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Magical and True Love of Samaina-Chapter/Episode 3

Before starting my Chapter 3 I m sorry For updating Very Late.. From Now I will update u all regularly .. And Wishing You All A very Happy And Prosperous Vishu to all my Readers as well as silent readers..(As I am A Kerala Girl)

Chapter/Episode:-3 starts

After School hours

Sameer(to Swati):- Swati.Did u saw Naina Somewhere??

Swati:-No.I think she left Early.Usually We meet each other after her captain’s Duty is Over and Then only she goes home.But Today I think she left early.She also didn’t met me today.

[Our Captain’s Duty was till school Hours.Before the Afternoon Prayer, we have to stand near the corridor, upstairs,downstairs,near rhe Gate.We were only Allowed to go home when the whole school students(I mean from Class I to X ) Leaves then only we can leave the School

Sameer:-Ok Swati & Thanks..😊😊

Swati:-Ur welcome Sameer..😊😊😊

(Naina went home early with the permission of SPL as She knew that Sameer would wait for her.)

Naina reached home

She Changed her Dress, ate her food and went to her Study Table and Started Doing her Assignment📝📝

Chachi Ji:-Naina,what happen?? Aaj itni jaldi khana khakar kya kar rahi ho tum??(After Eating ur food what ate you Doing??)

Naina:-Chachi Ji.I am Doing my Assignment📝📝 I have to complete my Assignment As soon As poosible so that my work will finish on Time.

Chachi Ji:-Ok Naina😊.You do Ur Work.(To Preeti):-Dekho Preeti Tumhe Naina se kuch sikhna hoga. Preeti. Preeti..!!!😡😡

[Preeti was busy on her Phone📱📱]

Preeti:-Yes Mummy..

Chachi Ji:-Preeti, You should see how Naina is Doing her Work on Time.You should Learn Something from her.Do you H.w/Assignments Now.Otherwise during snacks time u will not get Pani-Puri Today..

Preeti:-No Mummy.I will do now only.

(She quickly goes to her Table and Starts doing her Work.

[Preeti loves to eat home made food (as everyone loves it) & Pani-Puri was her favourite food. She would do anything to get her Favourite Food]

Naina and Preeti are doing their Work.

In between their work

Preeti:-Naina,How was your Day Today?

Naina(Blushing😊😊😋😋):-It was really Nice Today..

Preeti:-Ohoo. Why are you Blushing😊😊😋😋Soo much.Did Sameer Told you those 3 Magical words…


(Naina started to narrate the whole incidence that took place in her class)

[Naina would Share all her Matter , Problems and Feelings to Preeti and Preeti was also same.They were Just like Best Friendzz…]

(I forgot to mention you all in My Introduction part that Naina loves ❤Sameer From Past 6 years when he joined Naina s School In 5th STD.But Sameer Didn’t Realised her Love and Naina was Hoping that one day he will also love her.And Sameer realizes Naina s love❤for him Slowly,Slowly..They were the last Batch of the School as they were studying In Class X)

Meanwhile In Sameer’s house..

Sameer(is lost in his thoughts):-Why did Naina Left Home early today??🤔🤔

Suddenly Someone knocks the Door..

Sameer:-Kaun Hain? Andar aa sakte hain.(Who is it??Can come inside)

Sameer’s Mom Vishakha Enters

Sameer:-Mummy.You have all the right to come inside,no need to knock the door..

Vishakha:-Ok Sameer☺☺ Now Listen, We are going in tomorrow’s flight and we will be leaving tomorrow by Morning.Your Father and I have to go Coz Rohan is Alone there and Your Father’s Business Work is also Pending and I hope you will be happy with Papa here..

Sameer(In Angry voice😡😡😠😠):- First of all He is Not my Father, he is my step father and I am SAMEER MAHESHWARI and if you both wanted to go you can
go..I will be Very happy with My Nanu here..

Mr.Somani(interrupting their Conversation):-Let’s Go Vishakha.Sameer kabhi sudarne ka kaam hi nahi kar sakta(Sameer will never Change)Let’s Go from here..

Vishakha:-Take Care Sameer and Also Take Care of Papa..☺☺

Sameer:-You also Take Care Maa.. And I will also Take Care of Nanu.. Don’t worry..☺☺

Vishakha:-Bye Sameer..🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Sameer:-Bye Mumma…🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

Vishakha and Mr.Somani leaves from there…

Sameer is Happy☺☺ and Nana Ji Enters

Nana Ji:-Sameer My Charming Prince🤴🤴.You are Happy Na..

