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SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Epilouge 2)

2nd april 2018 will always be remembered in Maheshwari family.. Finally they were going to get a new generation..
Swara s screams could be heaed around the whole neighbourhood..
Sanskar sujata rp devanshi could do nuthing but just calm swara..
Sumi and Shekhar who had started to visit maheshwari mansion oftenly started to visit due to Swara s pregnancy got really tensed seeing their daughter s condition..
Sanskar and sujata took Swara and made her lay on SwaSan s bed..
Swara was crying unconditionally..
“dr ragini plz come fast this is too much now” Sanskar was shouting to their family doctor
After whole 15 mins ragini mehrotra their doctor finally arrived..
SwaSan room:-
Swara was laying in the bed and crying.. Sujata sumi and Sanskar were present with her while both the fathers not able to see their daughter s condition were waiting outside with devanshi and praying..
Just then ragini arrived..
“I have made everything ready.. Plz everyone go out” ragini said politely
Sujata and sumi nodded and went outside..
But swara was just screaming and was not allowing Sanskar to move an inch also their hands were interwined..
Ragini saw Sanskar as both were good friends in collage and understanding the situation ragini signalled Sanskar to sit there only while he just thanked..
Covering a bedsheet ragini started the surgery while Swara s pain grew more and more with her screams.. Tears rolling like anything..Sanskar turned his face other side not able to bear this…
Swara s nail imprints were all printed on Sanskar s hands making it really red Sanskar covered his mouth with palm not to shout as he knew tht wht Swara is going through wasnt easy and he had to support her…
“push swara pushhh” ragini shouted while swara tried hard.. “ahhhhhhh Sanskaaaaaaaar” and with this they heard thr crying sound of a baby
Making SwaSan overjoyed..
Swara was really weak Sanskar smiled towards her.. Ragini slowly took the baby “Sanskar here u go its a BOY” ragini said making Sanskar smile wholeheartedly..
But was it the end? No again we could hear the voice of a baby “whts wrong with u Sanskar y didnt u inform tht u guys were expecting twins” ragini shouted
Sanskar wad in utter shock while Swara was half unconscious..
“pushhh Swaraaaa” ragini screamed and again the crying of baby could be heard..
“its a GIRl” ragini said amd have to Sanskar..
Sanskar s happiness has no bounds as he got both his son and daughter..!
Just as they took a sigh of relive and were abt to call the family
“maaaaaaaaaaaa” swara screamed as one more baby was abt to come out..
Sanskar s expressions were like as if he saw an alien..
But this time it was difficult as swara was all tired she didnt have any power to push..
“sanskar keep the babies in the couch and help Swara now.. This is the last one” ragini exclaimed..
Sanskar just nodded.. “swara plzzz tryyy” he was also screaming..
Swara was crying badly “ahhhhhhh” and with this again the sound of crying could be heard..
“its a Boy again Sanskar” ragini handed over the baby..
Sanskar was suprised as he was the exact copy of Sanskar like he used to look the same in his childhood!
Before he could take the baby in his hands carefully the baby gave a tight kick on his stomach and giggled..
Ragini smiled and laughed a lil while Sanskar s eyes widen.. He gave a look like “i will see u later”…
“sanskar im warning u before hand.. Swara has delivered Triplets and its not easy for any mother… Swara is really weak u have to take her of her ok” ragini said to Sanskar..
Sanskar just nodded..
Whole family entered im and were shock seeing 3 babies together… But were a happy seeing these little bundles ot joy..
Sumi sujata and Rp took each on of them and went outside..
And ragini too took a leave.. While Sanskar was there with Swara..
“truly God these womens r no less than a superhero” sanskar said with some tears and kissed Swara s forehead..

