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Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 17

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 17
Morning at twinj room kunj woke up and and looked at yash and twinkle who is beside him one is sleeping and one is playing obviously twinkle skeeping yash wakes up early in morning like kunj
Kunj – good morning yash
Yash – ooo pppp
Kunj- say papa
Yash – pa …ppp..mama
Kunj – huhu you easily say mumma even ifwe dont ask you to say but here I am requesting to you call me papa but you wont do it right yash node in yes and giggled kunj started to tickle him and talking with him twinkle covered herself fully with banket
Kunj – yash look at your mumma she is still sleeping see so bad right wake her up kunj made yash to sit near twinkle and took his tiny hands and started to hit twinkle
Twinkle in sleepy tone – kunj let me sleep ill kill you why you teaching all this to my baby huh yash dont listen to papa baby come here sleep with me daying this she turned and pulled yash inside blanket and cuddle with him he to hugged his mumma
Kunj – huh this siyappa queen will never improve she is spoiling my baby too twinkle I am going to take bath until that time you woke up right
Twinkle- why i should wake up haa you take bath and after that get hot coffe for me then ill wake up now dont disturb us
Kunj- huh i trust yash he will disturb your sleep and wakes you up in few minutes he goes to washroom taking his towel and yash started to cry being hungry twinkle got up making faces
Kunj from inside washroom- i told you hahaha😂😂😂😂now give him milk siyappa queen twinkle gave him milk bottle but he pushed it and tap on her chest
Twinkle- little sadu come and she started to feed him her milk and yash making sound while drinking and busy in drinking milk and twinkle slept in that position only kunj came out of washroom and looked at sleeping twinkle in sitting position and tash having milk he slapped his forehead thinking his siyappa queen will never ever compromise with her sleep
Kunj – siyappa queen see here chocolate
Twinkle- chocolate 😍😍😍 give me opened her eyes quickly and found kunj laughing
Twinkle- where is my chocolate?
Kunj- hatt no chocolate for you i brought it for my baby ill not give you he teased her some time then gave her box of chocolates while yash to saw it and stopped drinking milk and forward his little hand to take chocolate
Twinkle – oye little sadu you cant eat it now first gave milk and made him to drink again hiding chocolate while he started to make sound again while drinking
Kunj- yash is it that tasty? Yash looked at kunj Twinkle too
Kunj- oye yash why you looking at me like that haan you know what before you i tasted it but difference is that time milk wasn’t there twinkle closed yash ears yash left milk and looked at kunj showing his big eyes
Kunj- twinkle not fair yar give milk to me also i also want to taste it and came near her while twinkle push him
Twinkle- kunj stop it … dont talk like this infront of yash what he will think about you haan
Kunj- like he understands everything I have to tell him that you are mine first you are my wife first then his mumma see nathis 6 month old yash making me to sleep away from you twinkle today night make him sleep in cradle or with mahi na so we can you know what i mean right ruffling his hair giving naughty smile twinkle hit him on chest playfully
Twinkle- now we are parents kunj you cant romace daily night and ill not send him anywhere now take him i have to take bath giving him yash but he wasn’t ready to leave twinkle
Kunj – yash come to me mumma will come soon ok ill take you outside come listening he will take him outside yash smiled and came to kunj twinkle kissed yash cheeks kunj shows his cheek twinkle slap on it funnily kunj show fake anger turning face to other side twinkle smiled at him and gave quick peck on his lips and ran away kunj smiled
Yash – paaa and pointing hands to outside kunj took him to balcony and showing here and there playing with him and enjoying with him he kiss on baby forehead and thinks now everything is just perfect in our life .thank you baba ji for returning me everything I am so happy now my family is completed now me my twinkle and our yash baby happy family. I pray you to keep us like this only always happy. He looked at sky and remembered those words pf pallavi that there daughter was alive but she killed her a long tear drop fell from his eyes thinking why he couldn’t save his little angel he loves her so much more than yash yes he didnt saw her or not knowing about her arriving but it was special for him. Because she was there first baby and she gave new hopes to twinkle to live her life when kunj wasn’t there with her. First baby is very special for everyone and for them its more because she was there sign of friendship and then trust and love . He is missing her so much. He lost in his thoughts got back to senses when yash cried being bore because he wasnt talking to him.
Kunj – sorry sorry dont cry come lets go downstairs your mumma will not come soon I am sure siyappa queen comes after 1 hour bit louder so twinkle should listen
Twinkle- shut up
Kunj took yash to downstairs where bebe , leela manohar sitting and chit chatting after looking at yash everyone in line infront of kunj to take yash in there arms looking at them yash cried and hygged kunj tightly holding his shirt tightly from his tiny hands he will not go with anyone only kunj and twinkle and sometime mahi
Kunj- maa where is mahi ?