Sameer:-Yes Nanu. I am very happy with you.☺☺

Nana Ji:-Ok.Now tell me what had happened in school today.

[Suddenly,Sameer remembers what had happened in Class and Quickly he runs towards his Study Table and Starts his work.]

Nana Ji:-What happen Sameer??What are you doing Now???

Sameer:-Acha hua Nana Ji aapne pucha ki school main kya kya hua(Thank u Nana Ji for asking What had Happened in School Today)I have to complete my Assignment given bt our Priya Ma’am.Sorry Nanu..😔😔I will complete my work and then tell you what had happened in our class..

Nana Ji:-It’s OkSameer Beta.I have also work to do.I am going out.If you want anything you can ask Ramu Kaka (Ramu Uncle). Ok Bye Sameer🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️. Take Care and Love you❤❤.

Sameer:-Ok Nanu.Bye Nanu🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️.. Take Care Nanu and Love you too❤❤…

Nana Ji Leaves

[Sameer is sincerely completing his assignment coz he knew that someone will be worried and will be in tension]

[It’s None other than our Sweet Princess 👸👸 Naina.. Slowly , Slowly Sameer was also started Loving ❤❤his Princess Naina👸👸..]

In Naina’s Room

After Narrating the whole story(Sorry I mean whole Incidence)

Preeti:-That’s why you came home early.Right?


Preeti:-I have an Idea..Feom Now Onwards He is My “Jijaji” and I am his “Saali”

Naina(Blushing😊😊):-Chup Kar Preeti..(Shut up Preeti)I have to do my work.

Preeti:-Ok My Sweet Sister..😘😘

Naina and Preeti resumes to do their work

Naina completes her Assignment during Evening Time..

During Night Time

Sameer:-Haash!😌😌At last I have completed my work.Before eatimg my Dinner I will first Call Munna to check whether his work is completed or Not…

Sameer dials the number but the last digit was wrong(coz he was really tired after completing his Assignment)It then goes to Naina’s House

In Naina’s House

The Phone Rings..☎️☎️

Tring Tring Tring Tring

Chachi Ji:-Naina Beta , See whose Call it is??

Naina:-Ji Chachi Ji..

Naina picks up the phone📞


Sameer was Silent listening to her voice

Naina:-Hello… Is Someone Speaking..??

Sameer(Realizing):-Hello Naina..

Naina(In low voice):-Sameer…You… How did you Got my Number..??🤔🤔

Sameer:-I was actually calling Munna but I bymistakely dialed wrong Number and it Landed it up to u..

Naina:-Ok then Bye..



Sameer:-Did you Completed ur Assignment??

Naina:-Yes By Evening I completed it..Did u completed.??Please don’t say you did not or you forgot..

Sameer:-No Naina..I completed it before 2-3 mins..

Naina:-Haash!!Thank God You have Completed it..(Naina smiles☺☺)

Sameer:-Why Do you worry for me…???

Naina:-Sameer….I…I… (Naina was totally speechless🙊🙊😐😐)

Sameer:-I what??…

Naina:-I….I….I….I have to go..

Sameer:-Ok listen..Before Ending My Call Why did you left Home Today Early..

Naina:-Sameer…I…I…I..I was having Stomach Pain so I left Home Early…

Sameer:-Stomach Pain or Something Else..(Sameer Starts Smiling☺☺)

Naina:-I have to go… Ok Bye…



Suddenly Bela Chachi Interrupts by voice…

Chachi Ji:-Who is It Naina..??

Naina(in worrying tone😵😵😟😟😦):-Sameer..Chachi Ji is Calling.. I have to go…

Sameer:-Ok Bye Naina…

Naina:-Bye Sameer..

Naina ends her Phone📞📞

Naina(to Chachi Ji):-It is Wrong Number Chachi Ji…

Chachi Ji:-Ok Naina..Let’s have Dinner

Naina:-Ok Chachi Ji

Naina was really happy to get Sameer’s call and she was constantly smiling..😊😊☺☺😊😊☺☺

Sameer was also happy and he was lost in Naina’s Voice…

Chapter/Episode 3 ends

I hope you all liked it and from now I will not write the Upcoming Precap..It will be in suspense for other readers and even dor silent readers too.. So Do Comment ur Views on this..Feel free to give ur Valuable Feedbacks..Will update Next Chapter ASAP and Once Again Wishing You all a very Happy and Prosperous Vishu to all my readers..😊😊☺☺

Thanking You

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