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SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Shot 12)

SwaSan reached Maheshwari house and went inside greeting sujata and Rp.. While devanshi had slept as she had school tommorow..
“Sanskar Swara I wanted to talk something important with u see we all know how ur marriage happened and in wht circumstances.. And many people r raising questions.. So I have decided Tht tommorow we will keep a small party and even call media to let everyone know tht Swara is ur wife.. “Rp said to which SwaSan were happy…
They both nodded and everyone moved to their respective rooms.. Swasan just talked randomly facing each other they slept..
Morning :-
It was a very exciting day for everyone as they were going to have the party..
Everyone were busy in the preparations so SwaSan also couldn’t spend much of their time with each other…
The house was decorated no less than a palace and looked really royal.. All the most famous people were invited.. Sumi Shekhar too came..
SwaSan room:_
SwaSan as they were the main reason for the party they were getting ready… While everyone were waiting down for them..
Swara was wearing a full black saree which was backless and was really pretty it wasn’t exposing though.. And her mangalsutra and vermillion (‘sindoor) which were adding more to her beauty..
Sanskar was as usual looking dashing in his back tuxedo and his tie.. Tht any girl could die for him..
But now someone looked veryy irritated as it was waiting for their partner to get ready.. The person standing in front of the mirror was a Lil nervous and was continuously checking and making the hair perfect..
(guess who was it)
The person who was ready standing since 15 mins was Swara Sanskar Maheshwari and was waiting for her husband who was no less than a drama king!
“huh Sanskar I doubt whether I’m girl or ur?” swara said getting irritated..
“really Swara stop ur stereotypical thinking haan y only girls should take time to ready (raising his hands and acting to protest) we need our rights!!” Sanskar shouted..
Swara glared him which made him smile sheepishly..
“sorry” he muttered slowly..
Swara just nodded “Mr Maheshwari ur coming now or shall I leave” she sais threatening him..
Sanskar made a crying face “huh meri biwi toh ek number ki Hitler hai(my wife is no 1 Hitler)” he said under his breath..
Swara heard it and just chuckled…
Finally our SwaSan gets down being the center of attraction everyone’s eyes were on them..
They both holded their hands tightly and were moving like a true kind and queen!! Anyone who sees them could say Tht were made for each other…
Just then the media surround them..
And shooted questions on them..
“yes (smiling towards Swara) she is my wife Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (shiver ran down Swara ‘s body hearing this..) and yeah we got married just two days back.. So I want people to have no doubt abt this.. (anger and possessiveness) dare someone asks abt this again and again and trouble my wife.. “Sanskar said holding Swara ‘s hands tightly..
Reporter – but sir we all know how u guys married so.. Is their any problem..
” not at all me and my wife r really happy together.. And yes in whtever circumstance our marriage was done is not the matter of concern of was God will and had to happen and I’m the most luckiest man to get a wife in Swara” he said with a bright smile which was reaching his eyes.. And honestly could clearly be seen in his eyes and those words were just not like to be spoke in front of reporters it were from his heart..
Swara who heard this blushed profusely which was obviously unoticed by Sanskar and she himself didn’t knew y she was doing this.. She felt soo lucky and blessed hearing his words which made a deep impact in her heart unknowingly..

Then finally the session ended… The party was going on full swing enjoying and having the snacks…devanshi was also present there.. And after completing her dinner she left for her room and slept.. As she was tired and had school too..
SwaSan were busy with their respective business partners and were talking randomly…
As everything was going smoothly and perfectly just then Swara sees someone making her feel disgusted and shocked..
Sanskar who was all the while noticing Swara saw her expression being confused he looked at the direction we’re Swara was looking only to get angry finding Sahil standing there…
He excused himself from clients and went near Swara supporting him…
Sahil entered with some of the most important client of Maheshwari Industries..
By tht time shemish had also left as the party was almost at the end..
Sujata and Rp ‘s blood was Boling seeing  Sahil there..
He was just going and asking tht Sahil to get out only to be stopped by Swara..
“papa it’s ok.. He came with the most important client of our company so leave him.. He does not matter to me anymore and he is none to. Me” Swara said to Rp truthfully..
Rp was soo proud of his daughter.. And Sanskar too seeing how mature and understanding his wife is!…

