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  Aankhon mein Teri 

Episode 9th

Last day :- Kamini dragged Naina out of her house for a night , She warned her not to come closer to , Naina requests Ahil to break their friendship , Naveen finds Tenants .
Continued form Late evening ( yesterday )


Pinky : Naina don’t worry about anything okay

Naina : You should go and do your work

Pinky : Hmm…

She goes back to House , And goes to Grandfather’s ( Pavan Rai’s ) room . She saw Kamini has dropped on the floor All the pictures , Clothes , And other things of him .

Kamini : Take this dirt out of my home , Burn it away

Pinky : Aunt but Why , We can keep it in store room , what if he came back and ask about …

Kamini : He’s so old , He won’t come back , He’ll die in few days in hospital .

Pinky : You shouldn’t say like this , He’s your father in law

Kamini : Wow , My maid is very intelligent , Now a maid will tell me what should I say , What should I do

Pinky : No It’s not like that , Try to understand …

Kamini : Shut up and just do what all I say , Keep mum ..

Pinky cleans the whole room and brings a bad full of Materials out of house . There Naina comes and holds Pinki’s hand

Naina : Please don’t throw it out

Kamini screams ” I don’t want even a speck of these things in my home , Throw it out , Hurry up ”

Kamini pushed Naina away and throw all those things out of the house ” Garbage picker will come and take away all this Garbage ”

She goes in , Pinky goes and holds Naina ” Don’t worry Nanu! Shhh !! ”

ⓈⒸⒺⓃⒺ 2 ( RAI’S house )

Naveen : Kamini Ji , room is perfect

Kamini : Han Ji ! ( Yes ) Now what i want is they just say yes , But who are they

Naveen : That you will get to know tomorrow in the morning only .

Riya came down Sadly from her room ” Mom AHIL has gone ”

Kamini : Don’t worry young lady , Be cool

Riya : Yo ! mom , What’s in dinner today

Kamini : Curry rice

Riya : Wow , Naina’s favorite , Isn’t it

Kamini : Don’t Take her Name In Front of me , Okay

Riya : Ma ! I had never asked you , That why do you Hate NAINA so much , I mean isn’t she my elder sister

Kamini : No ! never she’s nothing for you , Okay !

Riya : Ma ! please tell me why

Naveen : Keep quiet Riya

Kamini : Shhh ! Naveen Ji let her ask , Today I’ll tell her

Riya : Please dad I want to know

Kamini : Naina is very bad , Since childhood Dady ( her grandfather )have favoured Naina than you , All the property , Land is hers , She is loved more than You , It is only me  who fights for your rights dear

Riya : This is so not fair , You’re doing good , She should be hate

Kamini : And now , She’s trying to take away your Ahil also , See that is why I love you more than her , My sweet daughter

Riya : Thanks mom you’re great

Kamini : Okay now go and take shower as you always do before dinner

Riya : Yup ! bye .

She goes …Naveen ” What was need to tell this to her ”

Kamini : So what should I’ve done , I should have told her that she’s not my daughter , She’s my niece , We’re keeping her with us just because of Daddy’s Will , Ha !!!

Naveen : Sshh Speak slowly , There are ears to wall also

Kamini : Just I want is , Daddy should sign those papers and we become the owner of this house , All his lands and everything and Not that Naina

Naveen : I just hope that this happens without any problem

Kamini : No nothing will happen to our Plan , Now what all we’ve to take care is , Riya marries AHIL and before Daddy die he signs His will , After that I’ll myself turn Naina out of this house .

Naveen : Tomorrow I’ll visit hospital again , And will show him how good we are with Naina , How much we care for him and all those things

Kamini : Okay let’s stop now , Remember only me and you know this and no one else .



Kamini is walking up and down

Naveen : Oh Ji you’ll be tired come and sit

Kamini : waiting for tenants to come

Naveen : They’ll be on time , Meantime you can make me a cup of tea .

Kamini : 24 hours , Tea and Tea , Nothing else

Naveen : You’re talking as if you take care of our jewelry shop

Kamini goes to Naveen and sits beside ” I know how much profit you make everyday , If your business would be good one then we would have been living in a big mansion ”

Naveen : No worries , The day we’ll get this property we’ll reconstruct and make a new bungalow over here

Kamini : Hheeh ! Really

Someone knocked the door ” Can we both come in Please ”

Kamini got excited she arose from sofa ” Yes , Please ”

Naveen and Kamini could see , Two people , A man and a woman , Dressed like Rajasthani’s , The woman has covered her face completely with Veil .

