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Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 75,76

♥Episode 75.76
Episode started from gurudwara.
Twinkle sitting with tearful eyes praying for her kids and their happiness. Her eyes totally become swollen.
(Twinkle PoV)
Twinkle: hey babaji now what I’ll do I’m stuck in two boats one I’m a wife more important I’m a mother. Being Kunj wife I didn’t obey his Oder respectfully I do what he wants. Neglected everything his happiness is my happiness I found my happiness in kunj happiness too babaji.
In Every relation I perfectly performed.
Never give single chance to anyone points out finger on myself. All duties nicely I did.
I didn’t let see my tears to my parents specially my MAA babaji. I itself wiped my tears but I can’t heal my heart sore. When I see her away from me what I feel only I know babaji. Even I didn’t talk to kunj about this all because i know I how much I talk about this it’ll give me pain only and this pain I have to bear till my last breath babaji. This path you decided for me. While Kunj make me stand her on this route babaji. Without anyone complains I just walk out on this painful path without a single ufff. Last night scene was horrible for me. I want see erase that moment.
Kunj already breaks me a lot before only. Somewhere I had hope that I’ll never ever regret on this decision she laughs. Even this decision was not mine. I’m just a robot in this story everyone playing with me and feelings as well. Most importantly my husband play with my emotions. I’m not talking about Present time.I know his family very much important for him. I don’t want to become the reason of breaking his family too. This all things I can bear whatever anyone’s want to do with me they can. Anger in her eyes clearly visible.
She wiped her tears. But I’ll not let anyone play with my daughter emotions her single tears drops very much important for me. To get her in this world I bear so much pain and struggle too not so easily she comes. To see her I bear all pains just because of her and my kids And their happiness is my first priority. I’ll forget what happened last night because of a thing I can’t break many hearts. If any drama happened in Sarna Mansion nobody beside me. My place is very weak Kunj make my state and condition weak. One chance I’ll give Maya Bhabhi if I can see this (again) than get ready to see a real mother power . If I’m good do sacrifice for my husband happy give my baby to you than ultimately understood how much I’m strong. I’m good as much I’m bad too for my baby happiness. In my way I’ll give each everyone answers back. They all taking advantage of my goodness and silentness but no more. Good wife role enough person too now it’s turn of mother. They test my patience babaji.there in no influence so powerful as that of the mother. The moment a child is born the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed but the mother never a mother is something absolutely new. Twinkle get up after she helps in langar. After complete she saw a baby with her mother. Holding her mother hand. Twinkle Remember her kids.
When life gets hard and you feel all alone.
Remember you mean the world to somebody and that somebody calls you MAA..later Twinkle left for home.
Next side in Sarna [email protected]
After maya family left other family members sitting simply.
Manohar: Usha where is Twinkle?
Usha: I didn’t see her after that. Even she was looking tensed.
Anjali: hmm right.
Om: Anjali did you come with me haa. I’ll drop you.
Anjali: Hmm you go om I’ll go afterwards.
Om: okay fine. I’m going.
Manohar: where are you going om beta?
Om: woh Papa I have some work.
Manohar: Arey om beta I told you na that you do work with me in my office that would be awesome.
Usha: so good ji.
Om: But Papa I don’t know anything about your works.
Manohar: so what you don’t know I’ll teach you and others employees too for helping you.
Nani: yes om.
Om: first I’ll try Papa.
Manohar: sure Beta. When you’ll joint my office haa.
Om: when you’ll want.
Manohar: okay from now only you go get ready I’ll too.
Anjali: Hmm. They both went in their rooms.While in maya and Anant room.
Maya sitting and cry for her family she was missing her mother as well others too.
Anant: maya why you cry.
Maya: now what you have problems with me.
Anant: maya I know you missing your family but what should we do.
Maya: I know Anant still feeling bad.
Anant: what happened to you nowadays you behave weirdly one moment you was good next totally wrong why? Something bothering to you haa.
Maya: why something bothering to me haa Nothing is like that.
Anant: good it’d be nice if nothing is like that.
Maya: where is Aayat?
Anant: may be in kunj and Twinkle room.
Maya: she always there only huhh.
