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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Saransh asking Rudraksh what should he call him, Papa or uncle. Rudraksh says no, call me Rudraksh or Rudra. Saransh says mum will scold you, she doesn’t want me to call elders by name, I m getting bored, shall I play songs. Rudraksh plays fm. Saransh changes the channel. They argue and switch channels. Saransh says this is my fav song. Rudraksh sees him and recalls Rajeev. Saransh tells the same thing and acts like Rajeev. Rudraksh says I see Prisha in him and sometimes he looks like Rajeev. Yuvraj says Saransh, what shall I do that I get you back. His assistant gets summon and says judges’ governing body has called you. Yuvraj asks why, what’s the matter, fine, you may go, give me my coat. He goes to meet the panel. He asks why this committee meeting. The man says we want to talk about your verdict, why did you punish Prisha with death sentence, its given when crime is big. Yuvraj says yes, a man has died, Prisha has accepted it. The man asks did she accept that she did the murder, the judgement had to be biased since she is your fiancee. Yuvraj says it was a brutal murder so I have punished her, how am I biased.

The man says we have the details of the case, the lawyers didn’t argue, you gave the verdict in 10 mins. The man says Prisha is a doctor by profession, her record is fine, how can you prove that she did the accident, law is bigger than anybody, we can’t tolerate this, we remove you from judge post, your license is also cancelled, you can’t have any legal practice. Yuvraj says I understand, I accept my mistake, such a big step, I will give a written apology, don’t ruin my career. The man says the decision has been taken, you can go now. Yuvraj gets shocked.

Rudraksh gets Saransh home. Saransh likes the big house and asks shall I see the entire house. Ahana stops him and gets angry. She asks why did you get this boy, this dirt. Balraj asks who is this kid. Rudraksh says I got him. Ahana asks have you lost it, why did you get him here, have you forgotten that Saransh is Prisha’s child, how dare you, you helped me in expelling him from school. Rudraksh says call him Saransh, he didn’t do anything, his mum is a murderer. Maa asks how could his family send him with you. Rudraksh says they had to, Saransh will stay here with all of us. Balraj asks what. Ahana asks have you completely lost it, this is our house, not any Dharamshala. Rudraksh says I know its our house. Balraj says why did you get him, take him away.

Rudraksh says he will stay here, sorry, I have taken the decision. Balraj shouts. Ahana asks what’s wrong with you, you used to take stand for Rajeev, this boy isn’t Rajeev, he isn’t related. Rudraksh says he is related. Mishika says I m sure Rudra has a strong reason, he has to tell me, I m his would be wife, why did he get the boy here. Rudraksh says because…. I love his cute face, look at him. Balraj says enough of this nonsense, since Rajeev went, you are dominating, I was in guilt, remember I m the same Balraj Khurana, head of the family, I have right to decide, this boy won’t stay here, take him away. Rudraksh asks him is this his last decision, if Saransh goes, then he will also leave. They get shocked.

Rudraksh says you lost a son and other will also go, sorry Maa I can’t listen to you this time. Balraj says stop, you are taking advantage of our love, its wrong, fine, you can keep this boy here if you want, but remember this boy will get a house, not a family, he will never become part of my family. Rudraksh says your wish. He takes Saransh to his room. Prisha asks how can they do this. Yuvraj asks how would I know, I got the summon and I got removed from judge post, I can’t practice law, my career and hardwork got over. She asks did you talk to dad, he can help. Yuvraj thinks how will he help me if he can’t save you. He says he is worried for you, I have to save you and get Saransh’s custody, what happened, is he fine. She says I have given Saransh’s full custody to Rudraksh, so Rudraksh is his dad legally. He asks what, you gave full custody to Rudraksh, are you mad, how can you do this, he hates you, don’t know how he will keep Saransh.

She says he won’t do anything, he married me for Saransh’s sake, he thinks Saransh is Rajeev and my son, he doesn’t know about Mahima, I will get punished and won’t be with Saransh, he will take good care of him. Yuvraj gets a call and says yes, fine. He says sorry, I have imp work, I have to go. She asks him to go and meet Saransh once, she is worried, he will be glad to meet. He leaves. He gets angry and asks am I your dad’s slave to go and meet Saransh, shall I do his aarti, let him die, you die here, my life is ruined. He cries. Saransh says so many things together, its fine, did you take mum’s permission, she doesn’t allow me junk food.

Rudraksh asks who is she to order me. Saransh says your wife, she can order you. Rudraksh says I give order to everyone, eat it. Saransh says you look like a vampire when you get angry. Rudraksh says stop it and eat. Saransh says such a big cupboard for me. Rudraksh says this is your room, I made this room ready for you. Saransh says you are so nice and hugs him. Rudraksh recalls Rajeev and gets emotional. He goes to washroom and cries. He says I felt its Rajeev hugging me, he should have been here to see all this, he would have been happy, he isn’t here because of Prisha, I get angry seeing Prisha in him, Prisha will get hanged, she will die, then there won’t be any problem.
Balraj asks Rudraksh to take medicines. Saransh takes care of Rudraksh. He plays pranks on Rudraksh. Prisha is taken for the punishment. Rudraksh is getting married to Mishika. Saransh gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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