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Mere Sai 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Suggests Dwarka Maai To Ratnakar For Mills

Mere Sai 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratnakar Rao gives gifts to the guests. He asks Kulkarni to open the special gift infront of his eyes. Kulkarni opens it and sees telescope. Ratnakar says he brought it for his son Keshav. Kulkarni gets impressed and laughs. He comes home and tells Keshav that it is a telescope. He asks him to see moon. Keshav sees it. He sees Sai in the sky. Kulkarni says when I saw moon for the first time, I got surprised. Kulkarni asks Rukmini to see. Chivu tells him that they have nothing to do with you, no respect and love for you. She tells that they have food and she had said that her stomach is full. Rukmini says I told, but haven’t eaten food. Chivu says they had food and gave credit to Sai. Kulkarni says it is a limit and says there is no importance of me in your eyes, love and respect then why you are here

in my house. He asks her to leave from his house. Keshav says no pita ji, she is innocent. Kulkarni asks Chivu to hold him. Kulkarni holds her hands and drags her out. Keshav thinks Maa’s condition will be like Sulbha. Keshav manages to free his hands and falls on Kulkarni’s feet. He asks him to leave Rukmini and promises to be like him and will accept all his sayings, will never take Sai’s name again. Sai hears and looks in the sky. Kulkarni says if you will fulfill your promise. Keshav promises that he will not take Sai’s name again. Kulkarni let Rukmini stay here. Rukmini and Keshav cries looking at each other.

A Pandit comes to Sai and tells that he wants to make his son as Pandit, but his son couldn’t remember shloks and it is like drown in the water. He asks him to tell the shloka. Panduran the boy, couldn’t say. Sai tells the shloka. Boy tells that he don’t remember shloka, but can make pic of the shloka. Sai asks him to make pic then. He asks Pandit if he can help him. Pandit says ok. Sai asks him to cut vegetables.

Rukmini asks Kulkarni if he needs shoes. Kulkarni scolds her and asks her to go to Keshav as teacher is teaching him and send Anta and Banta to him. Boy completes the sketch. Sai sees and looks on happily. Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to take him to take him to Ratnakar Rao, and bring padgi. Anta and Banta say that you are wearing it. Kulkarni says I need a new one, and tells that Ratnakar’s Servants understand fast. He asks them to go and change their clothes.

Pandit tells Sai that he can’t cut vegetables anymore, it is not his cup of tea. Sai shows him the sketch which Panduran made and says he has made the sketch, when you were cutting the vegetables. Pandit smiles. Kulkarni sees Keshav learning to wear tie and asks him to tie him. Keshav hesitantly makes him wear it and tightens it. Kulkarni feels suffocated. Keshav apologizes. Pawan asks him can I take him out,. Kulkarni says ok and asks Keshav not to do anything else his mum will be punished.

Pandit asks Sai why did he compare him with his son. Sai tells him that just like you can’t cut vegetables, he can’t become interested as his interest is to make paintings. He asks him to support him whatever he do. Kulkarni comes to Ratnakar and says he was doubtful on him yesterday. He says you said that I will have profit and asks him to say how much he can benefitted. He thinks he will not help without any profits. Ratnakar says you will get your shares. Kulkarni says I am Raja and not like any part. He says british men had said that they will give me 3 villages authority, and but didn’t assign him till now and asks can you talk to governor about it. Ratnakar says ok, it will be done. Kulkarni tells him that he saw land for his mills and tells that a bairagi stays there and will leave from there.

Ratnakar Rao asks Sai to give his Dwarka Maai to him and help him. Sai says he can help him whatever is in his extent.

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