After an hour Swara opened her eyes and saw Sanskar who wae sleeping beside her..
She adored her touching her tummy she realized tht she aldready delivered her children..
Swara slowly caressed Sanskar s hair “Sanskar where r our babies” swara spoke weakly..
Sanskar woke up and smiled.. He helped her sitting with the help of a pillow..
Sanskar sujata and sumi bought 3 of their kids..
While Swara looked in shock”Sanskar r they our kids? “she asked still not able to believe.. While Sanskar chuckled and smiled to her..
Swara took each one of them and kissed their forehead..
Devanshi and everyone entered
She was keenly looking at tje babies…”devanshi ji wht r u trying to investigate” Sanskar asked sarcastically..
“u know wht bhai ur first baby is combo of both u and Swara bhabhi.. Ur daughter is same as Swara bhabhi while ur this son is samee like u” she said..
SwaSan nodded understanding and she was 100%right..

After an hour:-
Everyone were in their respective rooms.. Sanskar asked shemish to be at their house for a month..
While there was full on drama in SwaSan room..
SwaSan room:-
The 3 babies started crying.. Swara took one of them and started feeding while the other two being jealous cried in jealousy
SwaSan eyes widened.. “see swara our these both kids r soo jealous of their brother” sanskar said to which swara nodded…
Swara took the other one but as the last one was left out he started crying more loudly..
Swara made a crying face seeing this.. “Sanskarrr” she wined..
Sanskar took the baby in hos arms and the baby smiled to him..
As swara was feeding their daughter
Sanskar went and bought a marker..
Swara glared Sanskar angrily seeing his actions “sanskar wht r u doing” swara shouted a lil..
As Sanskar had marked the first baby as 1 and the other one as 2 with the marker..
Sanskar scratched his head sheepishly.. “woh actually see.. They both look almost the same.. And after growing if they ask whos the elder one then wht will u do haan” sanskar said..
While Swara gave an unbelievable look..
Swara took the youngest baby and then fed him too..
All the 3 siblings were lying on the bed.. Giggling and smiling..
SwaSan were sitting with each other comfortably…”Sanskar have u decided their names?” swara asked..
Sanskar noddes in no”u know na we had decided tht we would decide on spot for our baby but now there r 3!”sanskar said..
While swara just chuckled..
“ok lets take our babies and decide some names ok?” sanskar said while swara agreed happily..
Sanskar took his princess and his first baby in his hand… While swara was handling the naughty one who was trying to disturb his other 2 siblings..
“omg sanskar he is same like u see sooo naughty” swara said seeing her son s actions..
While sanskar just shaked his hand…
“hmm wht if we keep the boys names and dholu bholu” sanskar said..
Swara glared him “seriously sanskar ur telling the names from chota bheem huh” swara said..
Sanskar pouted “ok wht abt nobita and sunio” sanskar said to which Swara glared..
Sanskar made a crying face”huhh now u only say something”sanskar said..
Swara nodded “umm what abt yuvraj” she suggested..
Sanskar nodded in no”no yaar its too common”he said..
“wht abt vivaan haan?” swara exclaimed happily making Sanskar smile..
“yes vivaan its really nice” Sanskar spoke…
“hmm so my lil champ u like ur name VIVAAN” sanskar said to which he smiled..
“yeahh it means he liked it” swara said happilyy while Sanskar smiled seeing her childish acts..
“hey Swara i got a cute name for our princess” sanskar said making swara eager.. While their little daughter was also eager to listen her name..
“MYRA” sanskar said.. To which their little princess smiled widely
Swara patted Sanskar s shoulders “ahaan not bad han mr maheshwari” swara said neing satisfied with the name.. While Sanskar raised his collar proudly making everyone giggle..
While their cute youngest one started crying.. “oh no i think wr should decide his name fast see he is crying” sanskar said not able to see him like this…
Swara slowly patted him and tried to calm him down..
“sanskar hows the name RITHWIK” swara said.. Sanskar smiled..
And took the baby “so mr champ hows Rithwik haan?” sanskar said to which he giggled and smiled..
SwaSan smiled to each other… “thanku for completing my family jaan” sanskar said kissing Swara s forehead..
Swara smiled and just then she noticed his hand.. “o myy god sanskar wht is this soo red marks” swara said with some tears as it were really horrible..
Sanskar smiled and wiped her tears..”i did this na im sorryy” swara said sniffing a lil..
Sanskar went aww seeing her.. She was looking reallyy cute…
“it’s ok.. And it’s nuthing in front of the pain u went through” he said making Swara smile a lil..
And again kissed Swara ‘s forehead..
It’s always said tht one kiss on forehead by a guy is thousands times more respectful and full of love than tht of Kiss on lips..
Truly he was a gentleman..
But here again crying sounds started by babies..
SwaSan gave a look to each other as they knew the reason..
“Swara I know we get jealous if we see someone who’s close to us.. Gets loved by others.. But whts wrong with our kids?” Sanskar said..
Swara giggled..
Sanskar kissed the trio ‘s forehead making them quite..
“mere jealous bache” Sanskar said..
And with that he received 3 kicks from each of them on his stomach..
SwaSan widened their eyes in shock..
“ahaaann mummy I’m going to my mamma now” Sanskar said..
The trio rolled their eyes seeing their papa ‘s acts..
“umm Swara shall I go to Maa u handle them Han” Sanskar said to which Swara smiled…