Usha – i dont know puttar.
Kunj- leela maa i asked you where is mahi?
Leela- kunj puttar today abhishek (mahi husband) coming so she went to airport to receive him
Kunj- oh yes she informed us but i forgot they were talking and playing with baby
Twibkle came out of washroom and getting ready
In jail
Pallavi- good plan i wasnt knowing she will hep us one day
Anita- you dont know value of anything girl thats why you tried to kill that innocent baby you are so cruel
Pallavi- oh hello please stop I am cruel then what are you huh yes i tried to kill her and you what you did same you kept her away from them and they are thinking she is dead
Anita- shh i have reason that twinkle made my son away from me and because of her my son yuvi sent me jail and he know I am in jail but also didnt came once here to meet me and to take me so when i got to know twinke us pregnent and yuvi married her for child sake i thought to take that child away from twinkle to make her understand how i feltwhen my son left me and got to know you are also trying to kill her
Pallavi- but how did you save her i told doctor to kill it in her womb only so it cant come in between me and my rocky kunj
When yuvi not in home and twinkle is 7 months pregnent pallavi did something to twinkle suddenly she got severe pain in stomach sarna’s admited her to hospital. Pallavi came to doctor and said her to kill baby
Doctor- no we cant do that pallavi
Pallavi- you have to do it. Otherwise ill make sure you will become jobless i have that power and I am also doctor i can do that work but dont want to do because this people know who I am and better you do this work you will get enough money for it
Doctor – look at her condition pallavi in this condition if we try to kill baby its mom will also die baby is in her womb for 7 month we cant kill it like that it has grown up and if we try to harm it both will die
Pallavi- no i dont know anything twinkle should be alive snd baby should die no problem for me if twinkle dies but once kunj get to know this he will get to know whole story that twinkle didnt cheated him and in guilt he will never be mine so she should be alive ill kill her afterwards if she comes between me and kunj now you just kill that little kunj/Twinkle which is in her womb
Someone members also came to hospital who is from anita side how anita got to know it someone told her and helping her in all this we will see who is that later and afterwards doctor operated twinkle she couldn’t make anyone die so baby is alive its girl baby its very tiny and delicate because its premature and doctor got scared what will pallavi do now she didnt do her work and that person who has been sent by anitha meet doctor and scared doctor to give baby to him so she gave baby to that person and to save herself she told baby is dead to pallavi and also to sarna’s. So twinj’s kaira is alive there first symbol is alive sbd now anita want to use her as weapon to do her work.
End of flashback
Anita – so she is in my custody kunj and twinkle’s daughter is with me
Pallavi- now next what?…..we can say it to kunj only na why you didnt told him about it that day we would have blackmail him only
Anita- because of him we are here still you didnt got brains we cant trap kunj he will trap us and take his daughter from our clutch if he once get to know she is alive so ill tell this to twinkle and blackmail her to save her daughter she will do everything and listen to us . And this make her away from her family means kunj will get angry on her if she help us instead knowing what all we did with then and she cant tell reason to. Anita calling twinkle now
Twinj room
Kunj has gone outside twinkle in room folding clothes and yash busy in playing with his toys she gets call she received call . Otherside people only laughing
Twinkle- hello only laughing sound
Twinkle- hello who is this? Speak up something
Anita – hey twinkle how are you?
Twinkle- this voice 😮😮 anita aunty shocked why you called me who gave you my number
Anita – too many questions twinkle ill give you answers for everything come here
Twinkle- no ill not come to meet you tell me ehy you called me?
Anitha- twinkle….twinkle after hearing us you will come here by running. Dont you want to know about your first baby
Pallavi- ha twinkle your daughter
Twinkle- pallavi after killing her what you want to tell me about her haan you snatched her from me then what you guys tell me about her
Anita said her everything that she is alive if she tell anyone now she will be killed so come and meet her now only not informing anyone. Twinkle though she is fooling her she have to ignore her but inner heart gave her new hopes about her first baby being alive she want to know truth now only she decided to meet her first then she will tell everything to kunj .
Twinkle took her mobile and clutch and ready to leave byt someone stopped her its her baby yash who held her dress from his tiny hands pulling it and gesturing to lift him up she lifted him up twinkle got to know yash got she is going outside and he also want to go out he does same with kunj when he gets ready he goes to kunj so he will take him out with him.
