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Why life is like this (Part 9)

Hi I am back

Sofia say to karan come fast

Preeta become very happy as know karan will go

But karan becomes irritated of sofia and he want to send her home so he aakasofia shall i come out if you see me then you will get shock she say in imaginetive way that I can never get shock on seeing you so  karan  say I am coming

Preeta say go meet your girlfriend Sofia , karan pick preeta in his arm and come out , sofia mouth get open , she ask karan what were you two doing in washroom

Karan say what can we do in washroom preeta say this is not true then karan say I know you are said dear but please don’t decline in front of other that you don’t love him

Sofia ask you love me right

Karan say I love you as friend but preeta is my to be fiancee and after listening this preeta get another shock and sofia leave karan house

When sofia was leaving house she meet rakhi aunty and told that karan likes preeta and want to marry preeta

Rakhi become happy and think that know there will be two daughter in law in house one Sherlin and other preeta

Preeta ask karan from when I become your fiancee , karan say I tell her to be fiancee not fiancee and if you are too interested I can make it true and karan left room

Sammer and shristhi were playing game in which they have to see eachother eyes and the one who will blink first will loser to conclude who is good girls or boys

Rakhi see them seeing in eachother eyes and she become more happy and say now three daughter in law will come and they trio are so good

Now as party was going to end a dance was prior so rakhi choose partner as she want them in real life and they dance on ishq wala love and all clapped for our couple dance and then they all went to house as preeta and shristhi too leave alone they were walking on road and were talking about today , some boys start teasing them

In Luthra mansion

Rakhi ask where are shristhi and preeta kritika told that they go , rakhi say I am worried as it is night and they are alone , karan and sameer say we will go and check when they reach they were even shock , shristhi and preeta beat boys badly ( why always hero save heroine as girl are strong know)

They ask you two do this thing , shrishti say iIam black belt and preeta didi is doctor so she know different points where we can attack

They ask them to come in car and they drop them home and when they come home and tell everyone about incident and everyone appreciate them and Kareena too appreciate them


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