Ramta ‘s room :-
Sujata and ram were sitting normally..
Sujata- ram ji see na how quickly our Sanskar grew and has his own family now..
She said with some tears..
Ram side hugged sujata-it’s ok sujata it had to happen… He will always remain our chotu Sanskar ok?
Sujata nodded..
Just then devanshi came there and hugged them..
“devanshi u were soo excited seeing the babies na then go there” sujata said..
“umm… Maa.. Now bhai has his own family… It won’t be right if we disturb them like this…. It will be better if we give them privacy” devanshi said with Lil. Tears..
Ramta understood.. They were proud of their daughter for understanding..
“Baccha I’m proud of u.. But I don’t think ur bhai will change ok?” ram said as he knew somewhere he felt devanshi was feeling a Lil insecure too.. Obviously she was still a kid!
Devanshi just nodded..
“and waise bhi I have u both.. Who else I would want” devanshi said and hugged Ramta..
They too hugged her tightly..
Just then they felt some other member too hugging them.. They broke the hug to see Sanskar standing there..
“Sanskar.. WHT r u doing here.. Swara might be alone ja” sujata said..
Sanskar just smiled.. “hmm I asked her and came and yeah (pouts) even I want to spend some times with my family.. Can’t I?” Sanskar said..
Ramta and devanshi smiled..
“remember one thing Maa no matter wht happens u all r my first preference ok?” Sanskar said as he had aldready heard their talks!!
Ramta smiled and devanshi too smiled with tears..
Devanshi hugged Sanskar tightly surprising all of them “I’m sorry bhai if I have hurt u.. I know u have heard our talks.. I’m sorry.. I don’t know wht happened to me…i really love u” devanshi said sobbing a Lil..
Sanskar broke the hug.. “devu ur my first child.. Get it? And no one is more important to me than u” he said with honesty..
Devanshi smiled..
Ramta were proud and happy seeing their family.. Just then rp notices Swara standing outside who was still looking weak.. Smiling with tears seeing her family… Rp smiled towards her..
He signalled her to come but swara nodded in no not wanting to disturb the moments..
“i love my bhabi too.. But i think she does not love me.. Thts y not joining us” devanshi said fakely seeing Swara..
Sanskar wad confused but saw swara and smiled..
Swara hugged devanshi while Sanskar fake coughed.. The trio shared the most blissful hug..”are the hugs only for youngsters? Or am k not visible to u” asked sujata making then chuckles..
Rp sujata too joined…
These were some moments cherished by the family..

#sorry if u don’t like this family scene but I feel in many SwaSan stories only swara ‘s family is given preference plus u know wife is important.. But after God the most important thing is our parents only!! I will love my husband in my future but Tht does not mean I wouldn’t care for my family!

