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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul learns Gauri’s dream

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Namrata laughing on Gauri’s dream. She says why would I run after Lakhan, he troubles you, you would have beaten him, why would I, its a nonsense dream, come. Gauri says maybe because of the stress. She sees the mole on her feet and asks her about it. Namrata says its since birth. Gauri asks her Nakshatra. Namrata tells her Nakshatra. She says dad told me about this Nakshatra, it means you are the person who can keep the shivlings back in temple, along with me, I have the same mole on my foot. Namrata says we have come to find shivling, we can take it back, come. Gauri thinks its good Namrata is the second person chosen by Lord, we will take shivling back to village. Namrata thinks shivling will go with me to London.

The lady does puja. She sees the saint’s

bag and finds shivlings. She calls Guru ji and says a Sadhu left his bag here and didn’t come back to take it, the bag has three shivlings, I m scared, how to leave it out. Guru ji says don’t be scared, Shivlings is like Lord, pray to them and keep one at home, send two shivling to temple. She agrees. She places one shivling in her house and prays. Latika injects Thakur and talks to Namrata. Namrata asks her to be alert of Lakhan, Gauri’s dreams come true, he shouldn’t do anything. Latika says don’t worry, I m giving them dose, but till when will this go on, we have a lot, we should go from here. Namrata says I want Rahul and will go with him. Latika says Rahul will get us arrested.

Rahul and Gauri have tea at stall. He says so just you and Namrata can get shivling back, so we are wasting energy, you go them. She says this is my devotion, you just joke about it. He says this is blind faith, you can’t believe this, we all have to find shivling. Gauri says I know about two shivlings. He asks what. She says promise me you won’t tell anyone, I thought you will tell Yashpal. He says I won’t say, tell me where is Shivling. She says I saw a lot in dream, school boys picked the two shivlings, their badge had school name and address written. He asks why didn’t you tell this to me last night, we are not late, we should leave now, come. Latika says Thakur will get habituated to this medicine and this won’t affect him then. She goes out. Thakur struggles to get free. A beggar comes. Lady asks him to leave the bag in nearby temple. The beggar takes the bag. He sits eating food. He opens the bag and sees shivlings. He keeps shivlings aside and uses the cloth to cover himself. He goes.

Rahul messages Yashpal. Namrata says Gauri you told me nonsense and not this imp thing, what are you doing Rahul. He says nothing, I also told Gauri she should have told this last night, we would have got shivling. Yashpal gets Rahul’s message and says two kids have shivlings, we should leave. Namrata calls Latika and informs her about shivlings. Latika tells Thakur that Namrata will get two more shivlings. She leaves. Thakur cuts the ropes. Rudra is also on the way. Latika drives to the school. Shivlings are kept there.

Rudra hits a school bus, which reaches the end of the cliff.

Update Credit to: Amena

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