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Jab We Met (Shot- 4)

Hii guys.. This is Napsha.. As some of you wanted it before my exams, I somehow made time to write this short part.. Hope you will like it..

Jab We Met (Shot- 4)


Another week passed by.. This was better than the previous one.. I could do things without any mistake.. We shared few things about ourselves with each other.. We still weren’t friends, officially.. I realised he wasn’t a bad guy; he had an opinion that an arrogant guy looks cool and it adds to his personality.. My foot..

The best part was that I got an opportunity to get out of the mess soon..


Two days before, Yuvraj came to the kitchen where I was making noodles and singing to myself..

“Suhani, I need a help from you..”

“Oh my God!! Yuvraj Birla needs help from an ordinary girl like me?” I said laughing..

“Listen to me.. Its beneficial for you too..”

I looked on..

“After four days, there will be a music concert in which various bands will be participating, including ours..”

“So? Do you need training from me?” I asked sarcastically..

“No.. I want you to be a co-singer in our band..”

“What????” I asked.. I hadn’t expected to hear that from him..

“You must be kidding, right? I mean…..”

“I mean it..”

We looked at each other for a minute..

“Why do you need me in your band?”

“Because….. Since two days I’ve been looking for a girl who sings well and can help us.. And, today, I got to know from your school friend Nikita Bajaj that you used to take part in singing competitions in the school and grab the first or the second prize.. And when I came here, you were singing, and you did it well..”

I rolled my eyes.. I was silent for sometime..

“Oh hello..” He said..

“Were you watching me? And how do you know Nikita”

“She is my college friend.. And I wasn’t watching you.. It was just a demo..”

“But why should I agree to help you? You have troubled me a lot.. I should think of taking revenge from you instead of helping you..” I asked with a smile..

He thought for a while and then replied, “If you agree to sing and our band wins, I’ll free you.. You can go back to your stupid monkey friend..”

“How dare you call her stupid monkey?” I frowned and asked pointing finger at him..

“Do you want these words to be used exclusively for you?” He shot back laughing..

“Shut up..”

“Think about my offer.. Who knows, tomorrow even you can become a star, and this will be your first step..”

I turned around.. “Yuvraj, singing in childhood and singing at this age in front of thousands of people are two different things..”

He came forward towards me.. “I’ll guide you and train you in just these four days.. We can make it.. Just say yes.. Every band has to have a male and a female singer to participate..”

“Ok, fine, but remember what if I win..”

“Sure.. Thanks..”

“And it will be strictly professional.. Don’t think I wana be your friend..”

“Even you shouldn’t think that..”

We stared at each other and threw our faces on the other side..

After sometime, we started our practice.. He handed me a paper in which he had written the lyrics of the song composed by a member of the band..

“I’ll sing now.. You just watch and observe me..” He said.. I nodded.. He started to sing.. For the first time, I saw him singing.. It was his passion.. He had an amazing voice, only when it came to singing.. Otherwise his voice was a noise.. His expressions were worth-watching.. I lost somewhere while he sang..

“How was it?”
“I know.. Now you sing..”
I started with the first line, “Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko….”
Our practice went on..

Next day, he took me to the place where he used to practice with the other four members of his band.. All five of them were very talented.. They could not only sing, but also play musical instruments..

“Hey guys.. What’s up?” Yuvraj said seeing his friends.. They came forward to us.. Yuvraj introduced me to them- Saurabh, Anuj and Sharad.. We shook hands and had casual talks.. They were really nice to me, like they were my own brothers..

“If you don’t mind, can I call you all ‘bhaiya’?”
“Ya sure, sis..”

“That’s okay guys, but where is the devil of our band?” Yuvraj asked..

“Here I’m..” Somebody replied from behind..

*****FB (to be cont’d)*****

Guys I’ll try to post one or two more short parts if possible..

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