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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 6 – Riddhima being Stalked, Is she in Danger?

Episode starts with…

It’s 9pm, Dream Events Office,

After finalizing all the vendors and shopping for the necessary items, both the girls finally reached their office to brief their staff of the work to be done the next day. They sat finalizing the details of the design, the materials and all the other required information. They were working hard as they had only 24hrs for working on every necessary aspect as Diwali was day after tomorrow and they had very less time. Riddhima and Sejal wanted this event to be no less than perfect. They rechecked evreything twice and thrice to make sure they aren’t leaving any loop holes.

All this while the mysterious person was stalking Riddhima and have been doing so since afternoon wherever she went for work purpose he was stalking her all the while and now reached her office and was waiting in his car. Riddhima didn’t knew that she was being stalked.

It’s 10:30pm,

After completing all the necessary arrangements, Riddhima and Sejal were finally leaving for home.

Riddhima: Sejal, tomorrow we need to be there by 9am. Why don’t you stay at my place tonight so that we can discuss if there’s any. And also, it’s too late for you to travel alone all the way to your home at this hour.

Sejal gave a thought and instantly accepted as even she was in no mood to drive home so decided to leave her vehicle in the office and pick the next day.

So, they left for Riddhima’s place in her vehicle. Unaware that she was being stalked, Riddhima was driving back to her home. The stalker too was following her and was pissed as he was waiting for a chance where he could find her alone but now as Sejal was accompanying her, he didn’t like Sejal sticking around Riddhima not leaving her alone for him to take a chance. But still he was following her.

It’s 11:15pm, Riddhima’s House,

They prepared something to eat and were retiring to bed. Being a tired day, they didn’t have energy to speak about anything. Sejal went into guest room and dozed off while Riddhima was thinking of all the happenings of day and was smiling to herself and writing diary. As she was about to sleep, she realised that she forgot to lock her balcony so she went to but the cold wind attracted her to stay and enjoy that breeze. She was so engrossed in the breeze that she lost track of time and when she saw towards ground floor she noticed a human figure, due to darkness she couldn’t see who was that person who was standing there at this hour and as she was observing him she realised that the person was staring at her which made her conscious and so she ran into the room locking balcony, tuning the lights off and slept.

The person was none other than her stalker who was keeping an eye on Riddhima waiting for Sejal to leave so that he can sneak into the house. He was having alcohol while waiting in his car parking it on road exactly in such a way that he could keep an eye on Riddhima’s house.

Night passed and Riddhima woke up early as they had much work to do. She came into the balcony with her coffee to enjoy the sun rays. She was having her sip when Sejal entered half-awake asking for coffee. So Riddhima prepared one for her too and they both sat chitchatting about what to do, how to do and other things.

Riddhima finished her coffee and was about to get up, when once again saw the car which she saw last night and now the person was sitting in his car and was staring at her house through his car’s glass. Riddhima could only see his hand which had an alcohol bottle. Riddhima immediately called Sejal who was about to leave.

Riddhima: Sejal, come here fast. Look the car you are seeing there has been here since last night and there was a person who was keeping an eye on our place last night too. I couldn’t see the person’s face but I was scared so locked the door and slept. I thought it’s my illusion but see he’s still there.

Sejal who observed the car and the person’s hand felt like she has seen it somewhere but couldn’t recollect where.

Sejal: Riddhima it must be your illusion, may be that person is waiting or keeping an eye on someone else. Let’s just don’t care and rush we have lot to do. See time is running. Come let’s get ready.


It’s 8am,

They both start in Riddhima’s car to reach RS Mansion. Her stalker too is following them unaware where they were going. Riddhima and Sejal didn’t realize the upcoming danger. While Sejal was driving,

Riddhima: I wanted to ask you yesterday but couldn’t ask you due to hectic work. Acha what I wanted to ask was yesterday we met everyone from the Rai Singhania family but what about your Vansh? You didn’t introduce me to him and I didn’t even find his presence.

