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Which couple do you love to watch in Dil Se Dil Tak?

Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak is about the lives of Parth Bhanushali and Shorvori, who have married against Bhanushali family’s refusal. Teni entered their lives as she had been chosen by Parth-Shorvori for surrogacy of their child. This went on well till Shorvori’s death and Parth started hating Teni for her demise. Actor Siddharth Shukla had been replaced by Rohan Gandotra and now Shorvori is back from the dead. Parth-Teni get married while Shorvori had watched them teary-eyed. To leave from Parth’s life, Shorvori had played hide and seek but was finally found by Parth and Teni. Now the trio live in Bhanushali house along with their family where Parth-Teni are told by the family to be husband-wife while Shorvori can be Ipshita’s mother. Recently Puja Sharma entered as Priya (Bharat’s ex-girlfriend) who demands to be Bharat’s wife and has questioned Parth-Shorvori-Teni’s relationship.

Coming to the point, which pair in the trio would you wish to watch always together. Is it Parth-Shorvori or Parth-Teni? As we could guess the show’s end (If it ends), it would be ending either with the trio’s unbreakable bond or the third person Teni’s leave. Shorvori and Parth were able to face the family’s ire when they got married. That proves they wished to never break and win family’s green sign. When Parth and Teni’s ring picking ceremony took place, they were sure Teni could take Shorvori’s place. Parth and Teni too had followed each other’s step.

Final point: If you believe a bond should always be single (with two persons), then vote for Parth-Shorvori. If you think when a person loses his love/life partner he can give the place to someone else whom he connects to, then vote for Parth-Teni. If you wish to just take this as a twisted love, vote for the trio (Parth-Shorvori-Teni). 

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