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A tear tripped Laksh’s left eye when he was still staring her. How can life give such shocks to him. Dr. Kapoor placed his hand on Laksh’s shoulder and he let out the breath he was holding.

“Ragini…..” he finally uttered.

“You know her?” asked Dr. Kapoor and Laksh nodded his head controlling his emotions.


Laksh walked in the corridor and smiled finding the girl who stops his heart beat with just her sweet smile. His Diya.

He hadn’t proposed her but sure she had won his heart on their first meet only.

He was walking lost when someone collided with him. His face turned annoyed finding her. “Ragu…. Have you ever walked without colliding to anyone?” asked he annoyed. Her bubble gum bubble busted and she gave him a sheepish smile.

“I try a lot but then I meet people who have their eyes over their head and can’t prevent colliding” she chewed the bubble gum.

He closed his eyes annoyed. “Jhalli Kahi ki. Thank God you are not in neurological department otherwise my head would have needed a surgery to pull out your sarcasm from it” he said walking with his books.

“And I’m happy I don’t deal with those creepy nerves. I’m happy in pediatrics department. Those cute little angels are far better than the Alzheimer’s patients of yours.”

“Truce” Diya spoke and they both looked at her. “Thank god you came Diya or else she would have just ate my head” said Laksh sighing.

“Yew I don’t eat yuck tasting things dude” she gave him a disgusting look. Diya burst out laughing and Laksh lost in her laugh.

Ragini saw him and had a mischievous smile on her face. She understood just then that Laksh had feelings for Diya. “And you are also saved because of Diyu Dee alright. If she wasn’t here I would have taken that brain of yours out for experiment” she twisted her lips and walked from there.

Laksh huffed looking at her. “Why do even try talking to her. She is far better in sarcasm compared to you” Diya walked laughing and Laksh made a face walking beside her.

Diya was staying in the college hostel and Ragini was her room mate. Diya was in her final year when Ragini joined the college.

In a very short time they had bonded like real sisters. And Sriti being Diya’s best friend bonded with Ragini with same intensity. They more looked like sisters from different mothers.

Where as Ragini was orphan who had got the admission in the college because of her scholarship. She was cute chirpy and full of life still. Nobody could say that she hid such painful past which she had spent in her orphanage all alone without any family.

“Shekar Paa” she hugged Shekar who had come to see Diya. “Ragu bacha” he hugged her lovingly. She had bonded with Diya and her family like her own. Shekar also treated her like his daughter.

Laksh proposed Diya and they got married. They were all happy with that chirpy Ragini who filled their life with happiness. Diya was always upset that she could not conceive even after an year of her marriage.

A patient was brought to the hospital who had met with an accident. Diya did not knew how she was connected to the patient like she used to talk to her though knowing she was in coma.

“Ragu” Diya rushed to Ragini who fainted in the college corridor when she had gone there for a lecture. Ragini was rushed to the hospital immediately.

“Her heart needs a transplant” the doctor’s observation stopped Laksh and Diya’s world. For them Ragini was no less than their own kid. They loved her like their child.

“No” Diya gasped shocked. She collapsed emotionally after exiting the cabin of the doctor. “My Ragu will leave me Laksh” she hugged Laksh and burst into bitter cry.

“Dee” she faintly called Diya who was sitting beside her on the hospital bed. “Ragu you are up” said Diya and wiped her face. “You came to know about heart transplant ?” asked Ragini and Diya looked at her shocked.

“You knew?” asked Diya and Ragini nodded her head. “I came to know last year but I did not wanted you people to be sad due to it” she said controlling her emotions. Diya leaped and hugged Ragini in a warm hug.

“You could have told me na once Bacha. We would have searched a donor” said Diya cupping her face. “I know you will turn the world upside down for me” Ragini chuckled. “But I did not wanted you to die feeling helpless that you are not able to save me. I’m destined to die anyways” Diya closed Ragini’s mouth and nodded her head.

She looked at the door where Laksh was leaning to the door watching them.  “Laksh” she called and Laksh walked to her and hugged her in a warm hug.

“You know you are the worst?” he said sobbing. “I know after you” she chuckled controlling her tears.

After that Diya and Laksh took care of Ragini who stayed in Shekar’s house. She could not write her final exam due to her deteriorating health condition.

