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SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Epilouge)

SwaSan were still sleeping in each other s arms after the best night they ever had.. Finally they became one in all the ways..
Swara woke up feeling a lil pain in her lower abdomen..
She with the support of the headboard sat on the bed anr opened her eyes only to find the most beautiful scene in front of her..
Sanskar was sleeping like a cute baby who frowned a lil as he was hugging Swara and sleeping.. But she got up from his embrace to sit..

She smiled seeing him.. Swara slowly took Sanskar in her lap carefully to which he smiled widely.. Swara unknowingly moved towards Sanskar planting a kiss on his forehead she blushed alil..
Just then “MAA” Sanskar muttered feeling Swara s touch..
Swara just got up from there in shock and Sanskar s head was now on the bed..

Sanskar instantly woke up and started laughing seeing Swara s reaction…
After few minutes Swara realized wht happened ans started hitting him with jer tiny hands..
“u idiot buffalo Donkey whts wrong with u haan.. U know i was soooo shocked” and was constantly beating Sanskar while he was also enjoying her cute anger..
“accha na baba sorry” Sanskar said cutely holding his ears tht anyone could melt so y not Swara…
She nods cutely tht OK its fine..
“but yeah ur mother only na am not wrong” he said trying to tease her making her eyes widen..
Just as Swara was going to beat him.. “arey arey my Bengali tiger (he holds Swara through her waist) (and goes near her ears) u will be the mother of OUR KIDS” he said huskily and bit her earlobe  making Swara shiver a Lil.. Swara was blushing a Lil..
Sanskar saw this and smirked naughtily he instantly made Swara sit in his lap making her a Lil shocked..
“waise Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari wht do u need first a boy or a girl?” he said raising the temperature of her body..
Swara turned towards him and putting her hands in his neck”Mr Maheshwari I want a son first who’s just like you” Swara said with a smile
“umm no but I want a cute princess just like u” Sanskar protested..
Swara frowned “no I want a son first u know Sanskar I badly wanted an elder brother.. (a Lil emotional) if we get a son first na he will protect our princess from a troubles” she said..
Sanskar smiled and kissed her forehead.. “but we won’t make our daughter dependent on anyone she should be brave and able to fight for her own” he said with determination..
Swara smiled and chuckled a little hearing her Husband ‘s talks..
“OK then we will work more hard for this” Sanskar said in a fake serious tone..
Swara was a Lil confused and looked at him..
Sanskar gave a teasing smile and in a swift captured her lips.. Making her shocked..swara then understood his words and blushed a Lil during the kiss.. Sanskar was kissing her passionately pouring all his love he had for her.. Sanskar pinched Swara s bare waist making Swara gasp a lil then she too got involved in the kiss…
Due to the lack of oxygen both broke the kiss..
Sanskae joined their foreheads.. “i love u” he confessed again..!
“i love u too” Swara too confessed
Just then “ahhhh” Swara mumbled as she was feeling a sharp pain..
Sanskar noticed it and worriedly cupped her face “swaea wht happened” he asked..
Swara just nodded in no while blushing first Sanskar was confused but then kissed her forehead with love “Im sorry” he said..
Swara looked at him and cupped his cheeks”Shut up Sanskar its not ur fault.. And jta not paining tht much chill.. “she said trying to make him calm..
Sanskar nodded like a obedient kid..
He silently wrapped Swara in a sheet wearing his pants took her to washroom..
Sanskar made her lay in the bathtub filling hot water he started massaging her body softly..
And kissed her forehead with fulk respect and love..
Swara felt so blessed having him..
She just turned towards him and kissed his lips tightly making him shocked seeing his bold Swara then smiled and then reciprocated back..

SwaSan came down after having their cute romance..
Everyone were having their breakfast
Kavya smirked naughtily seeing SwaSan..
After greeting SwaSan sat on the dining table while tue servants were serving..
“sanku Swara u both didnt wait for the party to end also yesterday haan and went to ur rooms wht was the hurry?” kavya said teasingly
Sujata ram understood and were laughing silently..
SwaSan were both embarrassed.. “umm i think juice is finished i will go and bring” swara tried to run to avoid embarrassment..
“but the juice is filled na swara” Sanskar said with a tease in his voice..
Swara without replying anything ran from there..
Sujata holded sanskar s ears”badmaash”she said
“ouch maaa” Sanskar winced in pain.. Sujata smiled and left his ears…
In evening kavya left making Everyone emotional.. Promised to meet them soon..

