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Kasam 14th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Tanuja’s life in danger

Kasam 14th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Tanuja to go if she wants to, and tells that she has never understood her love. Natasha says I don’t want to go. Tania comes and asks Natasha where is she going? She asks Tanuja not to go. Netra thinks how to stop Tania. Tania says I just need you and Natasha, take me too. Tanuja says we will come and meet you often. Tania and Natasha hug her and cry. Tanuja says ok, I will not go. Everyone get happy. Netra is shocked. Rishi is upset and asks Manpreet to get ready if the drama is over. Rishi tells Manpreet that Tanuja wants to take Natasha and didn’t think about him. Tanuja thinks how she will secure Natasha’s future if this thing goes on. Natasha brings Tab and shows to Tanuja. AK sees Tanuja upset. Natasha tells him that Tanuja was leaving the house. AK says I will

come there and is shocked. Rishi ignores Tanuja and refuses to eat food. He feels hunger and thinks he shall eat. He thinks to eat with Tanuja. AK comes back home. Tanuja tells AK that you understand me, but why don’t Rishi understand me. Rishi comes there and is upset. Tanuja sees him and calls him, but he goes.

Manpreet comes to Tania and Natasha and says he brought something for them. Myra asks them to go to summer camp. Rishi says I will miss you both. Natasha says who knows if you will be here or not, as you stay in office. Natasha asks Tanuja if she is sad. Rishi says her best friend is with her. Tanuja says best friends are important atleast we can share our feelings with them. AK comes. Natasha hugs him. They take them.

In the car, Natasha and Tania plan to unite Rishi and Tanuja. Natasha says I have a plan. AK comes to talk to Rishi and asks him to talk to Tanuja. Rishi says I don’t want to talk to her. AK says if you weren’t sweet then I would have married Tanuja and took her from here. Rishi couldn’t bear it. AK tells that Tanuja can’t bear anyone loving him. And tells it was all netra’s plan to separate them. Netra comes and says it is AK who wants them to separate. Rishi says netra is unwell and tells that she has done a big favor on them. Ak asks what? Netra thinks Rishi might tell AK that she is not Tania’s real mum and asks Rishi to end the matter. She stops him from saying it. Rishi goes. Natasha shows mobile to Tania and asks her to see what smarty Natasha can do.

Everyone misses Natasha and Tania. Tanuja says she talked to the teacher and says they must have slept by now. Natasha calls Tanuja and tells that she got hurt. And Tania is also hurt. Rishi takes the call and asks Manpreet to give keys.

Rishi says I will come. Manpreet says I will come, but Rishi asks him to handle everyone at home. Tanuja says even I will go with him. They leave. Natasha asks Tania if she liked her acting. Tania says what might be happening there. Natasha says Papa and Mamma must have left to come here. She says they will say I love you to each other. Rishi and Tanuja get down from the car and asks someone about summer camp address. Some devotees are going from there. Woman sees them and says I know they are Rishi and Tanuja, she calls them, but they don’t listen to her and leaves. Guru maa tells woman that they will soon separate as some bad thing will happen.

Bedi family comes to the hospital. They see Rishi and Tanuja heavily injured or may be dead. AK blames himself and apologizes, and tells that Netra is responsible for this. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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