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RadhaKrishn 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Raises A City Of Dwarka

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RadhaKrishn 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Balram asks Krishna why he is not letting him hear about the place where his wedding will happen. Krishna says he is building that place, so decision is up to him. Balram thinks Krishna’s leela is unique. Rukmini informs her friend that she saw a divine place just like devnagari in her dream. Revathi informs same to Radha and says Krishna promised to build that divine place for her and Balram’s wedding, she is eager to see that place. Radha thinks Krisha infused her thought in Rukmini’s mind so that he can build the place according to her wish.

Krishna provokes Balram to fight with Jarasand’s soldiers. Balram alone defeats many soldiers and warns them to go and inform their king Jarasand not to mess up with him. He then insists Krishna to tell him about Dwarka. Soldier informs that king Ugrasen is calling them. Krishna with Balram walks to Ugrasen and asks reason for calling them. Ugrasen hands him over raja Kukudmi’s letter which states they cannot perform Balram and Revathi’s wedding in Kaushalshtali as Jarasand has sent a warning to each kindom to not support Mathura. Ugrasen asks where will they perform Balram and Revathi’s wedding now. Krishna says in Mathura. Balram says Krishna has found a place already.

Vishwakarma creates Dwarka city under water. Krishna with Balram reaches there. Vishwakarma greets him and says he built the city according to Radha’s imagination and it is more beautiful than Golok, Vaikunta, or any other devlok. Krishna invites all gods and requests Mahadev to establish a river like Ganga in Dwarka, requests Kuber to establish his kalash there, Brahmadev to establish his lotus flower there, Swaraswati to leave her veena there, etc. All gods oblige. Balram says he cannot wait to see Dwarka now. Dwarka emerges with Krishna’s permission, and everyone there rejoice watching it. Peacock feather from there flies and reaches Radha indicating divine place is already built.

Precap: Radha gets ready for Balram and Revathi’s wedding.
Krishna hopes she doesn’t attend wedding, Radha gets sad hearing that. Sishupal tells Jarasand that he will accompany him to Balram’s wedding and will Rukmini’s forehead with Krishna’s blood.

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