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Some Untold Stories Kriyyam FF (Chapter 3)

Its another morining …a new day with full of hope

A car stopped at Brila mansion .Yes it was none other than chandrlekha aka Dadi

Ragini : Dadi aap agaye

Yuvani : Aarae sab aavo badi dadi is here

All comes to meet Badi dadi .All takes blessings from her. Baby was a little confused as she had never met her

Baby : yeh koyun hai

Aanad: yeh badi dadi hai

Baby: means??

Yuvani : means humare dad ki dadai

Baby : oh

yuvani takes baby along with het and introduces her.All comes to the hall and they were as usually irritated to see sayyam there

Sayyam : aap bohut jaldi vapas agai hain na.I think jis kaam se aap gayi thi vo puri nahi hopayi

Suhani : Sayyam woh tumse umar mein khafi badi hai .So try to respect her

Sayyam : Respect for you people.. never .Mujhe lagtha hai ki aap ne bathaya nahi kisiko ki aap kahan gayithi

badi dadi : yeh ladka.. tum apne limt cross kar rahe ho .Tum yeh maat bhol ki tu kiske ghar mein khada hai

Sayyam : mere ghar mein .I think jis lawyer se milnae aap gayi usne toh sab batha diya hoga ..

Saying this sayyam went out of the house with an evil smile

Yuvraj : Dadi what was sayyam saying

Suhani : aap lawyer se milne gayi thi

Sharad : haa dadi par kyun

Badi dadi : woh isliye ki mein uske chehrae ko aur din is ghar mein dekhna nahi chahthae….yeh koi ashram bahi jo anath aur najayas log akar rukhu..

Here this baby become upset so she went to her room

Ragini : oar dadi what did yhe lawyer say

badi Dadi : nahi nikaal saktha hum use yaha se.. jab tak yeh case katham nahi hogi

saying this dadi also went to her room


Krishna : baby tum aachanak yahan se chali kyun agayi

baby : tumne sunna nahi tumhari badi dadi ne kya kaha..anath aur najayas

Yuvani : unki baath ka tum boora math mano..aur guys mein chalti hoom

krishna : where??

yuvani: Its my friend Palak’s birth day

krishna : Ok.. but please make sure you don’t drink…suhani auntie ko patha chalegi toh

yuvani : ha madam krishna I know

yuvani went for the party it was a late night long party . Yuvani was enjoying the party at WP restaurant . She tried her best not to drink alcohol.. she controled her self goodly .But one of her friend named Arjun was bad eyeing her he went to her

Arjun:  Yuvani want a drink ??

yuvani : No thanks..

Arjun: yuvani is saying no to drinks .I can’t belive it

yuvani : Woh mom thodi strict hai

Arjun : oh.. but you can gave a Orange juice

yuvani : of course

Arjun : Let me bring it for you

He goes to bring juice for yuvani and he mixes some powder into it Just then arjun’s friends come here

Friend 1: wow arjun aaj toh is pari ka band bajegi

Friend 2 : Use ayad bhi nahi hoga kis kine uske sath kya kya kiya…

Arjun (laughing evil): she will remember everything ..apar bechare isae pinae ke bath respond hi nahi kar payegi …aur jab tak woh hosh mein hoga…. sab kuch katham..

Saying this arjun takes the jucie to Yuvani and she also finishes it in one time .She starts feeling dizzy and falls to arjun ‘s arm.Arjun takes her to hotel room

Sayyam as also at the restuarnt for a business meeting .He sees yuvani’s car and he think for a while .But then he goes to the room which he had booked .On his way he passes across with .Arjun  ansmd yuvani. Sayyam thought for a second that ig looked like yuvani..buylt he didn’t check

In arjun’s room

Arjun layed yuvani in his bed and his friends set uped the camera …Arjun take off his shrit and moved his fingers through Yuvani’s body .

. Tears were flowing from her eyes .She had full sense that what is happening .but she was unable to react…

Arjun unsipped yuvani’s dress

On the ither side sayyam was impatient.So he decided to look if that is yuvani or some one else

Arjun enjoyed the beauty of yuvani.He pressed hard on her private body part

Friend  1: make it fast we are also egarly waiting to enjoy her

Friend 2 : yeah man make her naked…

Arjun was about to lay on her Just then someone opened the door .It was none other tha sayyam..

Sayyam was shocked to see her sister in this state he punched arjun and his friends .Eventhough he also git hurt .he beated them so badly…After that he covered yuvani with a blanket

yvani : sayyam

sayyam : its okay yuvani u are safe .I am with you

yuvani hugs sayyam and she faints..

precap: yuvani tells everything to krishna .krishna is scared seeing someone

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