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Manmohini 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Amar kills Devki Dai

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Manmohini 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Dai Maa looks for Panday Nivas in the streets.

Shiv stops Amar from leaving. Amar says its ok, he can manage. Shiv insists that he can’t take any risks after last night, Amar will have to stay with him in the room. Amar was in a hurry. Ananya brings milk for Amar with almonds. Shiv tastes each almond. Amar thinks this man is extremely frustrating, he needs to kill Dai Maa and this man won’t spare him. Ananya says Amar is lucky as he is getting to stay in this room; she isn’t allowed to stay for a few hours as well. Amar says it is true that they aren’t yet married. Ananya and Shiv smiles. Ananya says she and Shiv have accepted each other as spouses, and this marriage, mangal sooter and Sindoor is only to show the world. Ananya says she can prove it and challenges Amar for a fist fight.

Shiv was on Amar and Ananya both’s side. Amar gets a call from Sunanda and leaves. Outside, Sunanda tells Amar that Devki has reached the street, their task is urgent. They spot Shiv coming outside. Shiv wonders what they are doing together with each other, he had forbidden Amar to go near the witch.
Dai Maa rings the bell of Panday Nivas. Shiv goes to check who is on the door. Sunanda hurries from behind that she would see. She hits him and his file bag falls on the floor. She hurries to open the door but Shiv replies he will open the door, he is already leaving for office. He asks her to pick her phone up.

Shiv unlocks the door. There was no one outside. Shiv wonders who was ringing the bell, there is no one outside. Sunanda silently thinks that Amar jumped off the window and timely got hold of Dai Maa. Sunanda tells Shiv it must be street kids. Shiv gets on his scooter. Amar appears stuffing Dai Maa’s mouth from behind, Dai Maa struggling against his grip but being dragged away. She screams Shiv’s name finally after stepping over Amar’s foot. Shiv was startled and turns around. Amar had dragged Dai Maa behind. He wonders why it felt like Dai Maa was here.

Amar brings Dai Maa into a store room. She looks towards Amar’s face and says Shiv won’t spare him.
Shiv gets on his bike without following Dai Maa. He spots a No Entry board in front of him.
Amar pulls out a huge dagger and says Shiv would only take an action when he knows about her.
Shiv had forgotten his phone in the room and comes inside. Amar attacks on Dai maa, a spring of blood fills his face while Dai Maa screams and suffers. Amar pulls the dagger out. Sunanda stood right there and tells Amar to go outside, she will take care of her body.

After Amar had gone out, Sunanda laughs devilishly. She says this time, only she will win this game. She sits with Dai Maa and plays with her blood, laughing that Amar is her heir whom she waited all her life. She covers Dai Maa’s body with a shawl.

Shiv tries Dai Maa’s number and was suspicious why Dai Maa is not replying. Ananya comes outside and asks why Shiv didn’t leave for office. Shiv says he is tensed. Amar comes from behind and tells Shiv Dai Maa has gone to a temple, she called him that she is fine. Shiv was relieved. Amar hugs Shiv. Ananya joins the hug. Amar deliberately holds her hand at Shiv’s back which she withdraws.

Ananya spots blood spot on Amar’s hand. Shiv also looks towards him suspiciously. Amar looked uncomfortable, remembering the spring that fall over him. Ananya tells Shiv not to look at it. Shiv says it’s only her blood that turns him evil. He inquires Amar where this blood came from. Ananya asks where he was hurt. Amar looks behind and spots a nail, hurting his shoulder deliberately. Shiv spots his back and drags him inside out of care. In the room, Shiv bandages Amar’s back. Ananya sensed his false intention and was uncomfortable of Amar’s stare.

Shiv gets a phone call. He signals Ananya for a shirt. Shiv doesn’t speak well on phone call. Ananya and Amar insist on Shiv to take the call, he can’t regularly miss his office. Shiv asks Ananya to take care of his brother. Ananya assures Shiv she will take care of him. Ananya also turns to leave. Amar requests Ananya turmeric milk, Dadi thinks it heals quickly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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