Leap of 1 and half year:-
A lady was shown with a cute baby bump looked liked she was in her last month..
She was shown to be talking with the baby bump “u know baccha im eagerly waiting for u to come out.. And u know whos more eager than me ur papa (she left out a small laugh) and ur dadi dadu bua all r waiting..
Just then a guy in late 20s came
He looked very angry and the pregnant girl got scared seeing tht guy
“Swara whts wrong with u?? How many times i have warned u not to keeo on stand (her voice softens and cups her cheeks lovingly) u should rest baacha  ur also having a soul inside u” he  said..
Swara pouts “Sanskar u and maa r always behind me.. I got bored sitting all the day.. U guys dont let me do anythint so much time is there” she said..
“baccha so WHT u should take of urself from now only.. I dont want to heae anything come ane lay down on bed” Sanskar said lovingly
“ok then u also be with me im getting bored.. U guys r not letting me go to office also” said swara..
Sanskar smiled and nodded..
Both were sitting on the bed..
Swara was sitting in between of Sanskar s legs… Whie her head was resting on his shoulders.. Sanskae hold her protectively through her waist..
“sanskar..only a week is left (keeping her hand on her stomach) then our wait will be over.. But im little scared” swara said nervously..
Sanskar smiled and turned swara towards him.. “swara i can understand u.. Even im feeling the same..
SwaSan s life was going smooth.. With their cute sweet romance..
As usual it was a normal routine for our SwaSan..
Sanskar woke up and was busy admiring his beautiful wife.. He got irritated seeing some strands of hair on her beautiful way which were distracting his view..
He slowly removed it and placed akiss on her forehead..
Swara smiles in her sleep and hugs him tightly..
Sanskar also feels happy “Shona its 9 now.. U had to go to doctor right..” sanskar said.. But swara was swara “plz na Sanskar only 10 mins i will wake up then” she said trying to melt him..
“no swara..from so many days ur doing like this.. And ur having stomach ache since a week go noe.. (kissing her forehead again and gets sad) i would have come with u but (gritting his teeth) but tht stupid clients had to come today only from forgein to u go with maa”sanskar said..
Swara smiled and nodded..

The day passed by and Sanskar went.. Sujata Swara went to the doctor…
Doctor ‘s cabin:-
Both sujata and Swara were nervous..
Doctor-don’t worry Mrs Maheshwari ur going to be a mother now it’s normal to have vomiting she said with smile..
Swara and sujata ‘s happiness had no bounds..
Swara-Sanskar will be reallyy happy with this.. She said with happy tears in her eyes..

Sujata ram had to urgently leave for their aunts house as she was admitted in hospital while uttara was in rajasthan for her collage work
Swara was sitting in hall smiling all the time”I’m reallyyyyy excited to inform Sanskar.. (blushes) he loves children finally we also have her own family with the symbols of our love) swara said happily
It was late night when Sanskar returned.. Giving a peck on her forehead and having his dinner
Both SwaSan were laying on the couch.. Sanskar was resting on Swara ‘s lap..
Swara tried a lot of times indicating him abt their baby but of no use as Sanskar didn’t get any clue abt it..
After a lot of trials Swara got irritated and decided to tell him directly..
Just as she made him away from her lap and stood in front of him..
“Sanskar I want to say something” she said with a lil irritation and happiness in her voice..
Sanskar was just looking at her when suddenly Swara fainted making Sanskar hell panic..
Sanskar took Swara in his life he was really scared seeing her like this “Swara Swara… WHT happened Swara” he was patting her cheeks trying her to wake up..
He took a lil water and sprinkled it on her face..
Swara opened her eyes being half unconscious… She held his hands trying to calm him..
Sanskar took Swara in his arms and placed her on their bed..
” Swara u wait I will quickly call the doctor..” he said still being panicked..
While Swara knew it was common during this phase..
“Sanskar plzz calm down wait let me tell u..” she tried telling him the reason..
But sanskar was in some different zone only today.. “shut up Swara.. No explanations..i said u to go with Maa to doctor did u go??” he asked concerned and a bit angered..
“yeah Sanskar I.. I went” Swara said now trying to tell him she was feeling a Lil week so she was fumbling a Lil..
“ahh whts wrong with u firstly ur so thin.. It’s not gud for health u take rest and stop talking” Sanskar Said making Swara a Lil annoyed..
Just then Swara felt like vomiting and rushed to the washroom and now our hero went completely insane..
Just when Swara came from washroom…sanskar hugged her tightly.. “Swara plzz take care of ur health.. U fainted and then now vomiting.. Ahh wht should I do of u Haan” Sanskar said..
Swara was highly irritated now.. “Mr Sanskar Maheshwari I’m PREGNANT” Swara screamed..
But Sanskar didn’t gave a damn “so wht if ur pregnant.. Just keep quite and lay down.. From tommorow n junk nuthing.. And sleep early get it?” he said who still didn’t realize wht Swara said.. And was just scolding Swara..
Swara was amused seeing Sanskar who was sooo matured now see his condition..
Sanskar made her lie on bed and covered her with comforter..”tommrow we will go to doctor directly and I will also come with u we should be really conscious abt health” Sanskar said still blabbering
Swara felt to bang her head on the wall..
Sanskar who was busy talking was shocked as Swara pulled him through his collar.. “Sanskar we r going to be PARENTS” she said finally making him understand..
Sanskar ‘s expressions were worth watching there was a complete silence for abt 5 mins..
“pa.. Parents” Sanskar said being very happy.. And still not able to belive..
Swara smiled as finally he understood and nodded in eyes..
Sanskar hugged her tightly “yesss Swara I’m sooo happy I love uuuu” he said not able to control his joy..
Swara smiled wholeheartedly seeing his reaction..
Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face.. “thts y u were vomiting and fainting na?” he said making Swara blush and nod..
SwaSan were reallyy happy with this news…