Meanwhile Diya was too much disturbed due to Ragini’s health condition. She missed her balance while driving and met with an accident. Ragini was admitted in hospital that time due to her struggle to keep up with the time.

“Laksh” Diya spoke to Laksh who came to hospital hearing about her accident. “I know I won’t survive” said she and Laksh nodded his head. “Please listen to me” she said squeezing his hand. “Please Diya don’t leave me I can’t survive without you” said he pressing his forehead to her hand.

“I’m sorry I have to go. But please transplant my heart to Ragini. I know her blood group matches with mine and I don’t know how many times I had wished ki my heart could be transplanted to her. I think God heard my prayers” she said coughing a lump of blood.

He nodded his head clutching her hands tightly. “I love you…” she said and left the last breath out of her body and his breath stopped looking at her lifeless body. “Diya” he screamed and dragged her to his chest and tried reviving her but she was already gone.

He signed the papers giving his permission to transplant Diya’s heart to Ragini. “Laksh” Shekar walked to him. “Shekar Paa” said Laksh and hugged sobbing. “Where is Lado?” asked he and Laksh stood looking at him.

“Where is my Lado Laksh? Where is Diyu?” asked he as his heart guessed something wrong with his daughter. He took Shekar to the mortgage where Diya’s body was placed inside a cold cabinet. He pulled the draw and Shekar looked down to find Diya’s body covered in white clothes.

“Lado….” he screamed and collapsed on the floor beside her. Laksh looked at him helplessly. “Cry Paa. Cry out. She is gone and she will be stuck here if you don’t cry” said Laksh and Shekar burst into a bitter cry. “Lado… Don’t leave me and go” he screamed looking around like she will hear him.

“She is gone Paa. She is gone leaving us” said Laksh and placed his head over Shekar’s shoulder. He caressed those cold cheeks of his daughter. She was smiling and Laksh knew the reason for her smile in that lifeless state also. Her kid Ragini will survive and what a mother needs other than that.

Ragini opened her eyes feeling the light disturbing her eye sight. She looked around her and found herself in the hospital. “I thought I will be in heaven but it looks like hell” she said. “You won’t change na Jhalli” Laksh hit her forehead. “You got me a donor?” asked she and looked at them surprised.

Laksh, Sriti’s face fell. Laksh smiled at her with difficulty. “You need rest” he caressed her forehead. She gave him a tight smile. “Where is Diyu Dee?” asked she looking around. “Um” Laksh swallowed sourly and controlled his emotions.

“She had an emergency case in Mumbai” said Shekar walking to her. “Shekar Paa” she screeched happy. He side hugged her. “She is so bad. How can she leave me in the operation table and go to visit a patient. I got a donor okay what if I wouldn’t have got one and she was not able to see me for the last time?” she shrugged her shoulders.

“Ragu” Sriti complained and Ragini bit her tongue. “I talked a bit more na?” asked she and Sriti hit her head. “Not a bit but too much” said and Ragini chuckled covering her mouth like a small kid. They both hugged Shekar from either side and he smiled looking at them.

Laksh gave them a gloomy smile. He imagined Diya beside Ragini who had covered them in her embrace. She was all happy finding the dearest people of her life all happy.

“Let her come back I will not talk to her” Ragini pouted angry. Laksh wiped the tear at the corner of his eye.

Months passed and Ragini kept asking about Diya who was no where to be seen and heard. “Where is Diyu Dee Laksh tell na” said Ragini when they were returning from park on Sunday. “Um Ragu… See puchkas. You love them na” he said diverting the topic. She held his wrist and dragged it over her head.

“Swear on me and tell me where is Diyu Dee?” her eyes filled with tears. He looked at her helplessly. “Don’t ask me this?” he begged her. “I want to know where is Diyu Dee that’s all” said she and stood determined.

“Come” he held her hand walked to his home. “Here she is” said Laksh pointing at the Kalash in which Diya’s asthis were placed.

Ragini felt her knees weak and collapsed on the ground blankly staring. “No” she whispered. “She met with an accident and while dying she told me that her heart to be transplanted to you. She…” he was interrupted when Ragini hugged him.

“She really loved me like her kid. She really loved me a lot” she burst into bitter cry. Laksh rubbed her back to console her.

“But why have you kept this kalash?” asked Ragini holding the Kalash.

