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A Love Rekindled (A Swasan FF) (Epi-3)

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Swara tried to sleep . but she did not get sleep . she saw a message on her phone , it was from a unknown number . the message read: hi

She replied back : who is this ?

She saw ragini sleeping peacefully she did not want to disturb her , she went and sat in her balcony

She got the reply on the phone : so i became an unknown person to you , this is your best friend swara or sweety fondly called by your friends , only i among our friends call you swara

She was surprised , she replied : sanskar ??????

Yes its me , sanskar    he messaged her

Swara smiled , all their childhood memories flashed in front of her eyes . their meet when they were in first standard , their parting ways for her higher studies , their fights ,  their sweet talks . sanskar had been an  integral part of swara’s childhood

Sanskar  messaged her : laksh told me you  are back from America

And they talked through messages

Swara : laksh ???

Sanskar : yes laksh my brother ?

Swara : but how does he know ?

Sanskar : ragini and laksh are  still in touch

Swara : oh , guess i missed a lot

Sanskar : yes , u did miss a lot of things 

Swara : shall we meet

Sanskar: why ?

Swara : what do you mean by why ? u r still my best friend , the same old sanky who was my bff throughout my school life

Sanskar : best friends , dont leave each other ?

Swara : when are we meeting ?

Sanskar : we are not meeting

Swara : you have so much of ego till now…

Sanskar : really ? this egoistic sanskar is only coming forward to message you first

Swara : please sanskar , i lack a best friend in my life ,  please , i am sorry for all the mistakes i have done….now tell , when shall we meet , when shall we relive those old moments ?

Sanskar : come out of your house i am  in front of your house

Swara was surprised… she looked down , sanskar looked the same , handsome and dashing . he was sitting on his bike.


a short character sketch on the introduced characters

swara : the heroine , very very sensitive , kind , a little problem or heart break can make her very weak , like her divorce has made her weak now  . sanskar was her childhood best friend , loves her sister and family . lost her mother at young age , caring and sweet . 25 years old .

sanskar : loved swara long back , still has love for swara deep in his heart . loving , caring , myra and laksh are closest to him . after his parents death he has respected AP and DP as his parents and lovesthem a lot .



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