Sanskar was really protective towards Swara.. Devanshi rp sujata Shekhar sumi everyone… They treated her like the most precious thing in their lives..
And the best part of the journey was with her Sanskar!
From the day he got to knoe swara was pregnant he used to always get up in nights and prepare dishes or take jer out… Fun part was tht swara never craved for anything nor she faced any mood swings she was same like before only but her husband Sanskar Maheshwari wanted his wife to demand everything she wants…
Without even swara telling he used to prepare her favorites dishes.. Sanskar was always there for her during thr check ups with doctor making her feek soo blessed…

Present time:-
Both SwaSan were just cherishing those unforgettable moments when sleep took over them..

Swara woke uo kissing Sanskar s forehead she went to washroom after having a bath Sanskar too got fresh n up..
And as his daily routine Sanskar took Swara in his arms and took her down feeding the breakfast from his hands making ram and sujata admire their children..

Today was Sunday so Sanskar was also at home..
And everyone were sitting in the hall randomly chatting..
“bhai i want to talk something important” devanshi spoke up folding her hands on her chest..
SwaSan and rp sujata nodded..
“see wht if we have to rush to the hospital suddenly.. Y dont we practice now only wht we have to do” devanshi said.. Making everyone think.. They smile and agre..
“yippee ok so now see.. Bhabhi u should scream as if ur actually feeling pain.. Maa papa and me  have to calm bhabhi.. Bhai u call the ambulance..  Ok?” devanshi said..
Swara smiled.. “okok bhabhi u come from there(pointing towards the door) and then start screaming ok then bhai wilk make u sit.. And the drama goes on” devanshi said..
Everyone noddes..
Swara goes slowly and starts walking screaming “ahhhh Sanskar..maaa ahh” she screams in pain but the unknown fact to the family was tht she wasnt acting shr actually got the labour pain!!

Everyone were suprised as they felt Swara was acting and she was doing it so naturally..
” bhai.. Omg i never knew bhabhi is soo talented she how she is screaming so perfectly” devanshi said being suprised..
Everyone nods.. “even i got to know now only devu” Sanskar said..
Swara s forehead started to swet..
Sujata as per the plan made her sit..
And sanskar  pretended to call the ambulance
“Sanskar…… Im feeling a lotttt of painn” swara screamed not able to control…
While Sanskar got a lil angry.. “swara yaar u dont have to be toooo natural while acting” he said..
“yeah swara ur scaring us” rp spoke up..
After a minute Swara slapped sanskar tightly “u idiot im actually feelimg the labour pain” swara said crying bitterly.. As the pain was unbearable…
Everyone got shocked..
Sanskar fastly dialed the ambulance but to the dismay  there was a huge curfew in the city… Which means no ambulance could come now..
The situation was getting out of control..
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