Anant: maya so what. Listen to me perfectly you’ll be happy in your life. What nonsense your brother and sister fillings in your ears it would give you pain and regret only. Behave like elder and mature in law of this house don’t be stubborn. Maya gets up and look at Anant.
Maya: what do you mean Anant.
Anant:l you know what I mean maya. Just see that your sister didn’t settle down her own house. she teaches you haa. She just telling you how to breaks our family maya don’t come in her tricks.
Maya: I don’t know Anant I’m just stuck in this all things. See how much we all are happy. Now things going to change.
Anant: no maya still you have time. Listen you and me Twinkle or Kunj we are together. Look at this. Showing his hand fingers to her. See this maya. One hand fingers are not same to each other unequaled. So up and downs comes.
Maya: right Anant. I’ll think.
Anant: That’s like my maya. Cuddles her.
They both went out the room.
Next scene in twinj [email protected]
Kunj was sleeping peacefully. He slightly turned and open his eyes slightly looking here and there. While Ansh and aayat was in balcony both brother and sister doing drawing playing with colors.Kunj get up and sit there only. He yawned used his hand.
Kunj: Twinkleeeee where are you please get my coffee. Kunj see the time o god. I sleep so much today. He again gives voice to Twinkle but no reply back. Downstairs in garden. Twinkle was coming back home holding parshad in her hands she moved inside. While om and Manohar standing they both get ready to go office. Twinkle entered there.
Usha: lo finally you bahu is here.
Manohar: Twinkle Puttar where were you went haa. She went towards them.
Twinkle: so Papa ji I went gurudwara bas.
Usha: hoo Good i was searching you.
She gives everyone parshad.
Sheetal: Arey Twinkle why you look so dull and look at your eyes. Maya Bhabhi family went seems like your family went 🤨.
Usha: very lame Sheetal beta.
Anjali: come twinkle you know what today om going office with Papa. Twinkle smile on this.
Twinkle: that so good di. And you look good om as well.
Om: thanks twinkle.
Manohar: let’s go beta.
Om: Hmm. They left for office. Maya come here.
Maya: Arey Twinkle you didn’t give me parshad. Twinkle look at her.
Twinkle: hmm take it. She gives her.
Anjali: where is chote today.
Twinkle: sh he still sleeps I’ll go and check him. Twinkle went in kitchen prepared coffee for him. Went in their room. Twinkle entered in room kept the coffee mug aside. She heard shower voice
From washroom think kunj was inside.
Twinkle change the bedsheet. Clean the room. Lost in her thoughts. While just than Kunj come back from washroom. He saw the twinkle who busy in her work lost too. He went near her immediately give her back hugged. Twinkle didn’t say anything.
Kunj: Twinkleeee are you here. Twinkle come back in sense.
Twinkle: haa kunj. Twinkle remove his hands from her waist. What happened to you haa.
Kunj: this should be my question.
Twinkle: means?? Leave it I’ll give your clothes you already late so much for office. Twinkle hiding her tears from him. She went towards wardrobe. Taking out his clothes handed to him. Get ready soon your coffee will be get cold. Twinkle turned and wiped her tears.Kunj wear his clothes. He just looking at twinkle something is fishy.Ansh and Aayat laughing sound coming too. He had the coffee twinkle about to go. Kunj hold her hands.
Kunj: Twinkle wait. He Holds her from her shoulders. Look at into her eyes. Twinkle eyes like fully red wet too. Speaking so much about her pain. Clearly showing that she cried lot. And eyes lashes too wet.
Kunj cupped her face and touch her upper eyelid part which was puffery and neoplasm to come. Did you cry haa? Why?
Twinkle: what nonsense is this why I’ll kunj. You go I have work so much. She ignored his questions as well running from situation too.
Kunj: don’t lie to me I can see your eyes. You didn’t cry but you cried lot. At least I have right to know about you haa. Where you went I was calling you lot but you didn’t come and not answer me back.
Twinkle: I went gurudwara bas.
Kunj: hmm. Now tell me share your problems with me twinkle it’ll not increase but you feel good.
Twinkle: I don’t have nothing to share with you kunj If had Than I’ll surely share with you.
Kunj: don’t make me fool Twinkle. Did anyone tell you haa. She nodded her head in no. Okay fine than why you cry haa. Look at your self in one night what you made yourself Twinkle. And last night too you left party in middle why? Didn’t inform and take kids with you too.