Twinkle- yash be here only ok. You….you..know what that devils said me my kaira is alive your elder sister yash your didi if its true ill get her here then we all will live happily so mumma going out ok and i cant take you there baby please dony cry mumma will come soon ok and made him to sit on bed but he wasnt leaving her started to cry holding her tightly she sat with him for sometime and make him sleep after he slept twinkle left home without informing anyone she was going in hurry mahi calling her
Mahi – di where you going twinkle di..she didnt listened her she sat in car and left from there quickly
Abhishek – what happened mahi?
Mahi – abhi twinkle di too went outside just now i called her name but she didnt listened may be
Abhishek- no problem baby we will meet them afterwards may be some urgent work she have
Mahi pov (but she seemed to be in tension i hope everything is fine baba ji please now dont put them in any problem )
In jail
Twinkle- so tell me what you were telling ? Don’t lie me I know to blackmail me you simply saying my daughter is alive. Dont use her name to full fill your needs
Anita- dont you dare to raise your voice twinkle your first love symbol with me if you dont want her now only ill say my people to kill her pallavi call them and say to finish her story her mom doesn’t care about her.
Pallavi- ok
Twinkle- no no stop if she is alive then give her to me anita aunty you are also mother please dont do anything with my baby sbd waw my my daughter is alive thank you baba ji nowonly ill tell this to kunj haan kunj our daughter our kaira is alive he will be so happy and above to call kunj
Anita- ok tell this then she was alive until now but she is dead now i mean as soon you will call your husband and tell about this new ill say my people to kill her and send dead body to you
Twinkle- no please dont do anything to her please tell me what you people want
Anita- first make us free from this jail
Twinkle- what?
Pallavi- yes twinkle otherwise
Twinkle- no no she made them release
Twinkle- ok give me my daughter now
Anita- I didnt got everything now twinkle take me your home ill stay there only
Pallavi- me too
Twinkle- no ways you people will harm my family and my baby
Anita- I promise you twinkle baby ill not harm anyone and dont you dare to say no for us for anything if you want your daughter back got it
Twinkle- anuta luthra dont fly in air because I am listening to you if you will do anything to my child you will be behind bars no you will be killed in my hands and dont you dare to talk with me in this tone if you did anything to my family that time only ill kick you out of my home got it.
Anita was shocked pallavi too both agreed to her condition they wanted property and wanted to play some gane after ebtering into there mansion
At sarna mansion
All heard yash crying sound yash crying so loudly who woke up just now and didnt saw mom or dad beside him so started to cry
Bebe- why he is crying ? Where is twinkle?
Manohar- ill see him. If twinkle was there he wouldn’t have cried this much he goes to upstairs to twinj room and finds no one there only yash sitting on bed and crying saying ma..pp ..pa he lifted baby who cried more he took him to hall soon eeryone got to know twinkle not there at home …leela ji and mahi did twinkle told you anything? Do you guys no where is she?
Leela – no she didnt told me anything from morning i didnt talked to her. Dont know where is this girl let her come ill scold her how can she go without informing anyone
Bebe- na ji meri nuu ko koyi nahi dantega koyi kaam aaya hoga bechari ko hum hena bache dekhne ke liye
Mahi – i saw her going outside I called her name but she didnt heard my voice my be . And i think she is in some tension
Leela- what? In tension meri bachi teek tho hogi na kya huva hoga? Kunj puttar kitte hey
Mahi took yash in her arms he became bit calm being in her embrace kunj to came back from office he was tired because of office work and also in some tension because of work.
Kunj entered home looking at him baby crying more telling him something in its baby language and gesturing him to take him startedto jump in mahi hands she placed him on flor yash goes to kunj by crawling and hugged his legs kunj smiled at him and lifted him and looked at his face dried tear marks were thete and some tears still in his eyes
Kunj- what happened to you my bunny why you crying haan. Did anyone said you something tell me ill take class of them dekho tho ye moti moti aansu it doesn’t look good on you buddy.
Yash – ppp.pp…pa mama ma…
Kunj- yash’s mom where are you?
Kunj- why everyone in this mode huh where is my one and only siyappa queen
Leela- puttar we dont know she have gone somewhere till she didnt came see. In tensed tone
Kunj- why you taking tension maa she will come may be some work wait she will cone
Usha – huhu what important work she have for that she left yash alone here. Is it not her work to look after baby? In taunting tone
Kunj- not only twinkle duty to take care of him he is our son means both have equal responsibility of him . If you tell she is wrong then i also wrong because its my duty also being father to take care of my child. Simply dont blame twinkle for everything. Some people till now didnt got value of anyone huh.
After sometime still twinkle didnt came home everyone sitting in hall kunj called twinkle sge just said I am coming kunj and cut the call .