Naveen : Please come in !

Man : khamma ghani Ji ( greeting in Rajasthan )

Naveen : Namaste

Man : We talked yesterday about Accommodation

Kamini : Yes , Yes Ji please have seat

Naveen : we were waiting for you only

Man : Hello Ji , Meet myself Ratan and my wife Bantoo .

Kamini : Hello Ji welcome

Naveen : Pinky , Come here , Show them the room Please .

After some time ~~~~

Ratan : Oh Ji I loved the room , We’re ready

Kamini : Thanks Ji , I hope you know about Rents and ..

Ratan : Everything is all clear Ji , Take this half Payment

Kamini got impressed ” Thanks Ji thanks ”

Ratan : Come Bantoo let’s go to our room .

The man removed his beard and turban , The woman unveiled herself .

They both were Abhay and Ahil

Abhay : owow , First level completed , Yes !

Ahil : See what will happen next .

They again disguised themselves , And went out .

Kamini : So is the room okay

Ratan : Okay Ji ,Very good

Bantoo : Can I go and sit in the garden

Kamini : Feel like at home , You can do whatever you like to

Bantoo : Thanks Aunt Thanks

Ratan : Okay till that I can go out and bring some things for new room , Bye , Baby

Bantoo in shy tone ” Oh Ji ap bhi Na ( Oh you are so hilarious ) ”

Kamini Laughs ” Ratan come I can accompany you I also need some vegetables ”


Naveen went to Office , Riya went to her friends house . AHIL seeking the advantage went out to garden .

Naina was out in the garden doing Embroidery on a Plain white cloth , Instantly the needle Punched into her finger .

Naina : Ouch Oh shit !!!

Ahil saw her and rushed to her ” Naina are you Okay ” , He quickly sucked the blood and ties the wound with his Tissue .

Naina surprisingly ” Ahil ! you here ”

Naina touched bangles in his arms , His clothes which felt like a soft silky fabric .

Naina : what is all this , What are you wearing

AHIL : I’m Not Ahil I’m Bantoo your new Tenant now , I’m going to be here with my husband Abhay , I mean Ratan .

Naina giggles ” Haha ! What , You’re wearing this Saree , Bangles ”

She keeps her soft hands on his face and realizes he’s wearing Earrings and BINDI

Naina laughs : How funny , Why are you doing this .

She couldn’t stop her laugh
,,Ahil ” Laugh out loudly , You know what for whom I’m doing all this ”

Naina : I know you must be taking part in any fancy dress competition

Ahil : Nope ,

Naina : Then what’s the reason behind all this

Ahil : I’m doing this for a friend of mine who said , She wants to break up , But I don’t want too

Naina : Oh !!!

Ahil : That friend of mine is little crazy , You know , she can’t realize How much I need her

Naina : Crazy ! I’m not crazy

Ahil : So you got to know I’m talking about you

Naina : Are we still friends , I mean clearly said NO

AHIL : oh come on unless this friendship is on my wrist we’ll be friends

Naina : why’d you came here

Ahil : I want to know your secret

Naina : Secret !!!! ( shocked )

Ahil : Yes !

Naina : Make it clear I can’t understand

Ahil : we’ll talk about it later , But first let’s go to hospital , You need to get a Injection against Tetanus

Naina : Injection , No , I’m okay

Ahil : Are you afraid of it ?

Naina : No ,, But yes , Little bit

Ahil : Don’t worry , Come before anyone comes we should go

Naina : what if someone got to know

Ahil : How much are you afraid of your family , Why they’re yours !

Naina : Mine really , Oh yes you can say that !!

Ahil holds her hands and they both sat in the car .They drove to hospital .

Ahil : Doctor a needle pricked her finger

Doctor : Good you’re here , Prevention is better than cure , I’ll give her a Injection

Naina : Doctor , Isn’t there any other way , I mean an injection

Doctor : Don’t worry , It won’t Pain a lot

Naina : I’m not afraid of Pains , Now I’m used to it , I just only require is that it shouldn’t consume much time

Nurse made her lay on the bed , Filled syringe with a chemical and the sharp needle touched her arm

Ahil : wait ! please be careful

Nurse : Don’t worry sir

Nurse injected it deep and Ahil closed his eyes .

