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Savitri Devi 14th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi wins the challenge

Savitri Devi 14th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri calling Sanchi home urgently. Sanchi tells this to Pragya and asks her to tell Jaya. Pragya says ok. She calls Jaya, but her phone is unreachable. Dr. Kabir comes to Pragya and asks where is Sanchi, she has a surgery to do. Pragya says she has to go home for urgent work, I will do her surgery. Sanchi reaches home and sees Savitri seeing Veer’s childhood pics with his friends. Gayatri says they thought to surprise Veer. Sanchi says I have a plan. She calls him and asks him to come home urgently. Veer says ok. He tells Jaya that he has to go home as Sanchi called. Jaya asks him to go.

Guests come to the party. Veer comes and is happy to see the decoration, asks if she did this. Sanchi says yes. Savitri and Gayatri see a small cake. Guests tell that cake is small.

Gayatri tells that Sanchi should have ordered it from outside and it is home made cake. Veer says it is the best cake. Sanchi asks him to cut cake. Guests ask for drinks. Gayatri takes Sanchi to side and asks why she didn’t order drinks. Sanchi says she thought to do something differently. She tells guests that the party is based on childhood theme and that’s why they have kept arrangements differently. She shows cola and chaat stalls. Savitri takes Sanchi to side and scolds her for ruining the party and making them ashamed. Veer defends her and tells that the arrangement is best.

Savitri says Sanchi has proved that she can’t be our bahu and regrets to give her responsibility. Gayatri says we shall apologize to guests and makes arrangements. Sanchi is teary eyes. Veer pacifies her. The guests like ice cola/gola, and other stuff, they like it and praise Sanchi. Veer cuts the cake and makes Savitri, Beeji, and others have it. Gayatri comes to kitchen and scolds Sanchi. Sanchi says everyone liked her party and tells that she has arranged party for 9950 rs. She gives 50 Rs in Gayatri’s hand as tip. Gayatri determines to make her pay a heavy price.

Pragya comes out and tells that the surgery is done. Jaya scolds her and asks where is Sanchi. Pragya says it is Veer’s birthday today. Jaya says if she thinks hospital as joke. Veer comes to Savitri and tells that Sanchi has completed the challenge. Dadi says Sanchi has proved that she can become good bahu and wife. Veer says I was thinking to go out with her. Savitri is upset and says you can do anything if you wants. She asks if he is happy. He says yes. Dadi says everything will be fine. Veer tells Sanchi that they will go to honeymoon next week. He hugs her. Gayatri thinks you can’t go without my wish.

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