Twinkle: woh they both irritating me, so I come back home you all busy in party and I don’t want to off anyone mood so come without informed anyone’s.
Kunj: if they irritate you okay fine. But why you cry haa.
Twinkle:nahi na baba kunj.Twinkle turned her face slightly rolling down escape from her eyes. She tries very hard to control her emotions but not happened. Within no second her face drenched in tears while he gets shocked as well confused too.
Kunj: heyyyy Twinkle. In very sweet voice concern for her. Kunj cupped her chin see her face. Twinkle eyes looking down. Twinkle look at me. Kunj used his finger too make her look at him. Tears falling downs just like rain fills the dry ocean with water. Kunj understand something happened to her anyhow. Now he had too tears in her eyes.
Kunj: MAA ne kuch bola haa tujhe. Yeha pidhi ne. Aur Maya Bhabhi ne Twinkle immediacy look at him. Twinkle hugged him just. She cuddles Kunj as much as tightly she can.Kunj hugged her back. Twinkle silently cry in Kunj arms. Later Kunj break the hug and cupped her face.
Twinkle: kunnnjjj.
Kunj: tell me twinkle Kya Hua.
Twinkle: Kuch nahi hua bas dil bhar aaya. Kunj wiped her tears and kissed on her eyes.
Kunj: now don’t cry okay this tears very important for me. Kunj joint their forehead.
Twinkle: (think) if I tell kunj what Maya Bhabhi did he’ll not believe and if he did after constitution I can’t I know his anger first I’m not to sure about that. MAA kehti hai sometime aankhe bhi dokha kahajati hai. In what way she tells her I don’t know.
Till now, I see love in her eyes for her.
So I can’t take any step so suddenly if I’ll get wrong this sadu will kill me with his anger surely. More over just because of Aayat that fear no no baba.! Twinkle with fully smile face.
Twinkle: pati dev I’m fine you go office.
Kunj: I’m thinking that today I’ll not go office spend today with you what’s say.
Twinkle: in funny way no need of this I’m fine today This two sadu too not went school I can’t Handel three of them together.
Kunj: acha ji is it..😜 you look good twinkle when you smile. Pulling her cheeks Meri siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: kadoos Sarna 😋😜. What did you say in party in front of your friends huhu.
Kunj: I didn’t 😂.
Twinkle: have some shame what type of you four of them talks even we can’t to. Kunj ruffles his hairs. Looking here and there.
Kunj: kuch bhi.🤭😝.
Twinkle open the windows. While Kunj and twinkle went in balcony. Look at their kids how playing colour holi😂😂😂.
Kunj: ughhh what is this. They both turned and look at them.
Twinkle: anshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😡😡.
They fall all colour on floor. Their clothes too dirt face as well. They both out their tongue 😛 looking very cute.😍😍.
Aayat: see we both make their drawing.
Kunj: Acha. Good. And tell me why you both don’t go school with fake anger. While they scared.
Ansh: woh papa. Finding words.
Aayat: woh we didn’t well that’s why.
Kunj and twinkle look at each other face.
Twinkle: Acha you both not well what happened to you tell me.
Aayat: woh na Ansh ko fever ho gaya.
Twinkle and Kunj: omg hayyy.😰😰😰. While Ansh look at Aayat and get confused and checking himself.
Ansh: when I get fever I don’t know about this. Aayat raise her eyebrows and sign to Ansh. This all Kunj and twinkle see and expression too. 😝😝😝.
Twinkle: whisper see kunj now eyebrows 🤨🤨lifted too 😛😛😛.
Kunj:hmm I’m quite surprise.carbon copy🤗🤗 pidhi😛😛.
Twinkle: wait I’ll not leave them. Acha fever Ansh come we’ll go hospital.
Aayat: why now he is fine.
Kunj: Acha doctor Aayat Sarna.😂😂😂.
Next time you both will not go school I’ll see you both.
Aayat: haaa we’ll go.
Ansh:haa papa Aayat told me that today we’ll not go school.
Kunj: so you’ll listen her ha.
Aayat: yes I’m his elder sister He’ll listen my Oder.
Ansh: haa she is my elder sister na.
