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Walking Together Through The Memory Lane – Episode 19 (Samaina FF)

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19. Will Sameer meet Naina?

[August 8, 2016, 5.20 PM]

When Sameer asked Naina what she will do if he meet him then and Naina replied that she would be the happiest person that makes Sameer smile wheras Naina felt his presence in her surrounding.

A hand pats on Naina’s shoulder. Naina feels shocked and happy and she turns to the see the person, whether it was Sameer but to her shock, it is a stranger of almost her father’s age

The stranger – “Hi, You’re Naina Agarwal, Niece of Anand. Am I right?”

Naina – “Yeah. You’re Dr. Shantanu, right?”

The Stranger – “Yes. Your uncle’s friend. I was his classmate when he did his MBBS course”

Naina – “Oh, II have seen the photo of yours and Chachu”

Shantanu – “I have visited your house years ago and you were too little. As years passed, he left his doctor profession and becomes a bank manager and I got transferred to Mumbai, so we lost touch. Recently I settled here. So, in thought of visiting you guys, but surprisingly I met you. I am going to your home only, shall I drop you?”

Sameer was looking behind a pillar of the shop covering his face with a scarf with his eyes  exposing his fear. There are thoughts running in his mind… Seems like it is her relative. What if he sees me? My chapter is close… Shall I run away? My plan has spoiled because….

Whereas Naina denies his offer, saying, “I have some more work uncle, Swati has called me to her house.”

Shantanu bids and leaves.

Sameer breathes out in relief. He goes a little far from the shop and she sees the surroundings. It was a less busy road with a Bus Stand nearby.

Naina comes out of the shop and enters the Bus Stand. Naina knows she hasn’t talked to Sameer much because of the improper routine in the morning. She didn’t speak much in Auto too so she decide to stand at Bus stop. Sameer too follows her as it was not crowded, he removed his scarf and stands at a shop, some 50 metres far from Naina. Naina calls Sameer.

Naina – “Are you really here, Sameer?”

Sameer – “No no…”

Second thoughts arise to his mind whether some problems would arise because of this… What if someone see us?… So, he denies by message….But still he was watching Naina and gets proud as she is spending time for him to message him and feels guilty too as he didn’t understood her value in the past and hurted her like using her as a toy. His eyes glitters.

They had some friendly conversations. Then, Sameer – “Where are you now?” Naina – “I am at bus stand”. Sameer – “At bus stop, Where?” Naina is confused why was he asking such questions, whether if he going to meet her, but thats not possible as he is miles apart from the place… Naina said the detailed location to her. Sameer – “Naina, I am standing at a shop 50 metres away”.

Naina is shocked to see the message. She was extremely happy… She is going to meet Sameer now… She didn’t know how to react.

Naina: Even now I could feel the incident is happening in front of eyes.  When he said 50 metres far from me, I couldn’t contain excitement as I was running like I am running at Marathon. I run so fast to see him..

Sameer: After seeing her, I was scared, anxious… I don’t know how to react after seeing Naina running towards me…But I felt I was sure if I see Naina there, I would get flat (unconsciousness) due to all my nervousness, anxiety, shock and surprises…. So, I ran away from the Bus stand to outside…

Sonakshi: Fools….You didn’t even utilized that moment.

Naina: Seriously, you couldn’t understand that moment. Everyone who are in long-distance relationship could understand the moment. We could not even seen our other half for long time and when we get to know suddenly, the feel is priceless seriously. For that 10 second feel moment, we can stay in long-distance relationship.

Sameer: I was like, I saw Naina after long time. That is enough.. So, I ran from the bus stand…

Naina: After seeing him not there in the shop, I run even more distance to see him… I was so desperate to look at him…But he was not there… Then I messaged him and then he said that he was just playing…

Sameer: I was standing at temple near the bus stand… I felt like I was stealing some gold jewels from the shop with full of fear in my face. My shirt was wet out of sweat seriosuly..

Naina: I was disappointed after hearing that it was just a foul play. I got angry or tensed and asked him why he played with me…He apologized.. But I didn’t yell at him. Because I don’t want to lose him again in my life by yelling at him. I know the pain of seperation in these 2 months. 

Naina: Oh, Its ok, Sameer. I thought you would meet me.I was so happy you know. Let it be..

Saying that she comes out of bus stand….. She looks at sides with a useless hope.

Sameer was standing at little distance with his face half revealed.

I didn’t exact pic but it looks like this somewhat

She looks at him standing with phone at his ears. She was silent and moves little near him… He was also not speaking. Naina was not sure that he was Sameer or not. She doubt it might be her illusion. To test that, She speaks in phone – “Hello.” He too replies with hello. Naina gets a bit confirmed that it was Sameer by seeing the lip sync.