All the while Sanskar was not leaving Swara.. (as I mentioned in the begginnig only Sahil was not Tht bad but to him h is reputation mattered a Lott and Sanskar too knew this but today there was something else in his eyes something surely wrong)
He was being with her wherever she was going..
They both didn’t pay any heed to Sahil..
Just then a waiter comes there and by mistakenly spills juice on Swara ‘s sare…
“Sanskar I will go and change” Swara said..
Sanskar was a Lil nervous and didn’t want to leave her but wht can he do.. So he just nodded..
Sanskar was just standing outside the washroom and Swara went inside..
“Sanskar plz come here na” sujata called him..
Sanskar felt it was important so he went..
While a person standing there smirked..
Just as Swara wiped her saree and was going to come out…
Suddenly a guy comes and covers her mouth with a cloth and takes her to the parking lot of the Maheshwari house..
All the while Swara was shouting for the help but no one could hear it…
The guy left her at a very corner place of parking lot where her voice couldn’t be heard…
Swara got shocked seeing the guy “Sahil” she said..
While Sahil just smirked..
“whts wrong with u Haan how dare u bring me here.. I know ur very reputation matters kind of person but I thought u were a gud person how can u bring me here like this Haan??!” Swara shouted..
While Sahil just glared her angrily…
“shut up Swara just shut up ur right I’m not like tht.. But now I will do this (smirks evilly) u know I was going to lose a big project and my respect was at stake coz of ur so called husband (caressing Swara ‘s cheeks making her feel disgusted) so I will make his respect flew away.. “he said angrily..
Swara ‘s tears started to form but she tried to make herself strong..
Just then Sahil comes close to Swara and bites her neck tightly making her wince in pain..” Sahilll… “she shouted..
Swara tightly slapped Sahil” how dare u (pointing a finger) how dare u do this to me han I hate u Sahil I hate u to the core! Firstly coz of u my parents were hearing society ‘s taunts and now ur trying to do this to me.. Chee.. “Swara said angrily..
Sahil was fully enraged now.. He without thinking a thing forcefully captured Swara ‘s lips biting her like an animal…
Swara was trying to push him but her all went in vain.. She was feeling so damn helpless tht time..

Sanskar ‘s side:-
Sanskar realizing abt Swara left towards the washroom..
He knocked 2 Times.. “Swara Swara” he shouted a Lil..
Hesitantly he opened the door and was shocked not finding her there..
Some bad thoughts started covering his heart.. He felt badly restless..
Just then when he went to the hall and checked he was shocked not finding Sahil there.. And started to panic more and more..
He started to shout for his name.. He searched everywhere in the house..
And just like a mad running out of the house he was searching her through the parking lot.. Tears were flowing from his eyes… “Swara Swara… Plzz come here where r u Haan” he was shouting going completely insane..
Just then seeing the scene in front of him made completely mad his eyes were red and the anger could kill someone..!
Swara was just standing numb  while Sahil was biting her neck like an animal…
“Sahilll…!” Sanskar shouted seeing there..
Sahil ‘s forehead started to sweat..
While Swara smiled a Lil finally seeing her Sanskar..!
He without thinking anything started to beat Sahil badly… “how dare u Haan how dare u touch my wife u have no right to touch her get it no blo*dy man has the right to touch her except ME get it??!” Sanskar shouted with pain in his voice… Swara was shocked and
.. She felt soo lucky to have him..
Sanskar thrashed him so badly tht it looked if he punched him few more times na he would die!
Swara tried to stop him seeing his condition “Sanskar… Sanskar.. Plzz stop it we will hand him over to the police don’t do this he will die” she said bringing back him to his sensed..
Sanskar without uttering any word just dialed police ‘s number and asked them to come here..
Sahil ‘s conditjon was really bad..
Till now everyone surrounded them.. Sujata and rp were shocked seeing Swara..
The media started questioning them.. Sahil felt defeated tht time .. Everyone present there got the situation…
The police came and arrested Sahil.. While he knew now his time is done…as everyone got to know wht had happened.. And no one was going to leave him!
The party was finished.. And everyone dispersed..
Sujata and rp had tears in their eyes.. But they didn’t say anything..
SwaSan also didn’t spoke anything to each other..
Sanskar just took Swara to their room and locked the door looking at her..

