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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Devi sumati’s husband after dying becomes alive again.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata laxmi explaining ganesh that when devraj failed to meet sumati then he went to tridev’s asking for help.
Tridev come to meet sumati while rishi wonders inspite i did meditation for so long years tridev never emerged for me & they have come for this woman which i do not understand what kind of meditation or devotion she has.
Sumati goes to meet tridev’s while her husband is feeling appreciated about her devotion towards him that tridev’s have come to meet her.
Tridev’s tells her to please release sun god from your promise but she tells them that i will if you tell rishi mangav to take back his curse towards my husband but they tell her we can’t do this because if anybody has achieved this power to curse then only due to his deep meditation which we can’t ignore so she tells them i too have devoted my life towards my husband which isn’t enough for me also to get such power so i too can’t do this because then I’ll lose my husband which is not accepted by me.
Tridev’s go to sadvi devi anusaya asking for help because she had the powers to convert iron into human life which she had done earlier & so she was blessed by a son through tridev’s having all their powers into him.
Devi anusaya tries explaining sumati about what kind of terror might happen in this world if sun god is not released from your promise but instead sumati refuses saying i do not wish to lose my husband while her husband says i too do not wish to lose my life as i lead selfishly but now henceforth i wish to lead to be devoted to my wife without doing any crime which i have understood that i am nothing without her who only took care of me & i never bothered for her. Anusaya promises sumati saying that I’ll see to it your husband does not die but release your promise & she accordingly releases sun god getting assurance from anusaya.
Sun god rises & everywhere sun spreads creating happiness & comfort for every lives & sea water too.
Sumati’s husband starts feeling yamraj coming to take him & sumati is becoming restless what’ll happen now but anusaya assures her & as yamraj nearing so she uses her powers to secure sumati’s house & yamraj trying to enter but instead he is thrown towards far away where tridev’s watching how anusaya handles & yamraj asks tridev’s what kind of power this woman’s hut is having where i can’t enter so help me as i cannot disobey rishi’s curse on him while rishi also pleading tridev’s that i have also done meditation for so long years so i also should get the fruits of it if i have cursed somebody than it should be fulfilled. Then yamraj asks them to resolve this amicably by which nobody’s curse or promises affect so narayan takes out a solution telling anusaya that you release this security guard & let yamraj do his work & after that when you are able to create life in iron which you have earlier done & she understands so she releases the guard & yamraj’s work completes while rishi’s curse also succeeds. Sumati cries for her husband while anusaya tells her my promise will never betray you & she uses her powers to throw life in her husband by which he gets alive & his body also gets better. Sumati’s husband pleads her as well as all tridev’s while tridev’s appreciates sumati for her deep devotion by which all gods bend in front of you.
Mata laxmi telling ganesh this way she became goddess figure of devotional devi towards her husband. They both are reaching sumati’s hut while ganesh tells mata laxmi that if at all i call her she won’t come as she must be busy serving her husband.
Sumati is making her husband sleep while he telling her you too sleep but she tells him first you sleep deeply & when i see you then I’ll too sleep while ganesh calls her giving his identity along with mata laxmi but she inspite getting happy hearing ganesh’s voice thinks that I can’t go due to my promise to husband unless he isn’t in deep sleep i can’t go to welcome them & wonders what to do but through her devotional powers the pot of water goes towards ganesh & laxmi which welcomes them pouring water on their legs & which is appreciated by ganesh telling mata laxmi that now i can understand the kind of powers devi sumati has of her extreme devotion towards her husband.
Mata laxmi & ganesh take seats waiting for sumati while sumati so much devoted waits for her husband getting deep sleep & as she sees him sleeping she goes to pray both asking forgiveness but they both appreciate her devotion & mata laxmi asks her permission to do haldi kumkum & devi sumati feels glad for her honour from mata laxmi. After haldi kumkum ganesh asks permission from her to take leave but she tells not now & ganesh wonders why she is stopping but she smiles happily telling ganesh that to not to worry as i will only leave you from here after having food & he becomes hungry hearing this so she serves food to both of them & ganesh appreciates her food.
Mata laxmi & ganesh take leave from her to go to devi savitri & laxmi mata explains him that devi savitri had qualities of devi arundhati as well as devi sumati & was a rani of rajbhawan who had once challenged yamraj also to get back her husband.

Precap : Devi savitri use to meet satyavan & fell in love with each other. Raja & his king were deciding marriage of both of them while narad informs them there is one problem that satyavan’s life is short.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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