They head door bell sound
Mahi – twinkle di came may be
Bebe- kunj go and open door
Kunj opened door and smiled at twinkle she didnt smiled
Bebe – lo aagayi twinkle puttar lo teri mama aagayi yash
Twinkle came inside and her behind two devils were standing they to came with her kunj was shocked to look at them and others to shock
Kunj – stop why you both came here huh hiw dare you to enter in mu home . And wait you both were in jail right then how come you are here?
Anitha- ask your wife only kunj
Pallavi- yes your dear wife only made us free from jail
Kunj- dont lie to me I am not stupid to come in your words my twinkle will never do that twinkle look at him with painful eyes she cant tell him anything …
Twinkle I know you haven’t done this right. Why I am asking you I know you will never do it.
Twinkle- they are right kunj .
Kunj- what? What do you mean
Twinkle- vo vo yes I am the one who released them from jail. Kunj got shocked
Kunj- tell me its lie
Twinkle- no kunj its not lie its the truth
Leela – thu pagal ho gayi kya twinkle
Bebe- tune aisa kyu kitta puttar
Twinkle- please now dont ask me anything. Iam not going to answer for anything now
kunj – tell me why you did this twinkle
Twinkle- dont ask me anything please
Kunj got angry
Kunj – you have to tell😠😠😠 have you gone mad to release them from jail instead of knowing what they did
Twinkle- they will stay in sarna mansion only
Kunj- no ways 😠😠 tell me what they told you? Why you did this what is reason behind it tell me twinkle
no answer from twinkle
Kunj- damn it twinkle speak up twinkle kept quite
Kunj – I’m feeling like giving you tight slap dont force me to do it
Twinkle – do whatever you want to do. but I cant give any answer for your question now anita pallavi you can stay in guest room
Kunj – gritting his teeth twinkle stop it now only and you both get out he pushed them outside
Twinkle goes to stop him
Twinkle- kunj stop please dont do it kunj stop
Kunj looked at pallavi angrily and going close to her he slap her hard
Kunj- tell me what you told her haan speak up
Twinkle- stop it kunj I said na they will stay in sarna mansion means they will stay here thats it kunj turned to her angriy
Then Chatak….. he gave tight slap to twinkle
Twinkle- ahha 😢😭😭😭 holding her cheeks
Kunj-dont you get it at once they cant stay here and how dare you to take complaint return . How you can do this twinkle he looked at her teary eyed
Kunj- I am sorry twinkle for slapping you but you deserve it now tell me why you did it she didnt answered only crying leela side hugged her to give her support everyone equally shocked when kunj slapped twinkle
Kunj- tell me Twinkle answer me in angry tone she didnt answered
Kunj – will you answer or no he raise hand again and stopped in middle looking at her
Twinkle- why you stopped kunj slap me how many slaps you want to give me you can but ill not tell you anything and you said they cant stay here right then ok I am also going ill also not stay hete ill leave sarna mansion now only she goes outside and stands with them pallavi anita smirks
Kunj – twinkle what happened to you? Why you behaving like this huh get inside now come
Twinkle- no if they stay here then only ill otherwise no
Leela- twinkle …
Twinkle- please maa dont tell anything ill not listen to you also now you people please understand me i cant tell anything now kunj goes to her and drag her inside
Twinkle- leave me kunj
Kunj- shut up for them you are leaving e haan what is wrong with you twinkle cupping her face..tell me whats the probem? Ill solve everything . Are they forcing you to do this..they cant do anything your kunj is with you right no one can do anything to you no need to get fear tell me why you doing this twinkle twinkle wanted to hug him and tell him everything that there daughter is alive and they will do something to her if she dont listen to them but she cant tell anything. Sge just hugged kunj tightly and started to cry kunj to hugged her tightly and making her calm
Twinkle- please kunj believe me I dont let them to trouble anyone here. But please now let them stay here if you believe me. Do you trust me?
Kunj- what are you telling twinkle . I trust you more than myself ok dont cry now thum jaisi chaho vaisa hoga but if they try to harm anyone then
Twinkle- then ill only kick them outside
Kunj allowed them to stay there and also warned them to be in there limits.
To be continued…
( guys share me your views do you like this twist that twinj first kid alive or it will look illogic and if you dont like it means tell me ill stop it snd givehappy ending to it so kindly share your views its just my idea to return them there 1st live symbol so took this in story so kindly share your views if you like it then only ill continue. And if yes continue then to who you want to imagin as twinj daughter pihu or natasha (shivika rishi from kasam serial ) or sny one tell me by your comments. Ignore any error if its there no proof reading . Bye love you all)

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