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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni and Shorvari to repent for their past sins through fasting

Dil Se Dil Tak 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parth and Shorvari try to cheer Teni but she doesn’t laugh. Ipshita begins to cry, Teni gets cheerful again and says their attempt was good but joking is only Teni’s department.
Indu was crying in the room. Baa tries to calm her down, Mohini says it’s a mother’s heart. Her children have rendered her helpless today. Indu suggests about visiting their Guru’s aashram. Baa likes the idea and says they might find a way out from such problems. Mohini says Parth would never accept that he is mistaken marrying twice. Indu says she will speak to Parth and girls now. Dada ji says she might leave right away.
In the aashram, the Guru says sin is when you have something in soul and mind and you don’t express it. You must repent for whatever sin you have hidden inside you, it will get you

some power to fight all the troubles. Shorvari accepts in front of Guru ji that she is guilty of hiding a lot of things from Parth about her ailment, she lied to him and misbehaved as well. She still feels bad about it. Teni also accepts doing something and says she fall in love with a married man unintentionally even when Shorvari hadn’t fallen ill. Shorvari and everyone else were shocked to hear this confession. Guru ji says whatever they did was wrong, they should repent by fasting for it. Shorvari takes blessings from Guru and turns around with eyes filled in tears. Teni comes to her but she walks away.
Teni finds Shorvari crying in her room and comes to ask her the reason she was lost in the temple. Shorvari says she always thought Teni left all her dreams behind to marry Parth and accompanied him. But when she came to know she already loved Parth, it felt strange. She didn’t make her realize this ever. Teni reminds Shorvari she told her about her love for Parth in the hospital, but may be Shorvari was given sedatives then. She promises to never break her trust and hide anything from her. Shorvari was weepy and says Teni has equal right over whatever she owns. Teni tells Shorvari that she will have to repent for any of her false intentions ever in life. Parth comes to confirm if they want to fast this? He convinces they haven’t committed any sin that they have to fast. He reminds Shorvari of a huge sacrifice she gave for their relation. He calls Teni’s intentions as pure. Indu comes in and tells Parth to let them fast if they consider it important to lighten their soul. She instructs them the way of fasting which is a little difficult.
Mohini overhears their conversation and smirks that they are losing courage through her first trick.
The next morning in temple, the elders instruct Shorvari and Teni prepare for fast and pooja. Teni repeats as Shorvari reads the verses from a booklet. They turn to go inside the temple but the ladies there recognize them and stop their way not to let them enter the temple. Teni argues if their father’s own this temple.

PRECAP: Parth and Dada ji were worried. Parth tells everyone that Priya has filed a case against them that either he divorces one of his wife or give her right as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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