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SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Shot 10)

Everyone has their breakfast prepared by their great chef sanskar maheshwari!.. Surprising both the family and swara… As no one knew tht he can cook quite well…
Swara and the other members were also really happy..
Swasan room:-
Swasan come to their room and we’re just sitting on the sofa chit chatting randomly..
“hmm not bad Haan Mr maheshwari u cook quite well I toh thought I would have to go to a doctor after eating ur food” swara said teasing sanskar..
Sanskar just gave a oh really look..
“huh u know y mom asked me to cook” he said smirking a Lil..
To which swara didn’t understand his naughty intentions and just nodded in no innocently..
“coz she was scared tht if u cake then toh we r gone.. Maybe food poison or something like tht” sanskar said laughing a lil…
Swara s cheeks grew red in anger… Just before she was going to erupt like a volcano on sanskar..
They heard a knock..
“swara sanskar” sujata said knocking the door..
SwaSan smiled.. “Maa from when u have started knocking the door..”sanskar said frowning..
“my idiot son ur married now.. U guys also need some privacy right” she said with a Lil teasing tone..
SwaSan just gave each other a look.. “nuthing like tht Maa and plz next time u don’t need to knock” swara said to which she passed a smile..
“umm.. Swara don’t u want to meet ur parents?” sujata asked reminding her of shemish..
Swara smiled happily.. “yess maa I want to meet them”..
Sujata and sanskar were happy seeing her smile wholeheartedly..
“ok u go and sanskar u also go.. And be with her.. OK u both return together only..” sujata ordered..
Sanskar nodded..
“and Haan don’t trouble my daughter get it” sujata said as she had heard sanskar teasing swara..
Sanskar pouted looking extremely cute.. While our swara went aww seeing him…
“and Haan swara take some sweets also OK.. It’s a ritual after marriage when daughter goes to her home she takes sweets with her” sujata said..
Swara nodded with a smile..
SwaSan came down walking together from the stairs..
Sanskar had worn normal white t shirt and blue jeans with his black coat.. While swara had worn a blue pink combo anakali..
Just as they came down they see devanshi sitting sadly..
Swasan noticed it and came to her..
“devu what happened y r u looking so upset” sanskar asked..
Devanshi nodded in no and smiled..
To which sanskar frowned.”so now u will hide from ur bother also” sanskar said..
Swara saw devanshi s expressions and felt tht she didn’t want it to say in front of swara..
“hmm I think devanshi does not want to say in fort of her swara bhabhi OK I will go” swara smiled and was going..
Just then devanshi stopped her..
“huh I thought only my bhai is a dramebaaz but my bhabhi is toh a very big one (to which both swasan chuckled) umm its just tht I wanted to spend time with u both.. But it’s fine.. I can’t be so selfish even u want to meet ur parents right.. So it’s ok” devanshi said with innocence and smile..
Sanskar felt proud.. “oyhoye my Lil sister grew up Haan” he said..
Devanshi just hugged him..
“ohooo this is the problem… No worries I will come soon OK” swara said..
“no di u spent Time with ur parents after coming from school we will enjoy OK?” devanshi said understanding them..
SwaSan smiled…
Taking blessings from sujata and rp our swasan left..

Outside the house :-
Just as sanskar was abt to go and sit in the car.. Swara shouted..
” sanskar plz na we will go on bike… See na climate is super amazing today…”swara said with puppy face..
Sanskar smiled and nodded” apka hukum sarakhon par.. (ur order.. Ah don’t know the English word sorry)..
To which swara laughed a Lil..
Sanskar smiled..
The weather was quite pleased with breeze going on and clouds covering up the sun… A bike ride for couple would be perfect for this..

Now the problem started..
Sanskar sat in front in the bike.. While swara sat back of his seat…
With a Lil gap BTW them..
SwaSan felt a lil awkward as swara kept her hands on sanskar s shoulders…
Being best friends they have went quite a lot times on bike.. But after marriage only their situation changed.. Especially only a day has been passed to their marriage.. And when they r trying to stop the awkward situations again on arrives..
“hmm chalo” swara said adjusting herself while sitting.
Though she was a lil uncomfortable..
Sanskar sensed it.. Even he was uncomfortable and didn’t want it to make a lil awkward for both… But then spoke.. “umm.. Swara u can keep ur hands on my shoulder.. Don’t need to feel awkward” he said..
Swara smiled and slowly kept her hands on his shoulders..
Sanskar too smiled and then they started their trip..
Taking the sweet both were talking laughing and enjoying themselves with each other as their trip was abt 2 hrs swara slept and her head was on sanskar s back..
Sanskar was feeling currents thorough out his body but composed himself..

Home :_
Both reached shemsih home.. Sanskar waking up swara.. And both getting down happily.. Just saw the scene in front of them..
Making sanskar angry while swara was angry with tears in her eyes..

Precap-meeting with sahil!

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