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Qurbaan Hua 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat helps Neel in recovery

Qurbaan Hua 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

In the kitchen Chahat looks around for a pot to boil water, she will clean Neel’s bruises. Godambari offers to boil water. Baleq makes a call for firework, as Neel has returned. Chahat comes to Baleq and says it feels really strange, he agreed to marry her within few days of Neel’s death and now celebrating Neel’s return. She asks why she had been dizzy for days. Baleq says it wasn’t easy for him either, he did everything for her health’s sake. Godambari brings the pot of water. Naveli asks Godambari why she helped Chahat. Godambari says it is salt water. Neel must scream of pain and burning bruises.

Before Neel could place a cloth piece on Neel’s face, Viyas Jee knocks the door. Neel asks why he came now. When he saw his face outside, he flinched his eyes. Viyas Jee agrees he should have hugged Neel at once, it was his mistake. He place a hand over a candle flame nearby to punish himself. Neel and Chahat stop him. Neel hides his face again. Viyas Jee says he tried to feel the pain Neel went through. Neel couldn’t recognize his looks, it was shock and care for Neel. He wondered what pain Neel must have gone through. Neel turns to Viyas Jee. Father-son share a long, teary hug.

Godambari awaited Neel’s scream. Viyas Jee says he wanted to come to Neel long ago. He was busy preparing Chandan’s laip for Neel to ease his pains. Chahat was happy. Viyas Jee takes the pot of water outside.

Outside in the corridor, Godambari takes the pot from Viyas Jee. She says it is good Chahat tapped Neel’s face with warm water. Viyas Jee says he gave Chandan laip and Chahat is applying it over Neel’s face.

At 5 am, Chahat wakes Neel up when he was sleepy. She takes him to corridor outside. Chahat asks him to pull off his shirt. He jokes that she isn’t his wife. Chahat replies she is being a good doctor. She applies the ointment on his bruises.

Early morning, Bhopu comes to meet Neel. He was excited and announces full day celebrations for Neel’s return. Neel takes him inside for tea. Krippa was crying in Baleq’s arms. Godambari takes her and says Krippa is afraid of Neel’s burnt face. Viyas Jee comes to scold Godambari. Chahat takes Krippa and hands her to Neel forcibly. Krippa’s cries turn to laughters and she starts playing. Chahat now questions Godambari and says the inside of beasts show on their face. Krippa can only see what’s inside Neel, and she is happy as it is pure.

In the room, Chahat clicks photos of Neel in the room. He forbids her share the photos to anyone. He asks Chahat to do the coin distribution of temple. Chahat says Viyas Jee wants him to gather all prayers and blessings of people after the accident. She asks him to order coins, till then she has an appointment with cosmetologist. She took his pictures for it.

Outside, Baleq tells Godambari to see what he does to Neel. Chahat hears this and asks him of his intentions. She asks Baleq what the two of them were doing in factory that day. Baleq says they went to meet the owner of factory. He is selling the factory, and Viyas Jee suggests of setting up medicine factory. Godambari explains that she and Naveli followed Chahat to the factory. Chahat leaves. Godambari thinks that neither she, not Baleq spilt the molten lava. She wonders who want to take Chahat’s life.
There, Ghazala gives another injection to struggling Dr. Baig.

Chahat comes to the van. She spots Baleq nearby the factory and goes to hear his conversation. Baleq bribed a man and told him to do his work neatly. Chahat hears the cries of a puppy and goes to save him from inside a huge clay pot inside a truck. Baleq had boarded the truck. It begins to move. Chahat was trapped inside the clay pot.

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