Nurse : Done mam , She said and moves out .

Ahil sobbed , Made certain sound in his nose , Naina’s fingers reached his eyes

Naina : Ahil , Are you crying

Ahil : No , I’m okay

Naina : You told me not to worry , And you yourselves look worried

Ahil : when that needle was injected into your body , I thought as if someone gave me a injection

Naina : Oh mere bhole ( sweet man ) let’s go now

Ahil : Hey how did you got to know my friends call me this

Naina : They only told me .

AHIL and NAINA sat in car .

Ahil : Oh I just forget my wallet in , Be seated I just come .

Ahil moves in , Goes back to the room and Pics his wallet , While returning he saw inside a room Naveen talking to doctor , Beside him lay an old man unconscious on bed .

Ahil : Mr .Naveen , What’s he doing , He said he’s going to work

Ahil tries to peep in . They were talking

Doctor : Don’t worry Naveen your father is just a guest of few days in this world

Naveen : I’m really tired of paying bills , Now he’s a heart patient how much he’ll live

Doctor : You’re right Sir , You needn’t worry we’ll see what can be done

Ahil couldn’t see the old mans face , ” Who’s he , And why Naveen wants him to die ” – Ahil

Then he realizes Naina waiting for him , He drop the idea of staying there further and goes out .

Inside the car

Ahil : You can do embroidery also ?

Naina : Yes I can do everything , What people can’t think of even

Ahil : what about bet , I won , A coffee date

Naina : I’ve vanished it out of my brain

Ahil : No no , I’ve won so you have to come with me

Naina : we’ll see to it later

Ahil : You didn’t gave me answer what happened with you last night

Naina : It’s not about last night , It’s about every single day

Ahil : what ! I can never understand you and your mom , I mean what’s going on in your life

Naina : Nothing much ! YOI needn’t worry about it much

Ahil : Don’t you ever feel like tortured , And like you can not bear it anymore

Naina : I’m used to it , It’s better for me to remain silent , Now see I was pricked by needle and what saved me was also a needle , All I was to do is just keep calm and continue with what is it

Ahil : So I can again can’t understand you , Your a puzzle for

ⓈⒸⒺⓃⒺ 5. , At the vegetable market .

Vendor :- Madam Ji , Your total amount is rs 100 /-

Ratan ( Abhay ) : This is my amount .

Vendor : Thanks sir , And mam yours .

Kamini : Wait I’m giving Na !

Kamini in her mind ” I will say I’ve forgotten my wallet , And he’ll Pay , Then I’ll say I’ll return you afterwords ”

Kamini shouts : Hai Alla ! ( oh god ) I just forget my wallet at home , Oh god now what’ll I do

Ratan : Don’t worry , I’ll Pay for you

Kamini : Thanks Ji , I’ll return you later ( Wow my idea worked , I got it for free )

After buying they both walked .

Ratan : So you’ve two daughters

Kamini : No no , I only have one daughter Riya , Naina is not my real daughter

Ratan : what ! ( shocked) Really

Kamini : Yes , She’s adopted , I’ve to say the day she came into our house , It’s like a tsunami of problems came into our home

Ratan : Ho what happened

Kamini : My father in law , He got sick , Our business it also dosen’t worked well

Ratan : I’m sorry for that

Kamini : I’m tired of this blind curse on me , I just wish her to go out of our lives as early as possible


Suddenly a rock came into Kamini’s way , She stumbles and falls down , Her face swam in cows dunk .The whole crowd was showing teeth .

Abhay to himself:  This is what happens when one thinks evil for others .

Kamini got up , Her face was looking like a chocolate cake , Completely Brown .



Does NAINA really wants to break up or its Kamini who’s stopping her , Will Ahil and Naina  get to know that she  is not Kamini’s daughter , will Pavan ( grandfather ) make sign those papers …

That’s all for today , Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it , Good night , , If it was a short I’m sorry , I was little busy today , Well i heard that tomorrow is new year according to some religious calendars , So Happy new year to you all …. Bye good night

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