Sejal: Siya told me that Vansh bhai went on a business meeting to Delhi and would return before today evening. I don’t think he’ll meet you

Riddhima gave a questioning look

Sejal: I meant I don’t think he’ll be interested in meeting you or anyone. He stopped socializing with others. For him now his family is the only priority and would do anything for them. The security, the cameras are all for the safety of the family. The guards stopped you as you were an outsider and an unknown to the family.

Riddhima: Can I know why is he like this?

Sejal: I exactly don’t know but to the extent I know is that he was not like this before 3 years. Before 3 years he was a jovial, socializing and interacting person always in happy mood, always smiling. But 3 years back when I was in a trip with my friends, I got to know that something happened because of which the whole family was in death bed and luckily, they got saved. By the time I returned I saw this Vansh bhai who started being reserved to himself, not socializing, always in angry mode. Dadi says he is guilty of something which he didn’t do, he forgot to smile, he forgot emotions, he became a rock in himself, he hides pain in himself but never shares with anyone. The Vansh bhai who understands and solves the family problems is a lonely person who doesn’t share anything with anyone and forgot what’s it to live. Now everyone’s only wish is that he becomes the old Jovial Vansh once again. Its late but he took a step forward of celebrating Diwali this year so now I hope we get that old bhai once again.

Riddhima who was keenly listening to Sejal all the while was speechless, was thinking how can a person be caring at the same time a rock in himself, who hides his pain. Her curiosity started increasing more. Was curious to meet him asap.

Riddhima: Any idea what happened which led the family to death bed?

Sejal: Don’t know. I heard that when that happened, bhai was on a business trip and by the time he returned he saw the family lying unconscious in their rooms. He called dad and then both rushed everyone to hospital. Dad told me that someone gave slow poison to the family from many days which led to them falling lifeless. If at all Vansh bhai didn’t reach on time and shifted them to hospital, may be no one would have been alive today.

Riddhima was shocked to know what Vansh went through. She was feeling sorry for him.

Riddhima: I want to meet him. I can feel the pain he must have experienced seeing his family on death bed.

Sejal: None can understand that pain better than you. He’ll come by evening so let’s see if he’ll meet.

Riddhima: Thank you Sejal, if you haven’t taken me there, I would have never met such a wonderful family. Till yesterday I always felt I lost a family but got you, mom and dad but yesterday I got another family. Thank you so much dear.

Sejal: Oo just shut up and get down we reached and are supposed to rush. (Laughing)

Its 9am, RS Mansion,

As soon as they enter the mansion, they find Siya and Ishani waiting for them so all the 4 girls’ wave at each other. Riddhima waits for her staff, vendors and decorators while the other 3 go inside to meet the family. As soon as her staff and others come, Riddhima was explaining them everything and asks them to get to the work standing in the lawn her back towards the gate and while she’s instructing them her stalker has reached the mansion and was proceeding towards her when suddenly…

“Who are you?” the question startled Riddhima that out of fear she turned around to see a person staring at her in a questioning way. Looking at each other for the first time they felt as if they knew each other for a longer time but before she can reply, they heard another voice answering on behalf of her.

“Riddhima”. They both turned towards the sound to find Sejal with Ishani and Siya standing. Ishani ran and hug that person.

Ishani: Angre, when did you come and why didn’t you tell me that you are going to come?

Angre: Sorry Ishani, I wanted to surprise you so didn’t tell.

They were speaking to each other, whereas Riddhima was staring at them wondering who he is and why does she feel like she met him. Suddenly, his gaze fell on Riddhima and he asked her the same question

Angre: Who are you? What are you doing in RS Mansion? Don’t you know outsiders aren’t allowed into the mansion. Who allowed you?

Riddhima was shocked the way he was shooting questions and not giving a chance to tell, when Sejal took over the charge

Sejal: Angre, she is my best friend, my partner in Dream Events, my sister… she is Riddhima

Angre’s eyes widened with the name. He was staring at her continuously, he wanted to ask something but before he could.

Rudra: Riddhima beta when did you come. And what’s this that you started working without having breakfast?

Riddhima: Dad, I came few minutes back. I’ll have breakfast once I explain the work to them.

Rudra: You better. (Saw Angre staring at Riddhima). Angre, when did you come?

