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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gehna Saves The Day

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi Kaka/Ahem saves Kokila and calls her mom. Kokila emotionally tells Gopi that Ahem called her mom. Gopi kaka/Ahem gets a flashback of them and says go from here. Anant says he called mom and remembers her. Gopi kaka says he doesn’t remember anything and must have told mom as Kokila is of his mother’s age. Gopi insists him to try to remember, but he warns her that he is Gopi kaka and they both should stop pestering him. He stands up and tries to leave while Kokila writhes in pain due to hand injury. At home, Guruji asks Praful to bring his kamandal. Kanak calls Gehna as behna/sister and asks her to get kamandal. Urvashi thinks why is she giving Gehna so much respect. Gopi kaka makes Kokila sit on a bench and walks away asking her to apply herbal paste on her hand. Gopi consoles Kokila and asks her to have patience. Kokila reminisces Gopi in outhouse telling her that she cannot tell her anything right now and says she now realized why she hid the truth. Anant says at least Ahem called her mom and soon his memory will return. Kokila tells Gopi that she should have informed her about Ahem before. Gopi apologizes her. Kokila says because of her Ahem called her momji at least, she won her first battle. She asks if Anant knew about it from before. Gopi says Anant and Gehna knew it from before and are helping her. Anant fumes thinking he told Gehna that they are dependent on her on this mission, she is missing and because of her Kokila was about to meet with an accident.

Gehna walks to Guruji nervously hiding kamandal in red cloth. Kanak smirks, and Pankaj asks why did she take so much time, asks Baa/Jamna why did he give such a big job to Gehna. Guruji warns to keep silence. Gehna lifts red cloth and shows mud put. Kanak asks where is Kamandal. Gehna tells Guruji that this pot is very special as she and Jamna prepared it with mud from Ambemaa’s temple and it is very pious. Kanak thinks Guruji will get angry on Gehna. Guruji praises that Gehna brought Ambema herself and he already told that she has rajyog in her fate. Urvashi calls Gehna and asks where is kamandal. Gehna says kamandal got spoilt and reminisces smelling alcohol in it. She thinks she had to help Gopi, but couldn’t trying to save kamandal. Guruji tells Praful that there is evil power here and Gangajal will get it in front. He throws gangajal around and performs pooja. Sagar walks in. Ahem says he is her brother and not evil power. Guruji suggests him to stop evilness and come under Ambemaa’s blessings. Sagar thinks if Gehna told him something.

Anant returns home with Gopi and Kokila. Kanak asks where was he, they are performing pooja for him. Gurujii says he as in trouble and was trying to clear it. Kokila says she was feeling suffocated, so she went out for fresh air with Gopi and Anant joined them. She tells Praful and Jamna that their son Anant knows to help others. Kanak fumes thinking she tried to separate Kokila and Gopi and trap Anant, but her plan backfired. Guruji tells Anant that he will give a good news to this house and will be a shield in toughest situations. Anant says he came here to become a shield. Guruji says he will get a partner Gehna in his journey and asks Gehna to come and stand next to Anant. Anant angrily looks at Gehna. Gehna thinks she should apologize Gopi. Jamna asks if everything will be alright. Guruji says let us see. Kokila apologizes Guruji for leaving bhajan in between and to correct her mistake, she wants Guruji to have dinner with them. Praful says he is right. Guruji accepts her request. Gehna says she will prepare food for Guruji and his disciples. Anant says no need for that and Kokila and Gopi will prepare food. Kokila says they will. Jamna says Gehna will help them. Anant walks away saying no need for that.

Gopi kaka exercises reminiscing his meeting with Kokila and rest of the events, he thinks who is that woman whom he called mom, how is he related to her, what is happening to him. Hema tells Kanak that she feels something his happening between Anant and Gehna. Kanak says they need to find out what is happening between Anant, Kokila, and Gopi.

Precap: Gehna apologizes Anant. Anant says he doesn’t want to know what and why she did, if Kokila and Gopi are in trouble because of her, he will kick her out of this house.

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