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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 10

His Destiny Awaits – Part 10

Puru narrates the whole incidents to Dasyu Queen and King. They get surprised. Puru says, “Hasthi has joined hands with Darius. But I don’t understand why Darius want to kill Kanishk”.

Laachi says, “why did Hasthi betray you?” Puru looks at her, “I think he doesn’t know that his father was killed by Farsis. If he knows that, he would never support Darius. He thinks Baba died because of me. While saving me. It’s true after all. But Farsis murdered Baba. Hasthi will come to our side when he comes to know the truth.” “But will he believe you ?” Mahanandini questions him. “I don’t know. I will make him understand then.”

“My men saw them in front of the gate. They’ll soon catch him and his mother. We can make him understand when they take them here”. Dasyu Queen says.

Dasyu King remains silent. Laachi sees this and questions him. “Why are you silent dad?”. Dasyu King says, “I was thinking about Hasthi. He never liked Puru as he thought that his father likes Puru than him. It would be difficult to make him understand”. Puru also remains silent. Dasyu Queen says, “Puru, do you have any evidence this to prove Hasthi?”. Puru gets thinking.

He thinks, “I know it would be difficult. Where can I find an evidence?”. Suddenly Puru smiles thinking about something and says, “I have a small evidence. Maybe that will prove him the truth. But we need to go to the place where we found Baba when he was shot with arrows”.

Dasyu King and Queen look at each other. They says, “We will stay here because my men will return with Hasthi anytime. Laachi and you go to that place and find that evidence as soon as possible”. Puru nods and leaves with Laachi. They ride on horse.

While at Paurav Rashta….

King Bamni is angry because Hasthi has not yet been caught. He shouts at his soldiers. “Can’t you just find a one man? He doesn’t even have any weapons. He doesn’t have anywhere to go. But still you couldn’t find him!”

Queen Anusuya and Kadika comes there, “I think you should forgive him” Kadika says, King Bamni looks at her shocked while Anusuya looks surprised. “Hasthi did this because Darius ordered him to do so. You should punish Darius , not Hasthi”. King Bamni gets surprised.

“How can you say such a thing? How can you prove that Darius ordered him?” Bamni questions her. Kadika looks at Queen Anusuya and sighs. “We have to find Hasthi somehow to get this truth out of his mouth. But if Darius or his men get to know about this , they will surely try to stop Hasthi”. King Bamni says, “I don’t know who the real culprit is. But I can’t be partial. If I hide Hasthi doubting Darius, and he doesn’t be the real culprit, they will stop doing business with us and it’s a great loss for us”. “Puru will prove this” Queen Anusuya interferes. King Bamni questions, “How?” Queen Anusuya smiles, “Trust him. He will” Kadika gets relieved. “I hope Puru will prove it”

While in Macedonia…..

Kanishk kills the Macedonian soldiers and manages to reach the palace. He walks inside and gets shocked seeing Barsin fighting with Alexander. Persian soldiers come from behind and see the situation.

They attack Alexander. Alexander stops fighting with Barsin and instead fights with Persian soldiers. Kanishk shouts at Barsin, “Run and save your life, I’ll take care of him.” Barsin doesn’t leave. Instead she too joins with Persian soldiers.

Kanishk gets surprised and runs to her and pulls her towards him. “Go and help your father! I’ll take care of him.” Kanishk says to Barsin in a commanding way. She agrees and runs out of the palace. Kanishk takes his sword to fight with Alexander.

Precap: Darius and Barsin smile at each other and enter the palace with their soldiers. Barsin sees something happening inside the palace and shouts , “NO!!!!!” . Puru and Laachi reach the place where they found Ripudaman when he was shot by arrows.

Sorry for updating late. I was ill and that’s why I couldn’t update.

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