew her feelings but again the rubbish thoughts came in her mind tht she does not deserve Sanskar.. After the Sahil incident.. Sumi Shekhar Rp and sujata took alot of care of Swara..
Swara became very close with Devanshi..
But everything changed as Swara had started to decrease herself from Sanskar.. They were not fighting like before.. Only formality… Which was breaking Sanskar more and more he firstly thought tht swara was disturbed due to Sahil s incident…but then realized tht she was ignorning him.. And he didnt knew y! Everyone including shemish and sujata rp noticed this… But they felt it wont be right interfering in a husband and wife s relationship..
Swara was still bubbly and naughty but only when Sanskar isnt around..
While Sanskar who was missing his silly fights and love with his wife was changing and was breaking down…
Swara too joined the office of Sanskar as ordered by Shekhar.. He felt if they r together then they can spend time with each other and get close to each other.. Sujata and ram too agreed…

SwaSan room:-
As usual SwaSan woke up in each other s embrace.. And swara who was distancing herself from Sanskar silently moved towards the washroom..
Sanskar sat there depresssed sad and angry.. “no matter wht i will talk to Swara today” he said determined

Whole day went like this SwaSan were busy.. Sanskae didnt get a single chance to talk to Swara…He wanted to badly confront her…but..

After office:-
SwaSan were in the parking it was night time and everyone had left…
Just as Swara was abt to sit in the car Sanskar held jer wrist making her confused..
She turned back only to find Sanskar who was glaring her but was still looking calm..
“y r u ignoring me Swara” he said directly looking into her eyes..
Swara s breath hitched seeing him so close..
Just then thunder struck loudly and before swara could react she hugged him tightly… Sanskar smiled and just made her feel protected in his arms..
Swara broke the hug both were getting drenched in rain..
“y were u ignoring me Swara” Sanskar said and his voice was full of pain..
Swara felt guilty somewhere..
“I LOVE YOU SWARA” he bluttered as the tears fell from his eyes seeing the ignorance of his lady love..
Swara was shocked her heart was filled with happiness… But again the rubbish thoughts came in her mind..
“tht she does not deserve Sanskar”
Sanskar completely broke down infront of her..
Swara s condition was no less tears were flowing from her eyes like a river and she felt a pinch in her heart seeing Sanskar in this condition amd she knew she was responsible for this..
She just cupped his face “I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR” she said not able to control..
Sanskar who was on cloud nine suddenly got angry listening her futher words..
“but i don’t deserve u Sanskar… Plzzz our paths r different u deserve someone much mkre better than me.. U were always perfect for me.. But me..” she said crying bitterly..
She wae continuously blabbering and was somewhat not in her sense…
Sanskar just held her tight and smashed his lips on her their kiss was full of anger.. Only Sanskar was kissing Swara while she was still standing there in shock…
He broke the kiss and cupped her face with love “Swara dare u say something like this again! U deserve much more better than me get it??! Ur the best wife anyone could get” Sanskar said with honesty..
Swara smiled and looked at him lovingly.. But again sye started..
“its better we have our own ways Sanskar” she said again while tears drained from her face..
Sanskar was not able to get anything.. His mind went blank seeint her..
“ok i will submit the divorce papers tommorow” he said with no emotions.. She just looked at hin painfully…
Yes she wanted to leave Sanskar but when he said this.. She felt to die tht moment..

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