Twinkle: Did you listen her obey me easily ha.Twinkle show him red eyes. Ansh get scare to see her red eyes. Sadly he look down.
Aayat: don’t get scare okay I’m here. Cuddles him. Which make kunj laugh out.
Twinkle: see you laugh na that’s why this small pidhi didn’t understand me anything taking me very easy. Now who will clean this floor ha.
Aayat: you 😋😛😝.
Ansh: mamma I’ll call Meena aunty.
Aayat: haa go my cry baby. He about to go.
Twinkle: oyee junior Sadu ruk tujhe me bata ti hu fever Ho raha hai.
Aayat: why??
Twinkle: bol toh iss ko kunj. Marugi tujhe me.
Aayat: Acha. See your wife Kunj Chachu.
Kunj look at twinkle like checking out her😛.
Kunj: hot😛😛😂😂😂.Twinkle make face on him.
Twinkle: besharm baap besharm bache. Huhu. Twinkle about to caught them they both escaped from there like wind so fast.
While twinkle ran behind them. Kunj laughing seeing this funny act. They went downstairs.Ansh Aayat screaming bacho bacho please.
Aayat: help me please this mother India kill me 🤣😛😛😛.
Ansh: dadi.
Twinkle: wait you both.
Aayat: gaanvallo kaha ho bacho humhe we both are innocent kids. Kunj standing in side see this all. After hearing the sound all come out. See this all get confused.
Usha: KYa hua.
Ansh: dadi mamma maar rahi hai.
Usha look at Twinkle.
Twinkle: mummy ji they both mess up whole balcony with colours and not went school too.
Aayat: nobody dress up us for school.
Maya: hooo lair I asked you both.
Twinkle: where is Sadu he was laughing very much na. Listen their story mummy ji.
Ansh ko fever ho gaya. Aayat ko Bhi.
Maya: when haa (real one worried for her).
Aayat: mamma I feel that now I’m fine even Ansh too. Hain Ansh bol.
Ansh: haa.
Anjali: aaj you play holi haa 😛.
Twinkle: aaj inn ki holi toh me nikhal ke rahu gi.
Aayat: dekho lobaap sab how much torture doing on us. We are poor soul.
Kunj come here.
Kunj: Arey twinkle leave them na.
Twinkle: you’ll clean the balcony.
Kunj: okay I’ll.
Aayat: awesome (tears of happiness one not coming out😂😂😂😂😂fake one.
Pagle Ansh.
Twinkle: Huhu.
Maya: don’t worry Twinkle I’ll do it.
Twinkle: no need of this I’ll do bhabhi.
Kunj: good 😀.And now you both come with me.
Maya: Aayat first here go and take bath.
Kunj: hmm. Aayat went with her mother.
Twinkle: and you come here I’ll not give you special invitation card. With puppy face went with Twinkle. Others laughs.
Anjali: so cute of them.
Usha: after days I heard their voice feel so good.
Kunj:looking here and there MAA where is everyone. Nobody is not home.
Usha: well you papa went office and Anant too. Bas.
Kunj: Dev and others.
Usha: oops they went airport today going back Mumbai.
Kunj: ha I don’t know this.
Anjali: humare sleeping beauty😛😛.
Kunj: MAA give me something to have.
Usha: hmm come I’ll give you. Both Ansh and Aayat get ready fully. Come downstairs their mother giving them breakfast. While Usha served breakfast to Kunj. They both sit beside each other.
Kunj: MAA feed me too.
Usha: okay. Usha feeding Kunj while he enjoyed lot after so many days having food from his mother hands.
Anjali: hoo aaj maa or beta hmm😂😂.
Aayat: haa dadi what about us. See our mother and Chachu mother 😛😛😛. Ansh.
Kunj: jalkukdi😂😂😂.
Aayat: in your dreams 😛😛.Chali let’s go out.
Maya: who will complete home work ha nowadays you miss your school.
Ansh: I toh go properly.
Twinkle: bas bas.
Aayat: mamma you didn’t give us return gifts after your and papa party.
Ansh: ha maa.
Maya: I’ll give you afterwards okay.
Kunj: give them 1 rupees candy 😂😂😂.
Usha: kunj is Aayat bas Karo tumdono.