Angre still staring at Riddhima when Ishani gave him a jerk that he realized how he was staring at her and saw Rudra standing there so went to meet him.

Angre: Hello Uncle. How are you? I have just come. Uncle what’s all this going on and she… (pointing towards Riddhima who was engrossed in her work)

Rudra: Didn’t you get the news that Vansh has given his approval for celebrating Diwali this year. So, these are the preparations going on for that and she is Riddhima and I guess Sejal might have given her introduction to you. She is my daughter too.

Angre: OMG!!! Vansh is ready to celebrate? (His eyes widened of shock) When did this happen and why didn’t anyone tell me? (And then) So she is your daughter (pointing towards Riddhima)

Rudra nodded his head approvingly. Meanwhile, Riddhima’s stalker felt like he missed a chance to meet Riddhima as he saw Angre coming towards her so he sneaked into the house. After few minutes everyone gathered around dining table for breakfast where Riddhima greeted everyone. All were having their food while discussing about tomorrow’s event. All this while Angre and Riddhima kept staring at each other when the other wasn’t noticing. There was someone else too who was staring at Riddhima but from far, he was none other than her stalker. His eyes had desire for Riddhima. Poor Riddhima didn’t knew what was going to come into her life. As soon as they were done with breakfast, Riddhima and Sejal got to their work of supervising whereas Ishani and Siya too joined them to ask if they need any help. Riddhima politely refused

Riddhima: How can I ask our clients to work in their party

Ishani: Common Riddhima, we don’t share client relation, we are friends and family.

Riddhima: That’s so sweet of you Ishani but we don’t think we need any help but I assure you if we need any we’ll ask. Till then if you want you can join us in supervising.

Ishani and Siya nodded happily and went on to supervise the workers.

It’s 2pm, RS Mansion,

The girls were working hard of supervising the workers and were almost done with half the decorations and before they could continue with other half dadi called everyone for lunch, they arranged lunch for workers and staff too.

While others were enjoying the lunch, Angre went to answer a call. Sejal’s phone rang and was shocked seeing the name and looked around to confirm and then

Sejal: Riddhima why are you calling me?

Riddhima: Why will I call you when we are together. Look here is my phone….

Soon Riddhima has realised that she left her phone near pool area while decorating.

Riddhima: Oh Shit!! I think I forgot my phone near pool area.

Sejal: Did someone steal from there?

Riddhima: Ohh Common Sejal, who’ll steal in the house, may be some worker got it and might have called to intimate. Its ok, I’ll go and pick it up.

Saying so, she went towards pool area. As it was lunch hour, all the servants of the house and workers who came for decorating were having lunch and there was no one present on the way to pool area and also near pool area. That part of the house seemed to be silent. Riddhima could hear her own heart beat and footsteps. As she reached the pool area, she started searching for her phone, she found it on the edge of the pool. As she bent to pick it, she felt someone’s presence behind her. She turned to see if it was Sejal. As she turned back, she saw a guy who was literally staring at her from top to bottom making her feel uncomfortable. She quickly picked her phone and was about to leave when her stalker closed her mouth from back and was dragging her forcibly somewhere. She tried shouting but his catch on her was so tight that she wasn’t able to shout. She was trying hard to get away from her clutches. She was putting all her strength to get rid of that catch, she was losing her strength but the person didn’t let her go. He kept dragging her….

Meanwhile, in the dining area,

Sejal: Did this girl go to get her phone from pool area or from showroom!!!

Siya and Ishani were laughing. Angre returned gave a look at the girls laughing, when asked Ishani told what Sejal said, for which he gave a smile and started eating. After 15mins or so everyone was done with their lunch but Riddhima didn’t return. Noticing this,

Angre: Guys, where is your friend? You said she went to get her phone. Where did she go?

Sejal: Even I was wondering the same. Wait I’ll go and check on her

Sejal went to the pool area but didn’t find Riddhima but her phone was found in broken state (as it fell from Riddhima’s hand). Sejal enquired with the workers who were back to work and they denied seeing Riddhima when they came back. Sejal started panicking if something has happened to her. Angre with Ishani and Siya reached there seeing Sejal panic

Angre: Sejal what happened, why are you worried?

