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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 14th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti stops Pari’s darbar, Kanhaiya in trouble

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 14th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kunti breaking the shops in her house and ties rope. Pratap asks why did she tie rope. Kanhaiya says it is no entry signal. Kunti asks Prarthana, Panjiri, Prema and Pari to come. She tells that there will be no darbaar in the chowk. Ghade Wali Mata’s manager tells that darbaar will be kept in the ashram as Mata’s pot fell on Pari. He asks everyone to come to Ghade wali Mata’s ashram. He asks Pari to think about people’s betterment. Pari says ok. Pratap gets tensed. Kunti says my bahu will not go anywhere. Manager says she is not an ordinary woman and have to leave house, and stay in Ashram. Kunti and others are shocked. She asks kanhaiya to do something and says she don’t want Pari to become sanyasan. Pratibha says we have to think with mind and gets an idea.

Pari talks to someone and says she is going to Ashram for picnic. Pratap says they want to take you to Ashram permanently. Pratibha comes and says it seems you have to go. Kunti says I have understood and says they are ready to let Pari go.

Kanhaiya comes and calls her Pari mata. He says Pari healed an unwell man. Pari asks everyone to come with her in the night. Pratap says we shall announce this Kunti nivas as ashram. Kunti and Pratibha says ok. Kanhaiya pretends to fall down. Everyone get worried. Kunti asks what happened? She asks Prema to bring thermometer. Prema brings thermometer. Kunti takes it and keeps under his shirt. Everyone hide their faces. Kunti dips thermometer in the glass and says fever is 401. Pratibha says it is 104. Pratap says I will call doctor.

Kanhaiya says Pari mata will treat me. Pratap gets tensed. Pratibha asks Kanhaiya to ask Pari to treat him. Pari comes there. Kunti says he is having fever. Pari says since well. She asks Pratibha if she is thinking something. Kunti says Kanhaiya wants you to treat you. Pari asks why? Kanhaiya says you are Devi. Panjiri asks her to do miracle to treat him. Kanhaiya asks her to say he will be fine. Pari says the same thing using mirror in her hand. Kanhaiya coughs. Kunti asks her to say again. Pari says again. Kunti says it seems it will take time. Prarthana says we shall call doctor. Kanhaiya says only Pari will treat me. Pari says I have an idea and tells that they shall go to Shimla. Panjiri says yes, and says they will bring ice. Prema and Prarthana also get happy and plan to bring ice cube. Kanhaiya tells kunti that their plan backfired.

Kanhaiya is made to sit on the ice cube. He tells that he can’t sit anymore. Kunti asks him to get up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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