Maya: party was very good thanks everyone.
Anjali: not everyone but only twinkle.
Maya was surprised.
Maya: means?
Usha: whole idea was Twinkle’s only she planned each and everything want to give you surprise so. Maya looks at twinkle. What she thought for her.
Maya: haa I didn’t know that. Thank Twinkle.
Twinkle:hmm. Now you both go. And Kunj when you’ll go office.
Kunj:I’ll not go now after lunch I’ll. I have meeting so.
Twinkle: okay. I’ll prepare lunch.
Ansh: Papa let’s go play games.
Twinkle: now where is your fever. 😠
Ansh: see Papa mamma always scolding me MAA didn’t scold Aayat.
Aayat: my mamma is best 😋.
Anjali: buttering.
Aayat: But My chachi to best 😛. Niki to come here.
Niki: haa Aayat Your chachi is the best absolutely after all very unique chachi Tere liye toh anyhow achi hi hogi.
Aayat: means why? Unique chachi everyone has chachi 🙁.
Kunj: get up from here pidhi go and do your work. (In angry way.)
Aayat: what I did now huhu. They both get up went from here. Kunj get and look at niki.
Kunj: last time I warned you people specially you niki.Don’t dare to speak anyone in front of them. What you want show her haa unique chachi etc.haa
Listen niki. She cut off him.
Niki: what did i said wrong haa. Maya family didn’t love her.
Kunj: acha Good did I tell you this. Neither I tell anyone gives love them and specially her. Well if is Twinkle family or Maya Bhabhi it’s their personal view. Me and Anant Bhaiya enough for them directly and indirectly taunting to maya. Nani ho mama.
Maya: it’s nothing like that kunj.
Kunj: Leave it bhabhi now I don’t want any argument happened. So let be. And moreover
Here my wife will not listen anyone harsh words so be careful I’m not defending her that doesn’t mean. He said this all while looking down.
Maya: nobody telling anything to Twinkle kunj.
Kunj: bhabhi I’m not taking anyone names.
Twinkle:’kunj you go from here.While Twinkle hold his hands take him from here. Very first time he spsaks for her.
Kunj: Twinkle Leave me.
Twinkle: what the need of this haa.
Kunj: nothing I did. In what way niki telling did you Listen twinkle. She purposely makes the things that you and Maya Bhabhi fight with each other’s.
Twinkle: acha tumhari bhabhi doodh peti bachi hai Jeshe she didn’t understand anything kunj.What you think about your bhabhi haa very good and innocent. Nobody is brainless in this world and specially in your house. Bache bhi nahi hai. Twinkle back to her work while Kunj went in lounge started working his work in laptop.
Next side luthra mansion @
Yuvi and Mahi was going hospital for Mahi check up.
Anita: you both go and after check up tell me too. I’m go first club than Sarna Mansion.
Yuvi: okay mom I’ll inform you than I’ll drop Mahi Taneja Mansion okay.
Anita: hmm. Mahi and yuvi sit in car leave for hospital. While in the way.
Mahi: Twinkle Di did arrangement good.
Yuvi: Hmm party was superb.
Mahi: tumhari toh superb hi hogi. After all you four monkey meet na.
Yuvi: in your four monkey your brother too😛. Jab tak suraj Chand rahega teri bezzati karna mera kam rahega😝😝
Mahi: very funny. Soon they both reached hospital. Sit in line after their number comes both went in doctor cabin.
Doctor: come mrs Luthra. They both sit.
How’s you now mahi.
Mahi: fine.
Doctor: I’ll check. After doctor do her check up bp and baby heart beat everything. Come back.
Yuvi: how’s my baby.
Doctor: your baby too good Yuvi and Mahi too. Everything alright. Now Mahi soon you’ll complete 3 months so little bit careful don’t sit with sudden jerk and go for morning walk it’s good for you and baby.
Yuvi: okay doctor I’ll do each and everything.
Doctor: I’ll prescribe you vitamins medicines. Okay. After this Mahi and yuvi sit in their car Yuvi dropping Mahi Tm.
Just than Mahi See Pani puri stall.
Mahi: Yuvraj stop the car.
Yuvi: why??
Mahi: see pani puri I want to eat.
Yuvi: no Mahi it’s not good for you.
