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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-4)

It wa s quite and fine morning where everything was perfectly fine

Abhimanyu was going to get his biggest deal so he was all excited as he had worked hard on it.Payal and Falguni was talking to one of their relative to find a good alliance for Maya

Naira was having an exam so maya was busy teaching her…Lucky went for his cricket practice early in the morning . Till a busy day for rathores .Just then yuvi comes downstairs.

Payal : yuvi ; where are you going

yuvraj : actually badi ma i have a race today

Payal : kitne bar kaha hai yeh race vace math kar .. dangerous hai

Yuvi : come on ..its my passion and i can’t stop it

falguni : rehne dijiye jiji app .Logo ko sports , dance aur arts ki shock hota hai par mere betae ko racing

yvui : aap dono ka lecture khatam hia toh mein jaoo

Yuvi just like that went out of his house

Falguni as usual worried for him..


A man was showing so much of stunts and all with his bike and he did bet no one could beat him in bike race

Just then yuvi entered

yuvi’s friend : you think you can beat our yuvi

man : of course …yuvi agar himat hai toh ho jaye dho dho round

Yuvi : Done.. agar mein jota toh have do what i will say.

man : Done


The races starts  and it was the most thoughest race..Yuvi was loosing and sunddenly he increased his speed and A car from other side hit him. The car didn’t stop and people crowded over there

Yuvi was lying in pool of blood No one was helping him. Just then a hand hold his hand .It was non other than twinkle .Yuvi saw her face then the image got blured .Twinkle called an ambulance with the help of people near her she took her to hospital.On the way she checked his phone so that she could inform his parents…so ahe looked at his call log and called his bhai(abhi). Abhi took the call

Abhi : yuvi please call me after some time .I’m in a meeting

Twinkle : ek minute mere bath sunle

abhi: who are you .??yeh toh mera bhai ka number hai

twinkle : dekhiye aap panic math ho !!! Apke bhai ka accident hogya .Nothing serious …we are on our way to city hospital .pls jaldi ayiae

Abhi just felt that his whole world have gone upside down .He cancelled all his meeting and went to the hospital .Only to find his brother in ICU

Abhi : doctor woh andar mera bhai hai …how is he??

Doctor : He is perfectly fine saar par chot laga That’s why he’s under observation .Aur left leg mein ek fractor bhi hai. 3 din ke bath you can take him home

Abhi : Thank you doctor

Doctor : thanks mujhe nahi us ladki ko karo joise waqt par lekar aya

Abhi : par woh hai kahan

Doctor : she was here only now..

They saw twinkle comming running with medicines ..

Twinkle : medicines

Doctor : Nurse take then inside…Ah Mr. Rathore she is the one who brought your brother on time

They looks and eachother and remembers the car incident

Abhi : thank you so much ki apne mere bhai ki jaan bachai

twinkle : Sorry galti hogayi mujhse

Abhi : What????

Twinkle : Actually .mere di ne nahi mein ne aap ki gadi karab kiya(she told him everything)….Aur yahi bath apki jaan bhai ki jaan bachaneki toh yeh maine insaniyat ki natae kiya hai

While they were talking Geethu comes running towards twinkle .She holds twinkle

geetu : Twinkle tum tik hai .I was so scared

twinkle : scared ! par kyun

geetu : aare tum ne hi toh kaha accident hogaya hospital jaraha hai

twinkle : geethu di also didn’t hear mine …apne adi adhoori bath sun li aur man hi maan mera accident byi karvayi

geethu : Any way i am happy that you are safe and sound

abhi : I’m sorry geethu

geetu : yeh yaha kya kar raha hai twinkle…Aur tumhe mera nam kaise patha

Twinkle : woh meinae sab batha diya

Abhi : aur if it is about the name I hear form twinkle

Twinkle : mei jo ladkhae ko yaha lekar ayi na yeh unka bhai hai

Geethu : ok cool… and Mr…what was your name

Abhi : Abhimanyu singh rathore

Geethu : yah abhimanyu its geethanjali for you

Abhi : okay geetanjali

Twinke : and yeah i am twinkle

Abhi: vaise tum dono muhe kisi bhi angle se bhenae nahi lagti

Geetu : haa.. kyunki we are not sisters

Twinkle : Let me explain you bhaiyya.Actually mere di ka naam pakhi hai aur udki shadhi anshuman jiju ke saath .Anshuman jiju ki behen hai geethu di

Geethu : twinkle I think humae ab chal na chahiyae

Twinkle : aap ka bhai ka naam kya tha

Abhi : yuvraj

twinkle : ha ek bar yuraj ko hosh ayegi toh hum chale jatae hai

geethu : okay

after a few minutes doctor informs that yuvi has opened his eyes .All the watched yuvi from the door side. And now geethu and twinkle was about to leave

geetu : Abhimannyu I know whatvyou are feeling right now .Its been ahard day for you me and her

Twinkle was thanking god for his fast recovery

Abhi : yeah I …

Geethu : I think you should inform your family about his condition

Abhi : yeah i will

geethu : okay its time for us to leave

Abhi : mein apdono ko bhar tak chod deti hoon

Twinkle : nahi bhaiyya hum chale jayegi Aap apne bhai ke pass rukhiye

they walk away.. Abhimanyu heavy heartedly dialed the number saved as Home

precape : falguni is heart broken .Ragini breaks glasses of someone’s car

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