She goes near him and in a husky voice and says – “Sameer…”.  He replies – “Naina…” She hears the same word from her phone and also from the man standing in front of her. She confirms that it was Sameer…..🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Naina: Thats it, I was freezed…. I was like to jump with joy… You know onething, Sonakshi. He said that he trembled and feared to talk and so he ran away, but he was standing strongly… No fear in his face… All actings… (pouts)

Sameer: No didi… Only I know how much fear and shock I am enduring inside… Its like ‘Building Strong Basement Weak’. I was not coming in front of her, Only because of fear… I don’t know why…

Naina: I could understand that… He was so shy to flirt with me in the beginning… Even in the meeting, he was childish and hilarious but still he was timid to talk. Even I am not such brave to talk in front of him… We met at carnival as friends with our friends… But here the situation is different

Sonakshi: Ok, guys… Finally you’ve met… But why so many dramas in meeting scenario itself.

Naina: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Sonakshi… Tum nahi samjhao (Something Something will happen, you will not get it, Sonakshi)

Naina and Sameer smiles blushingly. Sonakshi couldn’t understand them..

Naina – “I am behind you, Sameer.” (Janam Janam starts to play)

Sameer looks back and sees Naina in shock… He has mixed feelings. He didn’t smile also not fades the smile…They had a eye lock with the call in line

Naina DREAMS hugging Sameer tightly and crying and confessing that “I missed your voice, I missed your smile, I missed your aura, Sameer…. Now you are in front of me, Sameer”

Sameer DREAMS of confessing his love to Naina – “Distance is just a test of how far can love travel. I love you Naina. Naina accepts his love and they had a romantic dance in the rain, he imagines dancing with Naina.

He IMAGINES Naina kisses Sameer.

(Janam Janam song ends)

Sameer and Naina come from their own world to the reality. Naina realizes that it was the place where her relatives live and decides to hide somewhere with Sameer. She enters the nearby temple and in phone she ask him to come. Sameer enters the temple and Naina covers her face with shawl.

Sameer sits silently wheras Naina is smiling at him. Sameer still don’t get any words to start the conversation. Naina – “Can you take me for a bike ride, Sameer?”

Sameer didn’t expected such a Request from Naina. Wheras Naina want to utilize this situation with Sameer. She don’t know when will they meet next time, She don’t know what will happen next ?

Sameer asked Naina to wait for few time and goes to Naina’s college and take his bike.

(Zara Zara Bahekta Hai starts to plays)

Sameer comes with his bike and hair strands move on the wind while he adjusts by moving it behind, Naina just adore that attitude of Sameer.  She felt that she was falling for Sameer.

Sameer calls Naina to come by forwarding his hands. For Naina, it looks like, he expands his shoulders to fix her in a hug.

She blushes…

Naina’s thought were broken  when, “Come soon, Naina…Its time now.” – Sameer calls..

Sameer rides the bike and Naina hold his shoulders and feels his warmth and lies on head on him.

Sameer drives slower to feel her essence and  make her sit comfortable.

After going a ride for fifteen minutes, Sameer and Naina go to Bus Stand. (Zara Zara ends)

[6.30 PM]

Sameer – “Naina, I’m leaving…”

Naina – “Please Sameer… Stay for ten more minutes… Within ten minutes another bus will come…”

Sameer – “Okay Naina. But how will you reach home? What if your family search you?”

Naina – “Don’t worry, Sameer. I messaged them that I am with Swati and Swati would manage everything.”

Sameer takes a card from his shirt fabric and opens it and show it to Naina. It was a apologies letter made by him asking her apologies and promsies her that he won’t be the old Sameer that Naina seen for the past one year.

Naina fakes her anger. Sameer asks apologies by holding his hear.

Naina smiles and Sameer too. Sameer gazes at Naina and when Naina turns towards Sameer, he turns back and Naina gaze him. They didn’t speak anything but their eyes speak tons.

Naina does nothing except blushing as she don’t know what to speak. She didn’t let Sameer to go away her also.

[7 PM]

Sameer gets into the bus as it was getting even more late. Sameer bids her bye. Naina becomes dull and bids. After the bus go,

Naina cries with no reason. She felt guilty that she could not utilize the chance to the fullest. She is going to miss Sameer. Tears flow out like falls. Sameer, in the bus messages her – “I _____ you”

She gets the message and smiles. She understood that he has confessed his love. She smiles  with tears and replies “What?”  Sameer replies the same “I _____ you”

Naina futher didn’t reply as she was confused as what to do next…. Her family didn’t like Sameer and Sameer’s family didn’t like Naina…How much years this relationships goes on phone?….

Naina replies – “I like you too”

Naina thinks – “I know you are telling I love you to me, Sameer. But I wish it to hear from you.”

To be continued…..


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