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Nimki Mukhiya 14th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki saves Grandma

Nimki Mukhiya 14th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Nimki says to Grandma that thief ranaway. Two goons grab Grandma. Nimki comes there. Goon says if you come near then we will kill her. Grandma asks Nimki to save her. One goon attacks grandma but Nimki throws pot at him. Nimki tries to take grandma away but they pull her hair and throws her away. They throw grandma but Nimki holds her and hugs her. Nimki starts beating goons, she takes grandma’s gun and shoots in air too. Goons runaway. Grandma takes gun, she sees goons hiding in terrace and shoots them seeing their shadow. Goons jump from terrace. Nimki says great.

Babbu says to Kishan’s wife that Kishan is little miffed, please pacify him otherwise Tettar will not get ticket. Wife calls Kishan and says why you are stopping Tettar’s ticket, he should get it.

Kishan says okay I will give him ticket. Wife says he never defies me. Mai and she leaves. Babbu thanks Kishan and touches his feet. Kishan says elections cant be win with this attitude, he says to Tettar that if you show ego to me then you will lose everything.

Scene 2
Ram and family goes to sleep but Tunee comes there and says I am disturbed. Mauha says why did you say that about Nimki? Tunee says I believe that family left Nimki there, not for dadi, she is alone in palace. Ram says are you mad?

Nimki says to grandma that goons ranaway. Nimki gets a call from Ram. Ram asks if she ate? Nimki says I sate so much, tikka, butter chicken and so much. Tunee says she is lying. Ram asks if she saying truth? Grandma is with you? Nimki says let me give her phone, she asks Dadi to talk to her father. Grandma greets Ram. Ramm asks if they need him there? Grandma says no we are fine. Nimki ends call
In fountain, goons try to hide. Nimki and dadi hears noise from porch. Nimki gives dadi a plan. They heats a pan and stands by door so when goons come in, they will hit them. Tettar and family returns home. They are shocked to see drive-in messed up. Rekha says why this ladder is here? Dublo says they must have used it to go upstairs. Babbu says what? Dublo says I mean where is Jariya. Ritu says did any thief came in? Goons hide. Tettar runs to house and opens gate but Dadi attacks him with pan, he faints. All family members are shocked.

Tunee is doing sit ups for his mistake. Ram says you like to say rubbish things so now keep doing sit ups. Mauha says it will open his mind. Ram says our Nimki is lucky and will make everyone happy.

In morning, Mai shouts if anyone will ask what Nimki was doing in house? Tettar says its good we came on time.
Diamond have caught Jariya and other guard, he hangs them from tree and beats them with belts. Babbu says we left you for this? you couldnt protect house. Jhariya says it will never happen again. Babbu asks Diamond to keep beating.
Grandma says to Mai that I want to kill Jhariya. Mai says you were partner with Nimki. Sweety says Dadi alone couldnt have fought alone. Mai says she roamed in whole house. Grandma says those thief roamed in whole house too, do you know their casts? Ritu comes there and says to Tettar that we got happy news. He shows him newspaper and says elections date is declared, it will happen next month. Tettar and Babbu smiles. Tettar says now game will start.

PRECAP- Mai asks Ritu what is happening? why he is standing with Nimki? Ritu says I wanted you to sign these papers. Nimki says let me read then. Mai asks Babbu what papers are these? Babbu says they are contract papers of roads, fields, medicines, etc. Mai says what if she doesnt sign?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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