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Woh Apna Sa 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: jia becomes servant

Woh Apna Sa 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bini says you are trash. Kaki ma faints. Arjun takes her to room. Nisha says you go dr. akash is here. Jia says I have her meds. she goes to give meds and bini makes her fall. Arjun says are you okay. Nisha says don’t sit on this bed. You are just a seravnt in this house. Arjun tell her she is kaki ma’s maid. she said to jia that she has to be the maid if she wants to stay with kaki ma. Jia agreed to that. Bini says yes she will live like that. Arjun says no. bini says you said you don’t care about her. She is nothing to you. Akash says mom this is wrong. Nisha says what is your problem? She agreed to it. Go and bring me water. jia brings her water. Arjun is angry.

Nisha says I am so happy i have my family back. She ruined my family. He says thats great. You are

so nice. Chiragh overhears akash and nisha talking. He comes to Arjun and jia and tell them nisha brought that doctor. Jia says why would she do that. Ajun says she is using him thats for sure. Kaki ma wakes up. Jia says thank god you are fine.

Ajrun brings jia pizza. he says your fav. She says nisha and bini will see. We shouldn’t be seen together. Bini thinks I am the one who broke her family. Be nice to isha in front of nisha. He says don’t worry come lets have pizza. He makes her eat. Nisha comes and says bini come here and see whatsv happening. He says make me eat too. Nisha says you are maid sit with servants. Bini comes. Nisha says you have to decide something. She says what? Nisha says do you wanna go to party with Dr. Akash. Show him night life. She says great we will go together.

Bini goes to get ready. Nisha says to jia go and clean the room. She says arjun don’t go after her or i will tell bini.
Bini and Akash leave for party. nisha says real plan will start now. Nisha says to jia these utensils are so dirty. Wash them. Jia says i just did. Nisha says but they are angry. Nisha mixed something in dish washer.

Arjun is worried for jia. He says nisha is so clever. he says everything will be fine. Nisha overhears.
Bini and Akash come out of party/ Bini is drunk. she falls Akash holds her. She says where is your car? He says there. Give me the key you can’t drive like this.Some thugs come and tease Bini. She looks for Akash.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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