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“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny” CHAPTER 18


I gave him a confused look..but he held my hand & took me outside the hall where the dance was going on..I followed him without any question..

He walked the whole way without turning back..without even looking at my face or speaking anything..This Silence..Arrrggghh..It kills me..I mean here at around 10 pm at night u r dragging a girl out of a public place..taking her some where she doesn’t know..& then u think u don’t owe an explanation !! 😮

“Kunj, where are u taking me ??” I spoke while still being dragged

He turned around..sweat all over his face..his right hand holding my hand & the left one with handkerchief swiping the sweat & his eye not meeting my gaze even for a single moment !!

“Is everything allright ??” I asked with my eyebrows raised & getting a little closer

“Tabiyat thik hai na Kunj ??” I again questioned putting my hand on his forehead to check the temperature..”Fever to nahi hai..fir itni sweating kyu??” I again asked looking at his face

He spoke nothing & again started to take me somewhere near the Exit gate of the college..I couldn’t make out the place due to the darkness prevailing all over..but since I had been here I recognized it a bit !! From far away I saw lights at one corner of the garden with those huge canopy trees..The stars twinkling over my head & the moon shining bright..The gentle breeze blowing & my hair swaying with its flow..A sudden shiver went through my body..It felt cold but still I loved it..It was a moment that I could have spent singing a song & dancing all around provided I was alone 😛 But I had no idea what Kunj wanted to say or even where he wanted me to take !! :/ To add up all this he wasn’t even speaking making all of these things going on more suspicious & surprising :/

Then suddenly he turned around..& untied the knot of his tie..

“U know I hate social gatherings” He spoke finally taking out his mask

“U could have told me..It isn’t that important to attend the fresherss right ??” I smiled & replied at this reason of his..& untied my mask too

He smiled back & throwing his tie he spoke “These tie always seem as a noose..ready to take my life”

I again laughed.. “So it seems u did efforts for this night hn ??” I winked & asked

“U did that u cant expect me to walk in those low waist jeans & T-shirts into a Dance party” He winked again

“So why these efforts !!” I spoke & messed up his hair laughing..He removed his head from his normal position to sway it right & left just in order to prevent me from messing his hair..

After I messed up his hair..he gave me a glaring look..& I ran laughing..not to come into his hands..or else he would definitely slap me..

“WAIT !!” I shouted putting my hands up in a surrender position

He stopped still then & there..& his eyes widened..probably imagining various reasons of this sudden halt of mine..

I bent a little..removed my heels..took it in my hands & started running again “START NOW” again I said running on those green grass & laughing..I was enjoying this game more than the dance going on in there..I mean really it was romantic..the mood all set up..but here I don’t have to pretend..I can be myself & actually flash my Smile without any hesitation..because it came out from with-in..I did not fake it..I did not do any efforts for it..I did not have to be formal here..

Kunj caught me from waist & in attempts to escape I keep paddling my feets when he lifted me up..

“Kunj !! Put me down..right now” I spoke

“& Why so ??” He was probably smiling but I wasnt sure of that sinceI couldn’t see his face..

“Because I M SAYING U TO” I stressed those words & spoke in a little harsh one to make him realize that I really wanted to be on my feets again..

“As u say ma’am” He spoke & put me down..then bowed down a little & stood in that position

“Now what ??” I spoke staring him & his weird behavior today

“Aur koi hukum is nacheez k layak Noor-e-Mallika ??” he spoke

“Whattttt Mallika ??” I spoke with my eyes widened & giggles

“NOOR-E-MALLIKA” He spoke a little louder this time

“Achaaa to Jin mere lie Gaana gao” I spoke as an order & stood straight proudly

He took out his mobile..unlocked the screen..started scrolling..& Me ?? Watching him in amazement standing there

“NAHIII…GAAAO !!” I shouted..stamping my feet..behaving as a child & he watching me in amazement

“Ok Ok..but u will sing with me too…deal ??” He narrowed his eyes

I nodded..He stretched out his hand..I gave my hand..He pulled my close..he wrapped his right hand on my waist..& started swaying me..


Chand chupa badal mein..Sharmake meri janaa..

Seene se lagaja tu..Balkhake meri janaa..

Ghumsum sa hai..Gupchup sa hai,..

Madhosh hai..Khamosh hai..

Ye samaa haa ye samaa,

Kuch aur hai,

O oh oh

Chand chupa badal mein..Sharmake meri janaa..

Seene se lagaja tu..Balkhake meri janaa !! “ *

He sang.,while swirling me..swaying me..beneath this night sky with twinkling stars & shining moon..with cold breeze touching our body & giving a cold shiver adding to the shivers I was get with his touch..When he stopped I realized it was my turn to I had agreed..

“Are nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi” I winked

“Ye duriya mith jaane de” He pulled me closer..

“Are nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi..

Dur se hi tum,..Jee bhar ke dekho” I sang again..The lyrics seemed to be suiting the situations..

He looked me in my eyes “Tum he kho kaise dur se dekhu” He sang his line

“Chand ko jaise dekhta chakor hai,.” I sang & loosened myself from his grip..

He followed me & spoke “Kya hua Twinki??”

I turned & looked in his eyes..those chocolaty eyes..& wondered what is Love..!!

Is it Love when ur eyes widen when a good looking boy smiles at u ??

Or is it when ur best friend hugs u..& kisses ur cheeks ??

Is it Love when u can feel the wind blowing & the surroundings becoming Tranquil ??

Or when no matter what the future holds..u feel strong enough to bear through it ??

Or when ur heart almost pops out when the wind gently flies his hair ??

Is it when u feel like fainting when he flashes that Smile with cute Dimples ??

Or is it when u feel u r going Insane ??


“Twinkle I wanted to tell u something remember..” Kunj spoke keeping his hand on my shoulders..which brought me back from my thoughts..

I nodded..

“Are u fine ??” He spoke looking me in the eyes which I tried to hide from him..fearing he will get to know what my feelings are for its said na EYES ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH <3


INHI AANKHO MEIN HI TO DOOB JAANE KO HUM TAIYAAR KHADE HAIN <3 “ He spoke again..I always wonder from where he get these words adjusted soo quickly to express his feelings

I smiled “Haan bolo” & looked towards him

He sat on the grass pulling me from the hands & making me sit too..

I widened my eyes…& he gave his ‘I m not a gentleman’ look & his *cute dimple wali smile*

I sat down & looked up at the sky..He followed my gaze & spoke “Wanna have a more clear view of them while we talk ??”

I turned my face to see him..His eyes barely a little distance from my lips which could have vanished if I leaned a bit..his eyes watching the stars..I looked him in a confused look..trying to make out meaning from his puzzled sentences..He suddenly lied down on the grass & looked at the night sky..pointing at a star “That’s the brightest one according to me..” I again looked up to see which one he is pointing..

“No..” I said

“U aren’t able to have the proper view..” He said..then removing his hand from the back of his head..he patted on the ground & gestured me to lay down too..

I too lied down on the grass beside him..& looked at the sky..

“Isn’t it beautiful Twinkle ??” He asked

I replied nothing..I kept looking at those twinkling stars & wondering if one of them breaks & I ask a wish..A wish in my heart..A WISH TO MAKE AVI MINE..FOREVER !!

“U wanted to say something na Kunj ??” I spoke & looked towards him………………………


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