“She had a last wish” he said looking emotionally. “She wanted her asthis should be flown by her Mandh Budhi” said he. “Her best friend whom she had hurt before coming to Indore” said Laksh. “I will search him” said Ragini and took the kalash with her.

****Flashback end***

Sanskar who was standing behind him collapsed on the ground. He breathed heavily looking around.

“My Mandh Budhi Kahika” Diya’s face flashed in his mind and he still stared the ground searching for something.

“She traveled to Puna and all was okay one day she found out that Diya’s best friend is in Mumbai. Her phone was lost and she one day had called from the PCO. She said she is in Mumbai and searching for Diya’s friend. Then that was her last call.

After that we lodged a complaint in Mumbai Police station but she was nowhere to be traced. She was new to the city and I guess hardly anyone knew her. So it was very difficult to trace her. But we were very hopeful that we will find her some day.

And then this person came to my home with another girl claiming Diya’s friends. They went to meet Diya’s father who was being treated in hospital. I  thought I will meet them and ask about Ragini like if she had met them in Mumbai. But they returned to Mumbai before I could get their contact details” Laksh pointed at Yohan.

Sanskar was still gathering himself.

He rushed out of the ward. His heart was bleeding now. He was trying to control all his emotions. He walked on the road outside the hospital blankly without any destination.

Finally he found that empty place where he could let out emotions and collapsed on the ground. “DIYA” he screamed a scream which burnt his lungs. Her soul cried hearing his bitter cry. “DIYA” he screamed again.

“Diya” his scream started fading. “Why?” he looked down. “Why?” he asked wishing for an answer.

“So that my Mandh budhi gets his real Mandh Budhini who will get you out of all the mess of your life. How could I let her die before she met you” he felt her soul which whispered in his ear.

He looked up to find no one. He closed his eyes and bent down trying to control his emotions. “Sanky she needs you” he heard her painful whisper and stood up to walk back to the hospital.

Laksh was preparing himself to operate Ragini. His hands shivered. Yohan placed his hand over his shoulder. Laksh gulped in trying to relax his anxiety. Taking a deep breath he walked to the operation theater.

******flashback ******
“Dee I got your Mandh Budhi’s address. Some marriage in his house. Finally you will get a relief from this clutch” her own happy face flashed in Ragini’s mind.

“Oh damn now I have to take a U turn and it’s so far. Let me go on this wrong side. Only five hundred rupees I have to pay the penalty if the traffic hawaldar caught me and that’s okay. I can do this much for that mandh budhi. Haina Dee” she spoke to the Kalash which was in her bag looking at the traffic.

She drove on the opposite side and a car’s head light blinded her. “Sanky…” she heard a lady screaming. Her vision was giving up when she glanced at the bag of hers which lied near her scooter. Her head started bleeding and it covered her eyes.

Her breath hacked and she felt it difficult to breath. Then her eyes fell on the person who was lying on the ground stretching his arms. “Kumud Bhabi” those were the last words her brain recorded.

“Diyu Dee” her brain was replaying all her memories with Diya.


Ragini struggled to move her limbs as the memory refreshed. The chloroform had kept her body numb. “She is getting panic attack” Dr. Kapoor spoke behind his mask.

Laksh’s eyes widened in shock. “She can’t be operated doctor. It might risk her life” said he and Dr. Kapoor looked at him and nodded his head.

“But if she is not treated she will slip to coma doctor” Dr. Kapoor spoke. She struggled in her unconscious state. Like she knew what is gonna happen will change her life.

“Okay give her one more dose of chloroform” Laksh instructed the nurse and she gave one more injection to Ragini.

Laksh gulped in scared to operate further as he knew his one move will take Ragini’s life or she will slip to coma.


If anyone wants to hit me for this all welcome.  😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I know  I am worst at giving twists.

And how vikram ended up naming her the same name is just a coincidence. You will witness his reason also.

Finally the great Bhulakkad’s memory is refreshed and what’s gonna happen next?

One thing is sure lot of emotions have still to be stirred.

Duh I forgot it. Guilt 2 has crossed 2k votes. And it’s my first story to do so. Thank you so much for this love

I’m so happy RCB won the first match on the home ground and I witnessed tremendous cricket.

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We are one or two updates away from the next phase. I thought I will make it the last phase but don’t know what I will end up with.

Thank you so much for loving Guilt as you loved season 1.

Here is the 35th episode guys


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