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Porus 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Fails Darius’ Plan

Porus 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In Macedonia, Alexander with Olympia and Ephestian goes to horse stable and watches his uncontrollable horse. Ephestian says everyone knows that only Alexander can control his horse, then why he is challenging others to control it. Alexander says if they cannot control this horse, how will they kill Philip. Olympia says whoever warriors can control this horse will get military training as they want warriors like them, Ephestian asks what about who dies. Alexander says war needs sacrifice.

Puru takes Bamni and his team and Darius with his team to Farsi market and says people will tell who spread fire here, pointing at glass spreading fire. People tell suryadev’s curse is on them. Darius asks who is Suryadev now. Puru asks if he does not know Suryadev in Bharath. Bamni says Suryadev

is their sun god. People say this glass is inauspicious for them and burnt whole market, they will never touch it. Puru tells Bamni that this glass turned their good fate into ill fate, it is inauspicious, so they should not use it. Darius gets tensed. Bamni says let us take expert opinion and orders to call Rajguru.

Dasyus enter Pourav rastra disguised wearing blankets. Mahanandini, Laachi, Sumer, Hasti hear people talking about fire accident in Farsi market. Sumer stops seeing Faroos. Faroos notices him, but Sumer hides. Faroos walks towards him when soldier informs Pourav rastra’s rajuru is coming to market for examination. Faroos leaves with him yelling don’t know what Porus/Puru is up to.

Pourav rajguru tries to pick glass piece. People warn him not to touch it as it may bring inauspiciousness. Rajguru picks it. Puru asks him how can such a beautiful thing be such an evil thing. Rajguru says the more beautiful thing is, the more dangerous it can be, this glass is signifying Suryadev’s anger on us. Darius says what rubbish is this, glass intensifies sunrays and burns things, it is just a superstition. Bamni saays he is insulting their god. Puru says it is proved that he is innocent. Bamni asks Rajguru to give solution for this problem.

In Macedonia, Epthestian brings Tatus who stands undefeated in Alexander’s test. Tatus says his aim is to finish the given task or die trying to finish it, if Alexander permits, he will give him a strong army which no one would be able to defeat. Alexander says he liked his passion and adamancy and makes him commander of his army, says there will be lots of hurdles in his way coming hereon and he has to clear them all, the first task is to finish Philip.

Bamni asks Rajguru to tell what Suryadev is indicating. Rajguru says this glass is inauspicious and disaster for their country, so they should stop using it from immediate effect. Bamni says from hereon they will not trade in glass and Darius will send all glass back to Faras. He leaves with his team. Darius stands fuming. Puru says he completed his challenge. Darius says he is forcing him to show his other face. Dasyus see Puru chatting wityh Darius smilingly. Hasti brainwashes them how can Puru change so soon, he is enjoying here as a prince and he is befriending Farsis now. Lachi gets disheartened seeing this and cries. Mahanandini says let us go to a safe place and plan. Puru challenges Darius that he knows all his faces and challenges that he will kick all Farsis out of his country..

Precap: Puru tells Anusuya it is time to snatch Darius’s wealth and everything. Olympia asks Alexander to kill Philip.

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