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Shaadi Mubarak 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti is defamed

Shaadi Mubarak 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeti saying we were just working, we don’t know how the door got shut, its just a misunderstanding. Baldev scolds her. She asks Buasa to trust her. Buasa says I agree you are saying the truth, tell me, how did KT’s clothes get your nosepin. KT says I m surprised, I know Preeti since few months, I can trust her, Preeti regarded you her mum, you aren’t able to trust her, her nosepin on my clothes changes everything, her sincerity and dedication towards you, a nosepin can’t be a big thing, it can get stuck on clothes any way, will it be fine to question her character, I want to tell you, its nothing like that between Preeti and me, we are just partners, nothing else.

Rati says I have seen them working, such things happen, its not a big thing, KT is very happy in his married life, he can’t see any other woman wrongly. Kusum thinks I think she did all this, she can fall so low, she got Preeti’s character stained, door lock and bed break down can’t be a coincidence. Rati says I can give a solution, KT call your wife, his wife gives guarantee of a man’s character, she will talk to everyone and tell them that you love her a lot. Preeti says yes, call your wife, everything will get fine, call. Kusum says no, what’s the need to call, we shall end the matter here. Rati says if the blame can get clear, then what’s the problem, KT please call. KT shouts I don’t have a wife. Everyone gets shocked.

Rati asks what do you mean, Preeti said you are happy in your marriage, she lied. KT says its been 17 years, me and my wife got separated. Preeti looks at him. KT goes. Rati messages Baldev. Baldev gets a pic. He asks Buasa to see it. Everyone sees KT and Preeti’s pics. Baldev says they are cheating us, they lied that KT is happy, his wife left him, he is such a cheap man, Preeti has used the freedom you gave, woman can’t handle her respect, husband or brother is needed to handle her, she is a human, she has made a mistake, its clear, that Preeti is having an affair with KT. Preeti says its not like that.

Buasa says enough, your soul didn’t stop you from doing this, you broke my heart, you didn’t think of family respect. Kusum says Preeti didn’t know about KT’s marriage, he had told me, he took my promise that I will tell Preeti. Buasa says you are her best friend, you will support her. Buasa scolds Preeti. Rati smiles. Buasa and everyone leave.

KT recalls Preeti’s words. He says she got defamed without any mistake, I didn’t know my marriage truth will come out in this way, she lost her self esteem, she lost. Buasa praises Preeti in front of the guests. Preeti feels sad and recalls Buasa’s words. Everyone claps for Preeti. Preeti cries and goes. Juhi says mum has broken down, her self esteem shattered. Kusum says no, she got her self esteem with difficulty, she has Kusum with her, I will get her self esteem back. KT packs his bags to leave. Preeti asks are you running away, why, do you feel you made a mistake, I thought you can’t tolerate lies, how did you find it right to lie, you are a filmi hero, you can say best dialogues, you don’t understand your own words, you are a big liar. Kusum explains Buasa. She says everything was a lie, listen to me, you know Preeti’s life journey, she left Tarun’s house for her self esteem, I think Rati has done this, think there is no one to stop Preeti in Udaipur, if there was something between KT and her, why would she do such a thing in her village. Preeti says I made a mistake to trust you, my relations are my earnings, I feel slapped today, I lost all the relations, why did you lie to me.

Buasa says this sindoor will change the defamation. She asks KT to marry Preeti. Kusum asks KT and Preeti to get married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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