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50 shades of Kaanchi -part 5

Hey guys here comes the next part 🙂

Pragya and Saanchi go to the hospital, while isha goes to the uni. On the afternoon she will assist karan in the office.

So Saanchi and Pragya have a relaxed day… In the afternoon Pragya meets up with Veer..

Veer: Hey How are you?

Pragya: Fine. You know about last, night…………. I…

Veer: Don`t say anything. Honestly for me it wasn`t a mistake. What about continuing this relation? As bf and gf? 😉

Pragya: Yes … 🙂

Veer: Come let us drink a coffee

Pragya: Sure

So while drinking coffee:..

Veer: So Pragya.. You should know some things about me…

Pragya(thinks: shit! Is he also a psycho like kabir? No god please don`t let him be like that): What exactly?

Veer: Oh.. Its just .. You know my dad died very early and my mother was all alone with me.. then she decided to adopt a 4 year old child and that is how kabir got related to me.. Even though we aren`t brothers by blood I respect and love him like a brother…  But you probably know through saanchi that kabir doesn`t have a fix gf and that there were many girls in his life.. I want you to know that I am  different…. Even the incident last night.. I don`t regret it… I once had a gf for 5 years…

Pragya thinks: 5 YEARS !!!!  Thats too much.. he is still in love with her for sure.. So pragya forget this guy.. this is not going to work

Veer: But that girl… Carol.. Somehow got into a relation with Kabir… She herself wanted it… And soon she got depressive and now she is in a psychatric clinic… I couldn`t even blame Kabir as he told me about it… But since then I didn`t ever commit..You know I don`t know what exactly Kabir is doing with the girls.. but whatever it is.. They all get depressive .. I only wanted you to know so that you can warn saanchi…

Pragya: Thank you Veer. Saanchi is actually in love  I think.. She is normally very careful, but i think this time she really fell in  love.. But I will try to convince her.

Veer: Good…

Meanwhile in Karan Oberois office:

Karan: Hey Isha! How are you!

Isha: Fine Sir.

Karan: Oh come on you can call me Karan

Isha: No it`s oke..

Karan: Fine here are some appointments which you will have to organize. Here my timetable… and ….

So Isha is busy with paperwork…What is Saanchi doing?

Saanchi is in hospital and works in emergency ward with raghav her superior

Raghav: So now there is a break.. Come we can discuss some diseases in a coffee shop

Saanchi: Oke

So both go to the nearby coffeeshop and after discussing a while raghav gets more personal, but then Kabir enters the coffee shop.. Saanchi doesn`t see him as she sits with the back to the door.

Kabir sees her and comes to raghav first

Saanchi was shocked to see him

Kabir: Hello raghav. What exactly are you doing here with your intern

Raghav: we were discussing some diseases

Kabir: Ah oke..So Saanchi How about going out now? Isn`t your shift finished anyway?

Raghav: Wait I have to confirm when her shift ends, and how do you know each other?

Before Saanchi could say anything, Kabir put his hand on her shoulders and says: I`m her boyfriend! So excuse us now please

Raghav almost spit his coffee  and Saanchi stared at Kabir….

But Kabir ignored their stares and helped saanchi to get up and rushed outside with her.

Saanchi: What exactly was that Kabir?

Kabir: What? I just said the truth…

Saanchi: But Raghav is my boss! He is my supervisor! He.. Ah you don`t understand…Because of this he will reduce my marks for sure..

Kabir: Why should he Saanchi! Come on; After all I am the head your college and hospital anyway

Saanchi: Stop it! I really want to achieve my marks on my own Kabir! I don`t want your help! Please. It`s my career.

Kabir: Oke Oke But now lets go. I will bring you to your home.

Saanchi: Oke..

In the evening when Isha was about to leave:

Karan: wait please… Come I will drop you off

Isha: Oh thats not necessary sir.

Karan : It is…

So in the car they both enjoyed a small chitchat. Then Pragya phoned:

Isha!! Come quicker please ..I just made pasta.. Saanchi isn`t home either.. If you both don`t come in the next sec. I will start to eat

Isha: I am almost there Pragya! Cool down.

Finally Karan stopped infront of the appartement. From the other side another car… a sportscar also stopped… It was half open and karan and isha could see saanchi and kabir

Saanchi to kabir: So .. bye. Thanks for dropping 🙂

Kabir; No problem… Don`t forget tomorrow is friday..

Saanchi: You already said that in the morning .. Goodnight

Kabir: Goodnight

Isha also tells her boss goodbye. but he was still observing saanchi and kabir,,

Isha and saanchi hug and go into the appartement where pragya was already waiting with pasta.

After the dinner:

Saanchi: Girls.. From tomorrow eve on till Sunday eve i won`t be here.. I will stay at kabir`s place

Isha and pragya: What? Sanchi are you sure you are saying this? I mean 2 nights?

Saanchi: Yes I am sure…(thinks: I hope so atleast..)

So everyone went sleeping after a long talk… Pragya told Saanchi about the things veer told her today.. Saanchi felt insecure but she knew that kabir is different with her.. At least she hoped that she might be different for him… She needs him

The next day in the evening Kabir took Saanchi and her small suitcase home… At the top of christina college and hospital

He brought her to the red playroom.. which consists of a bed and some creepy things.

Kabir: I will fold your eyes.. You can say stop whenever you want…

Saanchi was very nervous but she completely trusted him

So he let her feel very erotic, and after they made out he carried her to her room… a separate room now…

She was very tired and she wasn`t able to move anything as everything hurted…. although it was pleasure first now she feels pain

The next day Kabir took Saanchi out and they both spend some time in a restaurant. Kabir was feeling more and more attracted to her.. but not just physically.. her laughter her smile… everything about her .. he never observed anyones gestures this detailed but now… he just can`t get his eyes off her.  And he also can`t bear anyone elses eyes on her…

Saanchi also felt a difference in his stare… First it was only lustful and intense.. but now .. was that love in his eyes ?

Precap: Relation between karan and kabir…. 

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