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Samaina – The blossoming love story (shot 6)

Hi friends ,
It’s been a long time.So i have posted a little long update this time. Please do read and post your suggestions 😀

Naina and Swati reaches hostel and she happily hugs Swati ❤

Naina : Swati, this is the best day in my life. Sameer and I have become friends ❤ So sweet of him na. Inspite of so many happenings, he remains cool 😎 (Naina hasn’t seen Sameer’s angry young man face yet 😉)

Swati : ya ya he is indeed sweet and nice person. But is he just a Friend to you 🤣

Naina : ya of course, very sweet friend of mine . 😉

Swati : wowww.. I believe your words. 😉 Now I am hungry. Come let’s go and have dinner.

Naina : I am not hungry Swati. You go, I have to go to PCO and make a call to home. It’s been such a long time that I have spoken with Chacha , Chachi ji , Preeti , Arjun Bhaiyya and Papa.

Swati : okay dear. Go and come back safely.

Naina : okay Swati.


Naina goes out of the hostel to make a call to home. Sameer , Munna and pandit are seen in the same shop where Naina goes . They have come to bazzar for shopping.
Naina calls her home. Chachi ji picks the call.

Naina : Hello Chachi ji ❤ how are you. I am missing you so much .

Chachi ji : Hello beta. We are fine. How are you. Are you eating properly. Is the food good over there?

Naina : yes Chachi ji. All is set here. I got new friends too. Food is also good. Only difficulty is climate over here. Nothing else.

Chachi ji : Next time when you come here for holiday I will make a nice sweater for you. Don’t be awake for a long time and study okay. Eat and sleep properly my dear.

Naina: yes sure Chachi ji. How is Chacha ji , Preeti , Arjun Bhaiyya and Papa.

Chachi ji : Everyone are fine dear.
Rakesh bhaiyya has went with Arjun for monitoring his cricket coaching .
Your Chacha ji hasn’t turned home yet. Preeti went to shefaali’s home.

Naina : I am missing Preeti so much Chachi ji. If she also gets admission here I will be so happy. Chacha ji told that he is trying for her admissions last time . Is there any update regarding that.

Chachi ji : Yes Naina . I forgot to tell you. Preeti has got admission in commerce in your school.

Preeti comes home at the same time.

Preeti : Mummy I am hungry. Give me something to eat na. Always you are busy in phone.

Chachi ji : Bhukkard. 😉😋 I am talking to Naina. Don’t you want to speak to her

Preeti runs and grabs phone from Chachi ji .

Preeti : oyeee. You know how much I am missing you here and madam is busy there. You forgot me so soon. 😭 I hate you. 😭

Naina : Meri jaaan. Give me a chance to speak. I am missing you equally here. And just now I got the good news about your admissions over here. You know I am in cloud nine ❤💃

Preeti : This mummy always breaks my surprises. I thought of coming and surprising you in person. But she has spoilt everything 😭

Naina : ha ha it doesn’t matter. Any how this day is so special to me ❤

Preeti : so special. Have you found any prince charming for you ❤😍
( Preeti is always smart 😉 )

Naina : (she blushes ). Paaagal ladki. I am happy that you are coming here. I am eagerly waiting ❤

Preeti : Meri jaaan just 2 more days to go 😍 I will be in Nainital ❤

Naina : welcome to Nainital. The place of happiness. I am waiting for you my dear. Okay Preeti. I am getting late.. Bye dear ❤

Preeti : Bye Naina ❤ Take Care .

Munna and pandit are busy in buying CD’s to watch movie .
Naina comes out happily dancing 💃💃 and she is about to hit Sameer.

Sameer : oyeeee madam 😉 Always in head over heels mode.

Naina gets happy seeing Sameer ❤

Naina : hai Sameer. I was so happy that I didn’t see anything and started to dance. What are you doing here.

Sameer : we came here for shopping. What are you doing here at this time . It’s 7 o clk. Your Warden will not scold you uh…

Naina : OMG… It’s 7 🙄 I was talking for quite a long time in phone. I didn’t realize that I am getting late.

Sameer : (slightly in jealous tone)
Hmm. For such a long time , with your boyfriend ?

Naina : She Smiles. No no . With my sister and Chachi ji. She also got admission here . So we were talking about that.

Sameer : oh. It’s good to hear that. Okay Naina. It’s already late. Go safely. Take care bye.

Naina : Bye Sameer. ❤


Next day morning Swati and Naina gets ready and reach school. Shanti teacher enters class.

Students : good morning mam.

Shanti mam : good morning students. Today we will solve few sums in integration…
And I have an announcement. Today the last 3 periods after lunch you will have lab sessions.

Classes goes on…

During lunch break. Swati and Naina are seen in canteen. Munna and pandit comes there.

Munna : oyiii Pandit. You look beautiful today. ( He says seeing Swati 😉)

Pandit : Bhai. I always look like hero only. Do you have any doubts in that. 😉

Munna : Hi Naina. What are you doing here ?

Swati : we came here to play hide and seek game. Do you also want to join. 😂 What type of question is this. We came to have lunch.

Naina : when in Sameer coming to school Munna .

Munna : He will come tomorrow Naina .

Naina : okay. Thank you Munna. We will leave now . Bye.

In lab sessions. Naina and Swati are seen in different labs ( in schools according to names they split batches ) . Naina is in chemistry lab

Naina : she is doing some test to identify the name of the salt.

At the same time , rishi has some evil plan to take revenge on Naina.
He has instructed to Sunil and Harish to lock her in the lab .

School bell rings. All are seen leaving lab. A girl knowingly hits Naina. Some liquid falls over her dress. Naina goes to wash the stains over her dress . She inhales some acid and fells unconsciously.

Teacher thinks that everyone has left and asks the peon to close the lab. Peon goes inside to check . At the same time, Harish and Sunil come and diverts him by saying that principal was finding him for some works. They offer him help to close the lab. He accepts it and leaves from there .

They lock Naina inside the lab and leave.

Precap : Naina is admitted in the hospital. Sameer is waiting outside anxiously.

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