Leap of a week:-
SwaSan started to adjust with their triplets..
Myra always loved to be with her papa.. And Obviously Sanskar loved her alot she was same as Swara..
And rithwik was close to Swara.. He was xerox of Sanskar which made Swara more happy..
And Vivan was the soul of family.. First grandchild and possesed both SwaSan s features…
Devanshi and Rithwik always enjoyed each other s company..
Vivan was the soul, Myra was the heart and Rithwik was the body!
All 3 were special in their own way…

Today one of the most memorable occasion was there “Naamkaran” of children… Whole mansion was set up like a beautiful bride..
Sujata and ram were taking care of the decorations while devanshi was helping SwaSan
SwaSan room:-
Swara was making Vivaan ready..
And he being the most obedient got ready easily..
“oye mera baccha mamma loves u alott ur exactly like me who does not trouble her mamma” swara said glarinh rithwik and myra who were troubling devanshi and Sanskar who were making them ready..
Vivan gave a proud smile while myra and rithwik frowned listening praises of their elder sibling..
“myra my princess plz stay in one place… Dont trouble ur papa” Sanskar said trying to make her wear the gown… And was having a hard time..
Finally listening her papa s pleads.. Myra was quite..
“she is looking perfect.. Ummah” sanskar kissed her forehead making myra giggle..
Devanshi was making rithwik ready.. “bhai he is sameee like u.. So naughty o my god” devanshi said as Rithwik was continously pulling her hair..
Sanskar frowned”oh hello its all because of Swara she is naughty.. And always irritates me.. Jaisi maa waisa beta (like mother like son) “Sanskar said only to recive a tight pillow from Sanskar..
” ouch sorry yaar”sanskar exclamied..
Making everyone giggle.. “han mr maheshwari im jot naughty like u.. So dont blame me ok” swara said..
“yep i agree” devanshi said supporting her bhabhi..
Rithwik and Vivaan made noises showing tht they r with them..
While myra was supporting Sanskar..
“huh dekha my daughter will always be with me.. My pride” sanskar said with smile..
Myra though didnt understand anything smiled..
Everyone smiled seeing their bonding..
Just then sujata and rp entered..
“oyhoyeee mere bacche bohot acche lagre hai” sujata said complementing..




SwaSan smiled.. “accha lets go pandit ji has arrived” rp informed..
Everyone nodded and left towards the hall… For the naamkaran..

Swara was looking damn pretty looking at her no one could say she has 3 children!! And her mangalsutra and sindoor adored her beauty..

Sanskar maheshwari hearthrobe of girls heart..! Girls die for his look..
(im rellyy sorry i got no pic of Varun.. Huh i will kill him one day.. All his pics r with either helly or tejasswi)

Few relatives were present in the hall..Shemish also arrived..
A big mandap like thing wad arranged were panditji was chanting mantras.. SwaSan arrived with their kiddos..
And settled there..
While ramta devanshi and shemish were sitting infront of them…
Firstly they prayed for their children..
“what is the name of your first child” panditji asked taking Vivaan..
“Vivan” swara said with a smile..
“so his full name will be Vivan Sanskar Maheshwari” panditji said..
To which swara and shemish smiled..
“wait.. Pandit ji” sanskar stopped.. While they looked at him confused..
“Vivaan Sanskar Swara Maheshwari” he said..
“I didn’t bear the pain of brining them in the world.. They wilk have swara s name too” Sanskar said..
“but beta.. Mother s name is not used” pandit ji said..
“so we will start doing it from now on” said rp.. And sujata too supported..
Panditji just nodded.. “Vivaan Sanskar Swara Maheshwari”… He said
Swara felt sooo blessed to habe this family.. Who treated her like their own daughter..
nd Sanskar he is the best husband anyone could get!
Shemish were soo happy tht their daughter got such a beautiful family..
And with this myra and rithwik s naamkaran was also done..

SwaSan room:-
Vivan myra and rithwik slept in their cradles while SwaSan were lying in each other s embrace..
“i love u” swara bluttered..
Sanskar simply kissed her forehead…
“i love u too” he replied…
“u know wht sanskar ur the best thing ever happened to me” swara confessed..
“u too” Sanskar replied..
“sleep now ur 3 children r going to wake uo early tommorow” sanskar said…
Swara just nodded and slept in his embrace…

Life was going on with full swing.. Their 3 kiddos.. A perfect family… Wht other thing a girl could wish for! A new phase had just began in SwaSan s life..! And more exciting their journey was going to be as they will now understand the Parenthood!

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