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RadhaKrishn 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam Gets Cursed By Rishi Sandipani

RadhaKrishn 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sam throws Mahadev’s trishul at Radha warning Krishna to either protect Radha or fight with him. Radha asks Krishna to do something and escape this attack. Krishna says he cannot forgo Mahadev’s trishul, else it would be a disaster. Trishsul hits Krishna. Mahadev thanks Krishna for bearing the attack and respecting his dignity. Sam gets happy thinking he killed Krishna with Mahadev’s trishul and nobody can escape from trishul’s attack. Rishi Sandipani sees changes in sky and realizes Sam must have done something. Krishna’s body turns blue due to poison in trishul, and Radha asks how to get antidote. He asks her to save Sam from Rishi Sandipani’s anger and sends her away. Sam returns to ashram. Rishi Sandipani asks him what did he do now. Sam says he didn’t do anything. Radha walks in and asks him to tell truth to lessen his punishment. Sam warns her to stay away. Radha explains Rishi Sandipani what Sam did and requests him not to punish Sam. Krishna continues writhing in pain due to trishul’s poison. Mata Gauri asks Mahadev why don’t he go and help Krishna. Mahadev says Krishna himself can fight with poison, don’t know why he is not doing it. He meets Krishna and thanks him for respecting his trishul’s power. He sucks poison from Krishna. Krishna thanks Mahadev. Mahadev promises that Krishna will not face similar situation agian. Krishsna thanks Mahadev again.

Rishi Sandipani after knowing about Sam’s harming Krishna gets angry and says he will curse him. Achyuta enters and requests him not to curse Sam. Rishi Sandipani asks why is she supporter an arrogant boy who did a biggest sin of harming his father. He curses Sam that he will lose all his energies. Sam laughs saying his energies are immortal and Rishi Sandipani cannot do anything. Rishi Sandipani thinks he is a fool. Sam walks on mountain and thinks he will destroy this mountain on which Rishi Sandipani’s ashram is. He surprised to see him failed. He hits earth and is surprised to feel pain instead of shaking earth. He then tries to crush ant, but gets bitten instead and starts bleeding. He shouts how can he lose his powers. Achyuta enters and says guru’s curse never goes waste and suggests him to accept his mistake and forgo his anger. Sam continues shouting that he took revenge and killed Krishna with Mahadev’s trishul. Achyuta says Krishna is alive. Sam shouts Radha must have done something and she is the reason for all his problems. Achyuta to suggest him to stop his anger and arrogance and see his father’s love for him who didn’t get angry on him. Sam doesn’t understand and continues yelling. Achyuta tries her best to calm him down, but fails. Their discussion continues.

Precap: Achyuta requersts Rishi Sandipani to forgive Sam and return his powers.
Rishi Sandipani says he will if Krishna forgives him. Achyuta turns into Krishna. Sam shouts Krishna tricked him
all this while and he doesn’t need his forgiveness.

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