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Prithvi Vallabh 14th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalari challenges Prithvi to fight with him, Vilas gets scared with Satyashrah

Prithvi Vallabh 14th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Van Amma points her finger towards sky. Prithvi sees Gaj kesari’s (elephant) reflection in the sky. Van Amma says you have to go to Mrinal, to Manyakheta to bring them out of darkness, and asks him to end the enmity. Prithvi asks what is Gaj Kesari’s association with Mrinal. Van Amma says Mrinal will be the reason to take you to Gaj Kesari, he is ready to come to you. Prithvi says but……

Pradhan presents some musician in Tailap’s court. Mrinal says my father used to respect you all and that’s why I let you stay in Manyakheta and asked you not to do art presentation. Man says we can’t live like birds. Mrinal says kala is raj droha in this rajya and says punishment is life imprisonment. They apologize. Tailap asks soldiers to take them.

Prithvi tells that he wants to know

their answer. Rajmata asks why you are insisting to go to Manyakheta when you know that there is a danger on your life, and asks can a mother send her son to danger, and says I can’t permit you. Prithvi says I can understand your concern, but I have to go to Manyakheta if we need peace and to end the enmity. Savitri says whatever you say, but Rajmata is right, even I don’t agree with this. Sindhu says even I want Malwa and Manyakheta to unite, but not risking your life and says your life is more precious than anything else, and says I will go and give friendship invitation. Satyashrah says you shall not go. Rasniti says you shall not go. Prithvi says I just want to make you understand that if I don’t go now then there will be no use to go later. He says nothing will happen to me and asks them to understand. Rajmata says I have a condition, and tells that if Kalari give you permission then I will also give permission.

Vilas comes to Mrinal and calls her. Mrinal asks her to come, says you are not the same Vilas whom I left here, and says this Vilas is not happy. Vilas says yes and says I want to tell you something. Satyashrah comes and greets Mrinal. Mrinal says I am seeing you after years and says you have become handsome. Vilas says I have an important work and says I will go. Mrinal says I want to talk to you both. Vilas says but I have to go. Mrinal says your mother might be very happy to see you. Satyashrah says even me.

Sindhu tells Kalari that Prithvi wants to go to Manyakheta. Kalari is shocked and says he will not go. Sindhu says we all tried to stop him, but he is not agreeing. Kalari says what did Rajmata say? Sindhu tells about the condition. Kalari thinks I will not meet him.

Jakala tells Satyashrah that he will be the next king. Satyashrah eyes the sevika with lust. Jakala asks him about Vilas and tells that she wants to be like Mrinal. Satyashrah gets angry and says Mrinal has nothing to do with Vilas, and tells that his wife shall take care of him and his parents. He tells jakala that he is going to hunting with Bilal. He sees Lakshmi and asks where is she going? Lakshmi says she is taking food for Vilas. Satyashrah says he will take food. Vilas is tensed in her room. Satyashrah comes there, Vilas gets scared. Satyashrah asks why you are scared with me, and says he took a small test. He asks her to sit and says I have so much love for you. He asks her to have food and says I don’t like if you stay hungry. Vilas says I am not hungry. Satyashrah asks her to have food. Vilas eats it being scared. Satyashrah says I am very lucky as you are going to be my wife. He asks her to have last bite from his hand. Vilas says I can’t eat now, my stomach is full. Satyashrah takes out knife and asks if she loves him. He cuts his own hand a bit. She agrees to love him and eats the last bite.

Rasniti tells Prithvi that Kalari went out somewhere. Prithvi asks him to find him. Rasniti asks if he is hiding something. Prithvi says few things shall be left for time.

Bhilamp Raj comes to Manyakheta. Tailap greets him. Bhilamp Raj says I have brought special gift for you. Mrinal says who are they? Bhilamp says they are the ones who had attacked Tailap Raj. Mrinal thanks him and asks him to say how to lower his favors. He says he will tell it later.
Satyashrah asks Vilas to fight with him with sword. Vilas says she don’t like fighting, and she dislikes it. Sulochana comes there and tells that Vilas is their guest. Satyashrah tells that he wants to fight with his wife. Sulochana says she is not yet your wife. Satyashrah asks her to fight then. Sulochana says I can’t raise sword on you. Satyashrah tries to stab her, but she holds the sword and gets her hand injured. Sulochana asks Vilas about him. Vilas tells her everything and asks her not to tell Mrinal and gives promise. Satyashrah hears them hidingly and thinks she has learnt to stay silent.

Rasniti tells Prithvi that Kalari is not here. Prithvi says you don’t want to search him, I will search it myself. Lakshmi comes to Vilas and praises Satyashrah. She realizes she is having fever and says it happens. Vilas tells her that she don’t want to marry Satyashrah.

Bhoj and Rasniti are searching Kalari to inform about rajmata. Mausi tries to get the keys. Kosha says it is risky. Mausi says if we lose this chance then Jakala will not let us alive. She says Jakala said that she will get right solution for us, and says we have to get out from here and inform everything to Tailap. Kosha also tries to get the keys. Kosha manages to get the keys using her anklet. They come out of the jail, but they see Santri standing.

Bhoj and Rasniti see the crowd and think Kalari must be there. Kalari is there and says this is not possible to Prithvi. Prithvi asks him to agree and give him permission. Kalari asks what is the real mission to go there. Prithvi says you will not believe me. Kalari says you have to defeat me else I will not permit you. Rasniti says Prithvi and Kalari are going to have war. Kalari picks soil and applies on his hand and face. Prithvi also does the same.

Prithvi and Kalari fight with each other. Kalari is about to win. Mrinal beats Satyashrah with hunter angrily. Jakala asks Tailap to stop Mrinal. Tailap stops Mrinal and holds her hunter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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