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Shakti 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman’s bitterness increases day by day for Soumya

Shakti 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Boss telling Surbhi and other employees and says some guests are coming from city, and he wants to do next project with them. He chooses Surbhi to make presentation. Sumit says nobody can do except Surbhi. Boss gives her best wishes. Other employees gossip that there is something going on between Sumit and Surbhi. Sumit hears them and scolds them for their bad thinking. Surbhi also hears them.

Preeto makes Soumya gains conscious and asks if she is fine. She tries to remove her bindi, but Soumya stops her and says this is my truth. Preeto says your truth is this house, Harman, Chintu and me. Soumya says I can’t give happiness and heir to Harman. Chinty tells Harman that Soumya is unwell and asks how can you go to office. Harman scolds him. Chintu gets upset with him and says

he will support Soumya and not him.

Surbhi thanks Sumit for supporting her and says she will make good presentation. Shanno claps like kinnar and shows to Raavi, Veeran and Balwinder. Raavi says even she wants to try and they make fun of Soumya and kinnars. Preeto hears them and says this will not work here. She says while laughing on others, you may become joke one day. She asks them to ask themselves if Soumya ever joked on them or laughed at them. She says this thing will not work infront of me and slaps Shanno, says this is my house, Harak singh is my husband and Soumya is my bahu, you are making fun of my bahu in my house. She asks them to fear from her if they want to stay here. Shanno looks revengeful.

Sumit drops Surbhi home. Varun gets angry and goes to room. Surbhi comes and covers blanket on him. He stops her. Surbhi says she is pure and has no relation with Sumit. She says she is ambitious and wants to work. Varun doesn’t believe her and asks her to leave. Preeto asks Soumya not to go infront of Harman when he comes home. Harak Singh and Harman are having drink in hotel. He says I will be with you and have no feelings for kinnar. He orders more wine. Preeto asks Soumya not to lose hope even if she couldn’t stand by her due to any situation, says you will fight and win. She asks Soumya to promise. Soumya promise her. Preeto thinks if she had signed on divorced papers then she would have to leave, then Soumya will get lonely. She has to be silent, but she will be with Soumya. Soumya thinks she won’t let Preeto and Harak Singh’s relation to end.

Preeto asks Soumya what she is doing? Soumya says she is making tea for Harman. Preeto says he will throw. Soumya says she will do wife’s duties. Preeto asks her to make tea for her also. Harak singh comes there. Preeto takes her tea. Soumya goes to give tea to Harman. Harak Singh tells poetry and says you didn’t have understand. He says I can understand the fear of losing husband. Preeto says it happens with every wife and says I love you. Harak Singh praises her and thinks if Harman comes to know about divorce then he will support Preeto. He thinks to find other way to get rid of Soumya.

Soumya comes to Harman and gives tea. Harman throws it. Soumya says she knows he is testing her and she loves him very much. Harak Singh comes there and gives tea to Harman. He says he never heard that kinnars are shameless. Harman asks him to have tea. Preeto hears them. Soumya picks cup pieces.

Surbhi tells Nani about presentation and says she will work at home. Varun taunts her. Surbhi says we aren’t husband and wife until DNA test is done. Harman tells Harak singh that he will get money from someone. Veeran tells Harak Singh about invitation. Harak Singh asks Harman and Preeto to go. Preeto says people will ask about Soumya.

Soumya cuts her hand. Chintu sees blood in her hand and shouts. Preeto comes there concerned for Soumya. She is taking her to her room when Harman stops her. Soumya gets hopeful. Harman asks Preeto to get floor cleaned. Preeto asks Soumya to apply ointment. Soumya refuses. Chintu tells Harman to apply ointment on her hand. Harman refuses and says even if she cuts her neck then also I will not come.

Kinnars come to the place where Harman, Soumya and Preeto went. Harman asks them to leave bluntly. Kinnar says when you have baby then you will call us. Harman says I will have kids, and says they will give nek to kinnar at home. Soumya gets hurt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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