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Khubsoorat-A fairy tale with a magical world (Kaanchi#Os)

Hiii dearies….How r u all??🤗🤗🤗This is basically a fairy tale on Kaanchi.In my last os,i asked my lovely commenters for my next writting nd most of the votes were in favour of “Kaala Chashma”.But due to exams i’ll try to post its intro after 16 of this month.

Sorry for grammatical mistakes.Critics nd suggestions r most welcome here.

So let’s start:

Once upon a time there was a kingdom named AHITYAPURAM🕌🕌🕌.The kingdom was very well known for its beautiness because each citizen of this kingdom wasvmore beautiful than any normal person.There was a royal palace in which king 👑👑👑lived with his wife(Jaya) nd daughter(Saanchi).The princess👸👸👸of the kingdom was that much beautifull that the angels of heaven couldn’t compete with her beauty.Even princess was blessed with some magical powers…..if someone forcefully try to touch her he/she will convert into a statue.But she had a disquality of hating ugliness.

One day when princess Saanchi was playing in the garden.Suddenly a bright light beamed nd there appeared an ugly witch(daayan)👹👹👹The witch was dressed in black colour gown with a magic stick in her hand.
Saanchi:Yeeeeeeeehhhh…go away,u ugly lady.
Witch was fuming in anger 😡😡😡after hearing ugly word for her.Her eyes become red as burning coals.
Witch(angrily):U r the most beautiful girl i had ever seen.I will kill u nd then ur beauty will be mine.

She starts her haunted laughing.When witch came forward to harm her she herselfly turned into a statue.

In night,🌃🌃🌃
When Saanchi was sleeping the same witch appeared in her dream nd cursed her that soon her beauty will convert into ugliness.
She opened her eyes nd was badly disturbed by this dream.She decided to forget the dream as tmrrw was a special day for her.

Next day,
The royal palace was decorated with flowers and the whole kingdom was invited for the feast on the occassion of princess Saanchi’s birthday.When everyone was busy in🍸👙🍸🍸 enjoying party,the whole hall covered in green smoke nd when the smoke was gone Saanchi’s beautifull face really converts into an ugly one😱😱😱.Everyone was shocked even Saanchi was sure that it all happened because of that witch’s curse.

With the passage of time,her pride on beauty starts breaking down.There was a time when she was used to spend her most of the time in front of mirror but now she can’t bear a single mirror in her room.😞😞😞

To break this curse,the god send his one of the messenger in the form of a knight and adventrous prince.The prince was very kind nd benevolent.
(The prince is none other than our Kabeer)

Kabeer who was childhood friend of Saanchi decided to propose her for marriage.
One day when Kaanchi were walking in garden Kabeer kneels down and proposed her.
Kabeer:Will u marry me??
Saanchi(teary eyed):No,i can’t…Kabeer u r my closest friendnd i don’t have any right to spoil ur life.😭😭😭I don’t want u to suffer just because of my ugliness…..

Before she could say complete her sentence,he placed his hand on her mouth.

Kabeer:Shhhhh…..I really don’t care whether u r beautiful or not because i loved u not ur beauty nd it’s human nature that we admire beauty not ugliness but for me internal beauty matters nd internally u r beautiful.

Saanchi:Thank u Kabeer for teaching me this lesson.

Kabeertook her hand nd kissed it…a wonder happened soon she get her beauty again.Now she was free from witch’s curse.

After this,they married to each other and after one year of marriage the couple was blessed with a girl Kaanchi nd they lived happily.

Guys!!It was my first attempt to write a fairy tale .I know it was totally a crap but thank u for reading this.🤗🤗
Take care 😊😊😊

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