Internet Wala Love 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update

Internet Wala Love 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadu telling Rupa that Jai had a fight in the pub, Vihaan called. Rupa thinks Aadhya must have trapped him. She tells that she will come with him. Inspector comes to the Pub and says you had become hero that day in the Police station. Jai asks him to punish him badly that so that he don’t believe anyone. He takes out his pain and hugs Dadu. He takes Aadhya’s name. Rupa gives money to the guy with whom Jai had a fight and also to the manager. Inspector leaves him with a warning. Shubhankar thinks of PK confessing love for Aadhya. Aadhya covers him with Shawl and asks him to drink tea. Shubhankar refuses. Aadhya says I am going tomorrow and tells that she has hidden few things from him, but will never break his trust. Shubhankar is still upset. Aadhya is about to go. Shubhankar calls and hugs her. He says I couldn’t digest the fact that you have hidden something from me. Aadhya cries and says sorry. She tells that she wants to talk to both of them. Shubhankar and Diya looks on. Vihaan and Rajat bring him home. Rupa blames Aadhya. Dadu asks him to see his condition. Rupa thinks atleast he is freed from her clutches. Aadhya comes to the office and thinks she has cried a lot and made her eyes swollen. She wears googles to hide her eyes. Jai talks to the Tanisha and tells that he wants to handle the show solo. A colleague asks why is she wearing googles? Aadhya says she has eye infection and tells that she has resigned and came for last time. Colleague asks where she has taken up the job. Aadhya says it is not final yet. Jai tells that she might be at peace and that’s why she is leaving this sorted job. Aadhya gives her file to Tanisha. Jai is about to drop Hot tea on his hand. Vihaan asks him to be careful. Jai asks where is she going? Vihaan says he doesn’t know.

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