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Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -12)

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Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -11)

I felt little droplets falling over my face. With an annoyed face I opened my eyes. And in next second my annoyance vanished. And you might have guessed the reason for it.

Ragini was drying her hair. It wasn’t the first time that I was admiring her like this early morning. But yes after our first kiss it was the first time. Her wet hair moved from one side to another as she guided them to. She was wearing a beige color saree whose blouse’s back lace was still dangling.

I just love this saree of hers which matches its color exactly with her peach skin. Some of the water droplets were falling on her back and face. Rubbing the towel in her wet her she was looking around the dressing table for her accessories. My multi talented Biwi just doesn’t do one thing at a time. Even when she is doing something her brain will be thinking 10 things. Smart Biwi. And cute one also.

She picked up the Vermillion and filled her hairline and then pasted a small round bindi on her forehead. Looking at herself she stretched her lips to form a cute smile. Haaye. That was the moment I feel like dying infinite times.

I slowly walked to her without noise and stood behind. She brought her hands back to tie the blouse lace and I touched her hands to prevent them. She instantly looked up in the mirror and met my eyes. I slowly tied the lace and while knotting it my hands touched her soft skin and she jerked.

I just loved it when she got affected with my touch. She just stared at me blankly and I could feel her heart beat racing. And my hands still traveled on her back and her cheeks turned beet red and she struggled to not to react. My head moved near to her neck.

That milky skin on her swan like neck was driving me crazy and I slowly pressed my lips on it and watched her. She closed her eyes clutching her saree.

“Tring…..” the door bell jerked us and she ran away from there. And I stood there cursing the intruder. Gosh people are so heartless on this planet let the dooms day arrive soon. Please Thanos attack this planet soon.

As expected as I peeped out of the room I saw Laksh with a small bowl in his hand. “Aaj kya chahiye bheek me apartment wale bhikari ko” my annoyance was clear in my voice. Laksh fumed looking at me and Ragini glared me. Oh sorry I shouldn’t have interrupted the Devar Bhabi.

I walked to the sofa to grab the news paper and sat reading it. “Acha Bhabi did you watch that crossover of Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya?” Laksh asked when Ragini was pouring the sugar in the bowl. “One more Bhagy? But why? Weren’t they happy screwing one love story that they brought one more Bhagy?” I asked confused.

“Sanskar” both said together. “What?” I asked. “Finger on your lips” both said their usual dialogue. “Thank you Bhabi” Laksh smiled at her while exiting our apartment. “And don’t come again with the tea. We already have prepared. Only cook one cup and drink it” I said waving at him.

He twisted his lips and walked from there and Ragini’s elbow landed on my stomach. “Ouch… ouch” I screamed holding my stomach while she closed the door. “Why can’t you talk to him nicely?” she asked me walking beside me. I still stood clutching my stomach.

“Sanskar was that too harsh? I’m sorry” she approached me apologetically. Utilizing the situation I grabbed her from back. “That’s bad you know I was scared” she complained struggling in my hold. She was fuming and trying to get out of my hold when I leaned and kissed her cheek.

That surely cooled her and she lessened her efforts and I could guess she was melting. Biting my cheeks inside I looked at her flushed face. She just looked more adorable.

I turned her and picked up in my arms when her hands rested on my neck. I looked straight in her eyes and she lowered her gaze. She was confused when I made her stand near the dresser again. Turning her to face mirror I made her wear the mangal sutra and kissed her nape. She was smiling lowering her gaze and it made my heart gallop.

She moved and I quickly grabbed her wrist stopping her. She struggled to get out of my strong hold and I pulled her back and she landed on my chest and the crimson color on her cheek just went on deepening.

Nuzzling my nose over her ear lobe I felt her shivers. My hands traveled on her bare stomach and she moved close to me turning. I smiled closing my eyes as her toes curled in embarrassment.

“You aren’t brushed yet” she whispered and placed her hand on my chest when I leaned to her. Was that something a wife can tell her husband? Really?

I opened my eyes looking at her in confusion. “You are getting late” she pushed me a bit and ran giggling. She will kill me someday with her cuteness for sure. Brushing my hair I walked inside the washroom back head slapping myself.

I was busy combing my hair when I felt her hands covering me from back. Before I could do anything she placed a deep kiss on my cheek and my eyes went wide. And someday I will die out of heart attack she gives.

She placed her head on my shoulder and smiled blushing. I brought her front and cupped her face and touched our foreheads.

She smiled with closed eyes. “So much love early morning Biwi. Why? Don’t you want me go for work today?” I whispered and she just smiled more. She covered me in her embracing aligning her ear straight to my heart.

“I know you have important presentation today and it’s really important for your appraisal. So Pathi Ji. I will wait for you till evening” she said lazily. And I loved her lazy voice which was like honey.

“You aren’t going to office today?” I asked looking at her. She clutched my shirt and I don’t know it felt weird to me. “I’m just taking off. I don’t feel like driving today” she said and dragged herself out of the hug.

“Why? What happened? If that is the case let me drop you” I looked at her worried. “No. I’m fine. Just tired a bit. I just need rest” she said and something on her face bothered me.

