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Laado 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Malhari marries Inder, Anu doubts on Shagun

Laado 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya gearing up to fight in the club. The club owner asks him to rethink, but Shaurya is sure to play. Anushka comes and asks him to stop, asks him not to fight. Shaurya asks Bunty to take her. Anu says I will not go until you leave the fight. Shaurya says you have no right on my life and asks him to take her. Bunty tells Anu that he will not agree. A man comes there and tells that he is childless. Inder gives him locket and mantra to read. Rantej comes and asks them to go and let baba rest. He asks Inder to come and offers to drop to Ashram.

Anu comes inside the ring to stop the fight. Shaurya asks are you mad and asks her to move. Anu asks her to fight with her first. Shaurya asks what a madness. He is adamant to fight. He asks Anu to go and tells that his focus will go.

He sees her not there and thinks it is good that she went. Anu asks Shaurya’s competitor to understand and says he is already wounded and if anything happens to him, then she will file against him and the fight club as it is illegal. Shaurya asks her to go out. Competitor guy refuses to win. Shaurya gets upset. Bunty says you have convinced him. Dadi says I am upset as you lied to me about Shaurya. Anu asks if I had told you then you would have got worried and says she knows how to handle him now. She says she has taught a lesson to Shaurya, and now he can’t go inside the fight club. Dadi gets happy. Anu hugs her. Kajal comes there and takes their pic. She shows Juhi’s pic. Dadi asks Anu to see how much happy she was during her papa and shagun’s marriage. Anu is shocked and thinks so Shagun is Juhi’s step mom.

Rantej calls Tej and sees him getting under inder’s influence and touching her feet and wearing his magical locket. He tries to make Tej realize the truth, but Tej don’t listen to him. Later Rantej comes home and sees mandap. He asks Dushyant if he decorated the room for the wedding night set. Malhari comes and tells that time has come to punish him. Rantej sees police coming there. Inspector says yesterday he has beaten a man and left one injured. Rantej says I am Rantej Chaudhary and can beat you too. Malhari says he is my son, but I will not interfere in law. Inspector sees the mandap and asks whose marriage it is today. Inder tells that they have kept yagya, marriage is not happening. Inspector says ok and leaves. Malhari gives her hand in Inder’s hand and smiles. Malhari and Inder gets married. Pandit declares them husband and wife. Malhari asks about his daughter. Inder says his daughter Juhi will come soon. Anushka thinks why did Shagun hide from her that juhi is her step daughter. She thinks she don’t want to return to Veerpur.

Inder and Malhari wait for Juhi. Shagun asks Anu to sign on the papers as Juhi. Anu thinks to protect Juhi’s property and breaks glass with her hand to injure her fingers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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