SwaSan room:-
Swara was badly shivering remembering the incident… She felt so used… She was strong but how could a girl get Tht much to get guts to face this kind of situation twice!
This had aldready happened to her before but this time it completely broke her…
Sanskar ‘s condition was also not good finding his LADY LOVE in this condition.. Yes! When Swara was with tht sahil.. He hand realized her important.. Sanskar liked Swara since the beginning but now it was love for her..
Pure love!
Swara was standing in front of him all numb.. She didn’t shed even a single tear tht time.. Nor in front of him.. Now she looked so pale and lifeless..!! Making Sanskar more worried..
He slowly went towards her “Swara..” Sanskar said cupping her cheek…
Swara stared him for a minute and started to cry badly.. Making Sanskar shocked and relieved at the same time..
Swara tightly hugged him as if she will fie if he leaves her…
Sanskar was also crying seeing her condition..he slowly made her sit there near him on the couch…
Swara was holding him tightly not letting him move also..
Sanskar was caressing her hair slowly trying to make her calm…
But Tht was not working for her.. She had become completely senseless tht time..
Swara was still crying making Sanskar ‘s shirt fully wet..
“u.. Know..sanskar..tht bastard… Bite me here” Swara said still crying…
Sanskar slowly broke the hug.. And then kissed her forehead trying to brimg his old Swara back.. “Swara.. Ur MY strong swara na.. Then nuthing will happen to u” he said lovingly to Swara..
And Swara cried more harder.. “no.. I’m not the strong Swara.. Y.. Y.. This happen with me always.. Han” Swara said making Sanskar ‘s heart bleed.. He too felt so helpless not able to do anything for his love..
Suddenly Sanskar become shocked seeing Swara as she was hardly rubbing her neck.. Which had Sahil ‘s bites..
“I hate.. This… I hateee.. Hate.. This..” she said rubbing the marks..
Sanskar was just trying to hold her being in shock..
“Swara.. Swara plz nuthing will happen to u” he himself was in a bad condition still trying to console her..
“u know.. I’m.. I’m not tht cultural girl.. But… I.. I always wanted tht my husband should touch me. First.. But.. But.. (she said not able to speak anything and cried bitterly)..” Sanskar heart broke seeing this… He knew whtever Swara was speaking was while being not In sense..
Swara started to talk to herself..” I.. I.. M not pure for my husband.. (rubbing the marks) chee chee.. “she said going completely mad in shock..
Sanskar started to cry badly now..
He felt to slap Swara when she said she wasn’t pure..
It was enough of her..
Sanskar holded her hands tightly..” Swara.. Swara look at me.. Ur husband loves u not ur body.. And he will live u” Sanskar said joining their foreheads..
Swara was silently crying..
“no he won’t do tht.. He won’t.. Won’t.. Love me” Swara said feeling broken..
Sanskar just kissed her forehead making both of them close their eyes.. And feeling their first kiss..
He slowly slowly came near her and caputured her lips sending butterflies to both of their stomach.. It was truly a new feeling for both of them…
After 10 mins they broke the kiss..
Swara smiled and blushed a Lil..
Sanskar smiled and again kissed her forehead..
Just then Swara felt pain where Sahil had bitten her..
Sanskar saw this he just and left a love mark of his.. Making her feel the pleasure for the first time..
“ahh… Sanskar” she moaned..
Making Sanskar feel in heaven he bitted wherever Sahil had placed his marks..
Swara clutched Sanskar tightly..
Sanskar then smiled kissing her forehead he hugged her tightly..
Swara forgetting everything just hugged him and soon sleep took over Swara..
#fo be continued…
Guys this is the biggest chapter I have ever written!! Tht too continously hope to get a gud response..Sorry I’m really tired our angel Wil be posted tommrow! Till then byee byee

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