I did not wanted to force her to let out what she was feeling so thought of giving her time. “Okay” I rubbed my thumb on her cheek and she smiled lazily. Kissing her forehead I walked out of the room. Picking my laptop from the hall I walked to parking and drove to office.

Whole day I could not concentrate. I wanted to reach home as soon as possible. “Joe. I need a half day off” I asked Joe while he was congratulating me for the successful presentation. “Everything fine?” he asked and I just smiled at him nodding my head.

“Just feeling a bit uneasy” I said and he agreed to give me a half day off. Joe was really great human being and of course the best team leader. He used to push us to achieve our professional goals and in the meanwhile he understood our personal concerns also. Every one wont be so lucky to get a boss like him.

Ragini opened the door when I rang the bell. She was sleeping I could understand it by her face. “You came so early?” she yawned walking in. “Hmm hm. Did you had lunch?” I asked her and scanned the food bowls. “No I fell asleep while watching tv. Just now woke up” she said and I was happy at least she trusts me that she can tell me the truth.

“Come here” I held her wrist and made her sit on the dining chair. She was still feeling sleepy. “Why?” she asked with her closed eyes resting her face over her palms which were supported at her elbow by the dining table. I served the food in the plate and sat beside her.

“Have this” I forwarded a spoonful of rice mixed with curry. “What’s it?” she opened her one eye to look what I was offering. “I’m ain’t hungry” she said closing her eyes. “I know” I pushed the spoon inside her mouth. She initially twitched her face then chewed the food.

“Enough na” she said pleading after I made her eat some more food. “A little more just” I looked at the plate and counted “One two and three. Three spoons” I smiled at her and she pouted cutely. She reluctantly finished the food. After cleaning the dining table and dishes I walked to the dining table where she was sleeping. “Hey Biwi” I slowly caressed her hair.

“Hun?” she said lifting her head. “Still feeling sleepy?” I asked nuzzling my nose with hers. “Hmm” she smiled with closed eyes. I pecked her lips and walked to room lifting her like a small baby in my arms and she cuddled on my chest.

Placing her on the bed I turned to walk when she held my wrist. I looked back at her. “I want my favorite pillow” she pulled me over and I landed beside her. She slowly moved her head and placed it on my chest.

I caressed her hair strands looking up. “I haven’t even changed Biwi” I said looking down. “You smell good. No worries” she said rubbing her nose. And I just smiled nodding my head. Kissing her forehead I continued playing with her hair strands.

“How bad it is?” she spoke and I was confused. “How bad it is to face a bad boss?” she said and now finally I understood what bothered her. I’m glad she finally spoke her worries to me. “You want to talk about it?” I asked her and she nodded her head.

I slid down and faced her. “My new boss. He is so stupid. All the time shouts at me for silly reasons. You know he likes people who praise him for no reason but I don’t do that so he makes me work more than others” she said as tears formed in her eyes.

I pecked her lips to shush her. “Aww Biwi” I said wiping the tear which escaped her eye. I dragged her and hugged patting her head trying to comfort her. “Actually it is very hard to tackle such people” I said looking down. “I know” she rubbed her nose cutely.

“That doesn’t mean you give up” I brought her up facing me. “He will pay for what he does and you need not worry about his Karma. It’s just matter of time people realize their mistakes. That doesn’t mean you be mum about it. Talk to your HR and sort it out. Try to talk to your boss also. Because sometimes we don’t know the other side of the story. So try to understand that. And even then if you are not happy with this job. I will always be ready to drive you across the city for a new job” I smiled and she chuckled through her tears.

“Awww” I dragged her in my embrace again. “Why are you so positive always?” she asked and I smiled. “Because you make me feel positive always” I said kissing her hair.

“Sanskar” she called my name and every time she called it my heart used to feel a weird uneasiness.

“Hm?” I hummed and she dragged me to her and placed her lips on my lips. I told you right she can kill me some day with a mere heart attack.

My eyes widened due to the shock. “Be like this always” she said panting for breath after our lips drifted as our lungs felt the need for oxygen.

I never understood this. We kiss with our lips and breath with nose then how can we feel breathless while kissing. Damn these lungs. I panted for breath.

“Can I have one more” I sealed her lips with mine again and we closed our eyes feeling each others breath getting mixed. Every time my heart used to jump and I felt it dangerously leaping as her hands traveled on my chest. I dragged her more close to me placing my hand on her waist.

She smiled in between the kiss and I was so happy that she was relieved finally.

She bit her lower lip when we departed again. “Why do you want to do that let me do the honors” I said and kissed her again. And she placed her head on my chest after we departed. I placed my chin over her head closing my eyes.

“I haven’t prepared the food” she said cutely while I caressed her hair strands. “I have texted Laksh. He will get food” I said kissing her hair. She smiled and cuddled in my embrace.

Awww they are so cute.

Love them to the moon and back lol.

I think these two are the characters I adore the most among all my creations.

Hope you have enjoyed the update and also try to answer our Sanky’s question 🙈🙊🙉


Sally 😘

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