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Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Iti And Yug’s Joyful Outing

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Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yug wakes up in the morning reminiscing his mission of ending akdu/Iti’s sadness. He gets ready eearly. Shanti says he wakes up late when he has school, what happened today. He says he is going to end Udasin’s udasi/sadness today and runs away picking rotis. He goes to buy doll house from a shop and hearing vendor quoting 5000 rs thinks its more than his yearly school fees. He makes a doll house with the help of his friends, the gets into Iti’s room via balcony and wakes her up sprinkling water from lotus flower. Iti wakes up. He says this is the way to wake her up and gifts her lotus. She doesn’t smile even then. He says she is so akdu and asks if she ever gone out and enjoyed in rain with friends, etc.. She doesn’t smile even then. He says he has a surprise for her and extends his hand. She holds his hand. He takes her out and shows her doll house. She smiles. He says this doll house is for the doll he gifted that day and introduces his friends Meva, Kashi, and Bansuri. He then asks her to thank him. She stands silent even then. Bansuri says his new friend cannot speak. Yug says no girl in the world can be silent, soon she will also speak. He takes her on his cycle and buys her ice gola, she doesn’t smile even then. He then buys her candy floss and pays vendor 10 rs. Vendor asks 30 rs more. He says he will serve as an assistant. Vendor takes back candyfloss. Yug takes Iti on cycle again to his favorite place.

Pankaj takes Devguru and Bhavini towards his house in his car and asks Devguru if he regularly visits Prayagraj. Devguru says often to get cosmic energy, but this time he came to take his devi along and nobody can stop him. He asks what happened to his daughter. Pankaj says after a fire accident, her daughter got a mental shock and doesn’t speak after that. Devguru asks him to show his daugther’s pic. Pankaj shows, but phone gets off. Devguru says looks like phone’s battery drained, he will see his daughter at home itself.

Yug takes Iti to his favorite place lake and goes to get lotus flowers for her. She sees snake crawling towards him and with great difficulty calls his name and says snake. Yug jumps into water and comes out holding snake and says its his friend nagraj. He asks her name. She says Iti. Their chatting continues when Devguru’s aide identifies Iti as Devi and calls Bhavini. Pankaj takes Devguru and Bhavini home and when they are about to enter in, Bhavini gets aide’s call that Devi is near lake. Bhavini informs Devguru who leaves hurriedly telling Pakaj that his daughter and house are lucky to him as he found his devi and his blessings will always be on his daughter.

Aide holds Iti’s feet and pleads to accompany him. Yug thinks him as child kidnapper and escapes with Iti. Aide follows them. Yug with his friends’ help punishes aide and shoos dog on him. Aide runs away. Devguru reaches lake and finding Iti’s footsteps on a stone bends in front of it. Aide informs Bhavini that a mischievous boy took away Devi. Devguru’s friend from New York comes to meet him.

Precap: Yug seeing Iti happy says he can do anything for her happiness. Iti wears masks and runs along Yug. Devguru lifts stone with devi’s footprint and walks around Prayagraj. His feet bleed and he falls down. Iti stands in front of him. He says he knew she would come and extends hand to remove her mask.

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