Wednesday , January 20 2021


Hii frnds.  Sorry for the late. I am busy with my records so didn’t got time to post. Really sorry….  Thanks for all who are supporting me and happy to see some silent readers are also giving their response. Now enough of my bak bak let’s move to the story….


Next day, kabir get up early and checked his phone.  No one messaged him or call him to wish.  He felt sad and went to washroom. He got ready in his usuals and left for hospital early. In hospital also no one wished him. He went to his cabin and start doing his work. Suddenly Pragya rushed into his cabin and was panting.

Kabir :kya hua Dr Pragya

Pragya :woh sir  dr isha hai na woh hamari hostel ki conference hall me behosh hogayi and now she was not responding to us. Please aap aake….

Before she complete her sentence kabir ran from there.

Satish :kya kamaal ki acting kiya agar auditions me karenge toh jaroor Oscar milega…

Pragya :jyaada taarif mat karo yaar aur chalo

Kabir reached the hall and saw it was totally dark inside.  He took few steps forward and suddenly a path of lights was there which lead him to a table. He followed the path and came near the table. Suddenly a flash light fall on him. He looked the table where a cake 🍰  was kept and happy birthday kabir was written on it. He heard a sweet voice.

Voice :happy  birthday sweetheart

(Ofcourse it is our isha)

All lights was on. He was surprised to see the decorations and all our gang along with parents are present there. Every one wished him and said to cut the cake.

Sanchi :jaldi katoo I am hungry

Veer :bukkad kahinka

Sanchi :teri tho..

Isha :guys yaha party 🎉 chal raha hai tum dono thodi dher keliye apni ladayi bandh karo yaar please 🙏

Sanveer :okk (both turned their faces to opposite side 😏 😏 😏)

Kabir cut the cake 🍰 and feed isha first.  All hooted for them. Later he fed sunil followed by jaya sanchi and others.

Kabir :thank You so much guys

Veer :yeah hum ne nahi teri isha ne kiya

(She smacked his shoulder)

Kabir ;thank You isha

Isha was blushing and sanchi pragya are teasing her. All are  enjoying  the party. Suddenly sunil came there with some CDs

Kabir :papa nahi…

Veer :kya hai usme uncle jara humko bhi dikhavoo

Kabir :later u will regret for it veer

Sunil played them. Those are childhood memories of our gang. Sanchi was looking so cute in frock. Later the videos when they went for waterfalls. In one video veer and kabir are dancing without dresses.  Both are embarrassed and sanchi isha are laughing rolling on the floor.

Veer :jyaada haso mat  tum dono

All left from there after giving gift for kabir.

In afternoon kabir went to isha cabin. She didn’t noticed his presence. Kabir back hugged her and placed his chin in her shoulder.

Kabir :kya soch raha hai baby

Isha :kuch nahi bas aise hi…

He turned her and now she was facing him.

Kabir :jyaada socho mat okk

He kissed her on the cheek. They are sharing an eyelock which was broken by sanchi.

Kabir :mera romance ki dushman nikali tune hamesha galat time par aatha hai

Sanchi :mujhe koi shok nahi tumko disturb karneka papa ne hum charonko ghar bulaya koi important baath discuss karne ke liye

Kabir :toh chalo

They left for mishra mansion in kabir car.



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