Mahi: Yuvi I want bas na please. Baby want to have 😛.
Yuvi: okay baba. Yuvi stop the car they both come out of the car went towards pani puri stall. Mahi was hell happy.
Stallman: what type of pani puri you want.
Mahi: bhaiya make tasty and little bite spicy pani puri for me.
Yuvi: no bhaiya don’t give her spicy.
Stallman: okay. Mahi took the one piece of pani puri in her mouth closed her eyes feel go good😝.
Mahi: hmmmm yummmy Yuvi have it.
Yuvi: hmm. Kunj is right she is too siyappa queen sister. Mahi feed Yuvi pani puri with her hands both enjoy lot. After Yuvi give money to the stall man.
Yuvi:let’s go wifey.
Mahi: hmm thanks. They sit and left for Tm. Soon they reached the Tm. Yuvi directly left for office.
Taneja [email protected]
Mahi went inside the mansion. She gives voice to Leela.
Mahi: MAA where are you. Asha and Leela heard and come downstairs. Mahi sit near side couch.
Leela: Mahi puttar tu.
Asha: Mahi. They both to sit beside her.
Mahi: ha me. Where is Papa.
Leela: Papa went office. How’s you.
Mahi: fine me and yuvraj went hospital for check up.
Asha: what doctor said.
Mahi: everything was good.
Leela: rab ka sukhar hai. I’ll bring juice for you.
Mahi: no not now I’ll take afterwards.
Asha: MAA chinki to admit in hospital.
Leela: haa
Mahi: so finally baby will come.
Leela: haa.
Asha: this Twinkle toh aati hi nahi hai ghar phar huhu.
Leela: hmm even I to miss her.
Mahi: di always busy in house chores.
Leela: last night she left the party in middle Why?
Mahi: don’t know even she didn’t tell us anything too MAA. They all chitchat with each other Leela pampering Mahi.
[email protected]
Kunj was doing his work just than Anjali went near him and sit too.
Anjali: what’s going on. Kunj look at her.
Kunj: work bas di..
Anjali: why you make your face so gloomy.
Kunj: no.
Anjali: don’t feel bad you always tell me.
And what happened to twinkle too. Since from morning I saw her she lost somewhere.
Kunj:I to don’t know di. I asked her lot. Did anyone tell her anything.
Anjali: no I didn’t see. She left the party too.
Kunj: hmm something happened to her.
Hoga kuch Maya Bhabhi aur uska.
Anjali: Hmm.Than you should support her.
Kunj: I did di, but they both are impossible and never improve too. I’m very little things they always fight I and Anant Bhaiya can’t interfere so.I told her many times if she told you don’t talk to her.But not next moment both become friends.
Anjali: maya to understand not always twinkle.
Kunj: ab kya bolu Di.Biwi bi kam nahi hai aur bhabhi bhi.😝
Anjali: not good.
After this they all sit for lunch together.
Without saying anything they had their lunch nicely.
Kunj: okay I’m going.
Kunj went upstairs in his room. Twinkle too come there.
Twinkle: when you’ll come.
Kunj: first let me go.
Twinkle: huhu.
Kunj: aur bata itna muh kyu fula ke rakha hai.
Twinkle: did you care.
Kunj: off course me only. Twinkle fix his shirt collar.
Twinkle: Kunj I want to go MAA house.
Kunj: hoo this is the matter. When you’ll come.
Twinkle: I’ll think first let me go😛😛.
Kunj: okay you when I’ll go for business meeting now I want you around me hold her from her waist.
Twinkle: huhu.I knew it you’ll tell this only.
Kunj: acha ab kya karu I can’t sleep without you😛😛.
Twinkle: hoo buttering.
Kunj: hheheh 😂😂😂. If you want you can go and meet and come back What say.
Twinkle: see. Kunj kiss on her lips and left for office.Huhu bhabhi ka chamcha.
After all work done by Twinkle. She just sitting in her room folding their clothes.
She recalled all maya words make her feel bad. Just than Anjali entered in her room. She went towards twinkle sit beside her.
Anjali: what happened twinkle.
Twinkle: nothing di.
Anjali: don’t lie with me I can see in your eyes anything happened haa. Tell me please anjali hold her hands.