Sejal: Angre Riddhima isn’t here and no one knows where she is. I found her phone in broken condition near the pool and she is nowhere to be found. She never goes uninformed. I am worried.

Everyone started panicking and started searching her in the whole house. Even after searching whole house for almost 5minutes, they informed elders who were equally worried for Riddhima’s safety, they were discussing where could she go without informing anyone and why is her phone broken. Their discussion was interrupted by a stern voice

Unknown: What happened? Why is everyone tensed?

Ishani and Siya shout Vansh bhai and go and hug him.

Sejal: Bhai, my friend is seen nowhere. She has been missing from around 20-25mins. We have searched whole house but couldn’t find her anywhere. (And so, she narrated everything)

Vansh: Angre, how come someone from our home go missing? Did anyone enter the mansion?

Angre: Vansh, I have checked the security cameras too. Neither did any outsider enter nor did anyone leave. We searched every inch of the house but couldn’t find her.

After thinking for a while, Vansh almost shouted

Vansh (Angry tone): Where is he?

Everyone’s eyes widened and understood what could have happened.

Ishani: Bhai I did see him entering house in the morning but then I didn’t see

Something struck Sejal

Sejal: Ishani, what’s his car colour and number

Vansh and everyone looked at her what she meant.

Sejal: Guys Riddhima told me in the morning that she found a mysterious person standing with his car in front of her house and even I saw the car in the morning. Then I didn’t pay attention and couldn’t recollect where I saw that car. Now I think it was he…. (almost in tears)

Ishani: His Car is black colour and number is 0238

Sejal shook motionless and tears ran from her eyes. Everyone had by now understood that the person was stalking Riddhima since yesterday and feared something bad might happen with her.

Rudra: I won’t spare him if he dares touch my daughter (anger was clear in his eyes)

Chanchal and Sejal broke and Sejal started blaming herself for leaving Riddhima alone and not paying heed when she pointed out about the mysterious person in the morning.

Vansh and Angre looked at each other and spoke with eyes and understood where to search her. They both immediately rushed into the right portion of pool area where there is a secret room which connects into basement. Seeing them rush everyone followed them and as soon as Angre opened the door Vansh ran into the basement followed by Angre and others.

Riddhima was struggling to get rid of that person who was trying hard to run from his grip and to shout for help but her voice was unheard. But she didn’t lose strength, she tried hard and as his hands were near her mouth, she bites his hand that he writhes in pain and she taking advantage of the situation started running, when he hit a vase on her leg due to which she stumbled and fell. He again grabbed her and as she was pissing him off by shouting and pushing him, he gave her a tight slap. The pressure was so hard that she fell on ground and cried in pain, when he gave her another slap and by now Vansh reached there and he shouted at top of his voice

Vansh: “ARYAN!!!!!!” (Volcanoes were erupting in his eyes)

Aryan didn’t give a damn and was once again proceeding to grab Riddhima who was now on floor. But before he could catch her, Riddhima put all her strength to get up and ran towards Vansh and hugged him tight. She didn’t know who he was but at that moment he was her saviour. He wrapped his arms around her assuring her she was safe.

That moment Riddhima felt like she was secure in his arms, his heartbeat was audible to her and she could feel how fast it was beating out of immense anger, she could sense his heavy breath on her head, she didn’t see his face but his presence seemed to be enough for her. The way of safety she felt in his arms was found nowhere for her. She held him tight as a small kid who gets scared of darkness. He understood her situation and what she is going through. He could see the fear in her eyes, her body was shivering of fear, she was unable to speak anything, her lips were bleeding as Aryan hit her hard. Her situation was horrible.

Precap: Aryan wanted to drink and was asking servants to get him his drink when suddenly someone slapped him hard that he fell on groound….

Hope you all loved the first meet and first hug of Riansh. I felt like Riansh meet shouldn’t have a bad start so I thought this would help where they meet each other in a drastic situation. Hope I didn’t upset anyone. Any idea who slapped Aryan?

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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