Twinkle: what’ll tell you di it’s normal for me now I’m used too.
Anjali: you are very strong twinkle.
Twinkle: hmm but sometime I too break di. Kunj didn’t see Maya Bhabhi he just thought his bhabhi is the best.
Anjali: haa. You tell chote about her.
Twinkle: i did many time di but Kunj is kunj. I’ll tell you.
Flash [email protected]
Hardly month pass away kunj and twinkle marriage they both just come back from their honeymoon.Maya and Sheetal twinkle same from starting their dungal happened.They work in kitchen normally.
Sheetal: I’ll not do all works.
Maya: even I’m too I’m elder Bahu of this house.
Sheetal: than Twinkle will do it all work.
Twinkle didn’t say anything. While Sheetal and maya just arguing with each other’s.
While twinkle busy in her work. Maya put the salt in dish.
Twinkle: I did my all work.
Maya: what did you mean you did all work.
Who’ll do it this haa.
Twinkle: okay you tell me bhabhi I’ll do it.
Sheetal: and do my work too.
Twinkle: why I’ll do your work. Haa.
Sheetal: Ho hello don’t speak too much in front of me get it.
Twinkle: why you tell me this.
While Bebe come in kitchen they all stop.
Later in nights every was sitting for dinner.
Usha taste the dish.
Usha: yuk who make this haa.
Maya: happened mummy ji.
Usha: you put salt or whole box haa.
Maya: mummy ji I didn’t may be twinkle.
Twinkle: what no I didn’t mummy ji. Maya Bhabhi make.
Usha: stop. All sit for dinner.
In kitchen twinkle wiping her tears.
Maya: listen twinkle how dare you put all blame on me haa.
Twinkle: no bhabhi I didn’t I just tell that you make I didn’t.
Maya: don’t become so smart get it.
Twinkle: why all scolding me always.
Sheetal: see this Maya Bhabhi.
Maya: just because of you mummy ji scold me haa.Usha come there.
Usha: you three of them again started haa. Maya and Sheetal argument with usha telling her so much.
Maya: I’m not everyone servant.
Usha: good who told you this. Haa.
They continue like this while Twinkle standing silently in corner.Usha fed up with them she went in her room in anger.
After Manohar went in room see usha having tears in her eyes. Next side Anant come back from office and Manohar tell him all. He went towards maya asked her. While twinkle went in her room.
Anant: what is this maya.
Maya: I didn’t do anything so don’t dare to asked me at all.
Anant:acha. He scold maya while just than Kunj come back from office see them from behind. He went near them.
Kunj: what happened Anant Bhaiya.
Maya: nothing kunj see your brother he always scold me.
Kunj: But What happens actually.
Maya: kunj Listen this all happened because of twinkle.
Kunj: Twinkle what..,?
Maya: haa she didn’t want to anyone work I’m not her servant who do all work I did kunj. But she always argues with me and today too she put the salt in food and give my name to mummy ji. Still, I didn’t tell anything I know she is new now but after both Sheetal and Twinkle burst on me without my fault.
Anant: and then you all arguments with MAA haa.
Maya: I m not alone they both two just because of twinkle mummy ji cry. After listening this kunj Boiling in anger.
Kunj: what MAA is cry his closed his fist in anger. Maya filling Kunj ears against Twinkl. Kunj went in ushar room but stop and see usha sitting quietly and having tears in her eyes. Kunj didn’t see here and there just went upstairs in their room.
Episode end.
Precape: flash back continue…? Kunj anger.. 😛😛😛😛….

🌸some memories never leave your bones like salt in the sea they become part of your and you carry them. Same like with twinkle life too.🌑

I hope you all like it episode.
So my black and blue mail work it😂😂😂. Thanks for your comments 💗💖💗❤. And miss sunnaina what did you said I’m too self obsessed.more than Aayat and twinkle.
Yes dear 😎😎😎I’m more than them after all I made them so ultimately I’ll too na😝😝😝😝But I’m not self obsessed from face beauty but from heart beauty ♥♥😎😎😎😎. Beauty come from heart not from face, so I’m self obsessed. ❤. Thanks for comments.. I don’t mind😋😛. Let’s see what comes in flash back?sad tears. Ignore any grammatical errors

Bye love you all.

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